Disney Frozen Olaf Costume

Disney Frozen Olaf Costume

On November 27, 2013, Disney released Frozen, a computer generated animated movie based loosely on the classic tale The Snow Queen by Hans Christen Andersen. The story tells the tale of Princess Elsa, who was born with the power to turn anything into ice, wind and snow. When she accidentally harms her younger sister, Princess Anna, her parents tell her that Elsa must hide from everyone, including her sister, who yearns to be with her favorite playmate once again.

Many years pass with no contact from the outside world. When Elsa permits the castle to be open for one day, Princess Anna shares with her sister her engagement to Prince Hans, a man she has only known for a few hours. Angered by this announcement, a terrible incident occurs and Elsa accidentally freezes her entire kingdom of Arendelle. The entire place is now in a perpetual winter.

Elsa flees, and in her quest to find her sister and save her kingdom, Anna comes upon Olaf, a funny looking snowman. This is not the first time Anna has met Olaf, for it was Elsa who conjured him up when they were playing together in the palace when they were children. That is why he looks so imperfect, with an uneven body, crooked buttons, and no nose (until Kristoff gives one to him).

He is an unusual snowman, and not just because he can sing and talk. Olaf can reassemble himself whenever he gets knocked over (which happens often throughout the movie-it is great comic relief at more tense moments). He is a sweet, naïve soul, with a childlike quality. His persona is probably this way because he was built when Elsa and Anna were young girls. Elsa put it into his head that he likes “warm hugs”. Warm hugs is not exactly something a snowman wants to give or receive for obvious reasons, but Olaf is clueless.

Olaf also has a dream…to know what summer is all about. Of course, the audience knows what will happen to him when he gets near warmth, but Olaf, he has no idea. That is what makes his dream so funny, but not in an unkind way. His innocence is sweet. One of the biggest questions in the movie is if he will achieve his dream or will it remain something that he will never know about.

Because he is a character that everyone who has seen Frozen loves, both boys and girls will want to dress like him for Halloween.

Just released is this Olaf costume. If you live in a colder climate, this will keep your child warm, as it is long sleeved and covers the person wearing it from head to toe. Since it is a one piece costume, make sure your child has used the bathroom before you head out the door to go trick or treating.

The hood and face are padded, as well as the rest of his body. His nose juts out and his eyes are the exact replica of what is seen in the movie. The buttons, teeth and eyebrows are made of felt, and the arms are brown to resemble twigs.

These costumes are in available in many different sizes and are realistically priced.  They can be preordered to insure that your child gets it in time for Halloween and is not sold out!

Frozen's Olaf Kids Costume - Disney's Frozen Costumes

This costume is available from 12-18 months to size 6. 

Olaf Halloween costume for adults is also available in plus sizes.


Here is a fun costume made just for adults! It comes in plus sizes as well.

Disney Frozen Olaf Character -Adult Costumes Pajama Onesies ( Medium)

This is a pajama style costume for adults that comes in many sizes.

This Olaf costume is going to be a runaway hit this Halloween!

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