Disney Frozen Lunch Box and Lunch Supplies

Disney Frozen Lunch Box and Lunch Supplies

If you are a Baby Boomer or a little bit younger, you may have memories of carrying your lunch to school in a metal tin that featured some of your favorite characters of the time. For me, one that stands out in my mind is my Partridge Family lunch box. One side had the groovy family of six all decked out in their matching velour outfits singing on stage. The other side had the multi-colored school bus that the family traveled the country in as they went from venue to venue. On the sides the different characters were featured. It was really groovy and one that I loved to carry to school each day.

Even my own children insisted upon character lunch boxes when they were younger. My daughters loved everything girls, from Barbie to Bratz, while my son was into Wall-e and Toy Story. Now that they are older, it is a camouflage insulated lunch tote for my son and a Vera Bradely lunch tote for my daughter (which, by the way, she bought herself. Even I do not own one of these!)

As a preschool teacher, I know what the kids love, as I can see their favorite characters on their backpacks and lunch bags. Besides Disney princesses and dinosaurs, kids have been talking about and bringing in Disney Frozen merchandise, including lunch boxes and other items for reusable lunch accessories.

When you pack your child’s lunch, you ensure that what they are given to eat is what you want them to eat. If you are vegan, than that is what gets packed. Kids love tacos? No worries, you can put things in little containers and the kids have fun putting them together. Chicken nuggest and macaroni and cheese, two childhood favorites that can be organic and healthy, are great meal options that can be served to your child.

In addition to knowing exactly what is going inside your child’s mouth, lunchboxes, totes and tins are a great way to save the environment. Everything you put inside one can be brought home, washed, and used again and again. I know that kids love to have characters on their thermoses, forks and spoons, water bottles and even on their napkins!

Disney has released many themed items from the hit movie Frozen that feature the main characters. Some of those items are lunchboxes and lunch box supplies.

Here are some of the popular choices available right now. These aren’t your style?  Find more lunch box choices here.

This lunch box is soft sided and can fit into any backpack easily.


Another soft sided option that has a zipper on the bottom.


Water bottles are a whole lot more sanitary that water fountains. No need to worry about germs from kids licking the faucet, and there are also no concerns about how often the filters and the insides of the fountain are cleaned. In addition, children can drink as much as they need to . This 12 ounce bottle holds any beverage and keeps it cold. Chances are your child will not need to drink that much at lunch, but it is nice to know that the beverage will still remain cold on the car ride home should your child become thirsty.


Children at the preschool where I work all have their own set of child sized flatware. Because they are “big kids”, they are very conscientious about not throwing it out with the rest of their lunch (and we teachers also make sure that we do not see any flatware in the trash). Elsa and Anna are featured on this adorable fork and spoon set, which perfectly matches the Frozen lunch box.

Frozen Funtainer Thermos

A thermos bottle keeps hot beverages hot and cold ones cold.   It has a built in pop up straw for cold things to drink. If packing a hot soup, add a bowl to the lunch box that have the soup poured into.

Disney Frozen funtainer

Perfect for keeping hot foods hot!

Last, but not least, the Frozen FUNtainer Food Jar is a money saving lunch box item. Your children can bring tasty and nutritious leftovers from home, saving you money. It lets you know that your kids are being served a healthy option,and whatever they do not eat they can bring home in the container.  Olaf, Elsa, and Anna, are featured on this item.


Feature Image credit: By Kevin Burkett from Philadelphia, Pa., USA (Partridge Family Lunch BoxUploaded by SunOfErat) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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  • I love the vintage lunch boxes, I had a Tom and Jerry one, and then an A-Team one with Mr. T on it. I remember them getting beat up pretty good.


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