Disney Frozen Fever Costumes for Women

Disney Frozen Fever Costumes for Women

As the mother of three children and an early childhood educator, I know the importance of having a dress up box available to children for pretend play.  Whether my children were playing alone, with each other or with friends, the red costume storage box was a treasure trove of imaginative play waiting to happen.

Imaginative play permits children to try on different roles without being judged by adults who have preconceived notions of what boys and girls should look like or act like.  For example, it is not uncommon for a boy to try on princess high heels, wear a large floppy hat or carry around a pocketbook . Girls dress as police officers and firefighters and can be as loud and as strong as they want to be. This is not a reflection of their sexual orientation, but a desire to experiment with a different look.

Role playing is very important for young children, as it also helps them figure out the world around them.  For better or worse, they reenact the things they see at home and try to make sense of it.  Children also like to pretend that they are characters from movies or television shows and use their positive characteristics to create new scenes or to act out their favorite parts. At the preschool where I work, the favorite game on the playground is “Frozen”.  Based on the Disney hit film, the kids take on the parts of the characters and “freeze” each other.  Other times they pretend they are the characters and act out different parts of the movie.  I get a real kick out of this, as the children are learning to take turns being the different characters and they also are working through the complicated relationship between the two sisters, Anna and Elsa.

Dressing Up is Not Just for Kids

Children are not the only ones who like to dress up in costume, adults do, too. Think about Halloween, Mardi Gras, Purim, and conventions that cater to fans of Star Wars, Star trek and comic books…adults enjoy dressing up as well!

But why?

One reason is that it is a way to escape the roles we are forced to play every day.  Teachers, engineers, attorneys…we are expected to act a certain way. Now take these same professional people and invite them to a costume party, you might be surprised to find the teacher dressed as a rock star, the engineer dressed up like a giant donut and the attorney glammed up as Marilyn Monroe.  These adults are permitted to leave their assigned roles and be someone else without anyone judging them (much like little children). Dressing up in costume can transport us to another space and place where the stresses and pressures of everyday life are gone…at least for a few hours.

As little girls, many women dreamed of dressing up like our favorite princesses. Now that we are adults, we can indulge in our fantasy because there are costumes made just for us! Frozen is a mega hit not only because children loved the film, but adults did, too.  Women can dress as Queen Elsa or Princess Anna in any one of these costumes.

Here are just a few of the Frozen costumes for women that can be worn for any dress up occasion! These are all new for 2015 and are based on the hit featurette animated sequel to Frozen entitled Frozen Fever.

Queen Elsa Frozen Fever Costume for Adults

The Snow Queen who accidentally turns her kingdom into a frozen wasteland is a gorgeous site to behold.  Back in the palace, where she is repressed and locked away from world, she wears dark colors.  But once she is free to be herself, she visually “lightens up” into this outfit…even her hair becomes blonder.  This is where she “lets it go”. This costume is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, starting at size Small and going all the way up to XXXL. This version is even available for children, too.  The snowflakes on the train and the sheer arms make this a visual delight for all who will see you in it.

Beautiful Elsa Frozen Fever costume for women. You will feel like a queen wearing this!

New for Halloween is this Elsa Frozen fever costume for women.

If your hair is not naturally blonde, this wig will transform you into the Snow Queen.

Princess Anna Frozen Fever Costume for Adults

Anna is the spunky younger princess who never knew why her sister, who was once her best friend, was shut out of her life.  One day they were playing and the next they were separated by their well meaning, but clueless parents. Anna uses her pluck and her love for her sister to find her out in the cold forest and bring her back to Arendelle to reclaim her place on the throne and to make things right again. Here is one version of the Coronation Day dress she wore when she met Prince Hans.

 Below is the newest Frozen Fever Anna Halloween costume for women.This Anna Frozen Fever Halloween costume for women will be a hit at your Halloween party.

With her long red hair in braids put up for a more mature look, here is the perfect wig to top off your ensemble.

The perfect wig for your Frozen Fever Anna costume!

There are other Frozen costumes for adults available in various price ranges.  Enjoy your time dressed up as one of the Disney princesses!

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