Disney Frozen Dolls

Disney Frozen Dolls

I remember when the Disney movie Mulan came out in the summer of 1998. I was so enamored with that film that I took my then three year old daughter to see three different times! Why would I take my child to see a movie that would be on video before we knew it?

Because Mulan was a strong, female Disney character, something that had never been seen before on the big screen. Beofre she arrived, all female leads in Disney movies depended upon a male character to save the day. The opposite was true for this now animated classic.

Of course, as soon as it was available, I went out and bought her all of the Mulan dolls that were on the market! I am not sure who had more fun playing with them, her or me!

Disney premiered a brand new movie on November 27th 2013 entitled Frozen. It had all the makings of a mega end of year blockbuster-a strong cast with likable leads, humor that both children and adults will enjoy, and a strong storyline. Add into  the mix a magnificent musical score, and you had a movie that broke all kinds of box office records. Even before it came out on DVD, people went to see the film multiple times.

Of course, Disney has a ton of merchandise that ties in with the movie. These Frozen dolls will make fantastic gifts for Christmas 2014.

Choosing the Right Doll

A child’s age does matter!

Many women have fond memories of playing with dolls when they were young girls. My own favorite was a Chrissy doll, whose hair grew longer when you pushed her belly button. My other favorite doll was Giggles, who did just that when you moved her arms in and out. As I got older, my Dawn dolls and then Barbie were the ones I played with most of the time.

Toddlers ages 18 months to three years do engage in pretend play, mainly enacting things that they see. They love baby dolls to take care of because it makes them feel so much “older”. Pretending to change a diaper, feeding the baby and giving her a bottle, and rocking her back and forth are typical imaginative play behaviors.

These dolls are large in size and typically do not come with small parts which young children place in their mouths. This is important because they cannot discriminate between what is safe to ingest and what is not. This set of Disney Frozen Deluxe Toddler Elsa and Anna Dolls is perfect for little girls.

By the time children are over the age of four, they typically do not put foreign objects in their mouths, so dolls that come with smaller accessories can be purchased. They also have better fine motor control of their fingers, so they can put on and take off smaller doll clothes and works the snaps and buttons on them.

Disney Frozen Kristoff Animator Toddler Doll Toy

Before deciding which doll to buy, make sure that the child in question can easily handle the components that come with it.

Dolls for Older Girls

Older children love to have dolls that are just like them. Parents can find dolls with all kinds of skin tones and hair textures. These companions can become a girl’s best friend and closest confident. They have clothing that looks like what a child that age wears, and you can even find outfits that match both the child and the doll! My daughter loved her doll that had the same nightgown she wore at night!

One last factor to consider when choosing a doll for a girl of any age is how she feels. Younger girls may love the softness of a plush or fabric doll, while older girls will like the feel of a harder doll, as it makes it feel more realistic as she carries it around. Softer dolls make lovely nap time and bed time companions, while harder dolls are easier to place in a play baby carrier or in a doll stroller. They won’t flop about the way a plush or fabric doll will.

Even though a girl will finally age out of playing dolls, keeping her favorite ones, if you have the space, is a good thing. It is a special souvenir of her childhood.

Anna Frozen Dolls

Younger girls will love a doll that is just like a baby, while older girls will enjoy dressing up their 12 inch dolls in all sorts of different clothing and costumes. The age of the child will influence what doll you select as a gift.

There are different 12 inch dolls and each has her own special thing that she does. One sings, one has a dress that magically changes, and one is just beautiful to dress up and play with!

Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll


Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll, 2-Pack


Disney Frozen Ice Skating Anna Doll

Frozen Elsa Dolls

Elsa was born with a powerful magic that she cannot harness. She tries, but in order to make sure it harms no one, she must isolate herself. When her power is let loose by accident, it changes the course of not only her life, but of her sister’s and everyone who lives in the kingdom. Can Anna find her and change her fate?

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll 

Disney Frozen Color Change Elsa Doll

Disney Frozen Talking Bean Elsa Plush

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