Disney Frozen Party Crafts

Disney Frozen Party Crafts

I love to plan parties for my kids. Just give me a theme and I will run with it!

I guess my love of planning goes back to my roots as a teacher during the pre-internet days. On my own, I had to come up with all kinds of crafts and activities that tied into the units that I was teaching. My lessons had to touch all of the senses, and for those who were more tactile and visual learners, dong a craft that was related to the topic helped them learn in a way that was accessible to them. Not everyone was good at memorizing facts or understanding through listening.

When I think about the Disney movie Frozen, so many fun ideas run through my mind. Here are some party crafts that will make the time fly by!

When having a birthday party for my girls, I have always done a craft as one of the activities. With rare exception, girls love to do crafts! It was an organized activity, yet it also gave them time to sit and chat with each other. Some of the crafts I have done through the years are:

  • Decorate your own goody bags
  • Decorate your own cupcakes
  • Make your own lip gloss
  • Make your own bath fizzies
  • Make your own picture frame

How long should the craft take? That depends on how old the guests are. Younger girls will need more time and more help. Since a kid party should be no longer than 90 minutes, then at least 20 minutes should be devoted to the craft.

What should you do with early finishers? You can run off some Frozen coloring sheets to keep them busy as the other finish up. Busy hands cannot get into trouble!

Make Your Own Tiara, Party Pack (For 12 People) from Amazon

Planning the Party Craft

Before the party, make sure to do the craft in advance. My years as a teacher and Girl Scout leader have shown me that if you don’t, some unexpected glitch will happen! Even today, as I prepare for my Girl Scout meetings twice a month, my daughter will do whatever the activity is before the meeting. That way, she can help her peers and I know if it is workable with my group of girls. If it does not work, then I have to find something else for them to do.

If this is not a drop off party, as one of your friends to stay and help you run the craft activity. Another set of hands is always useful when working with young girls.

Snowman & Snowflake Charm Bracelet Kits(Pack of 3) from Amazon

Frozen Party Craft Kits Make Life Easier for the Party Mom!

As mom, Girl Scout leader and former head room parent, I can tell you from my experience that craft kits are truly a gift. It is one thing to make crafts with your child or children, it is another to make them for a dozen or more kids! My time is valuable, so when I needed to, I used to buy craft kits that had all of the things already cut, prepackaged and ready for the kids to assemble. It was such an incredible time and sanity saver!

The following craft kits work well with the Frozen theme. Make sure to do one in advance to work out any kinks and so that the kids will have one as an example to see the finished product. These can also double as the party favor!

Snowman Picture Frame Self-Adhesive Magnet Craft Kit/Foam/Makes 12 from Amazon

Take a picture, print it out and the child has a party favor!


Smoothfoam Snowflake Crafts Foam for Modeling, 6-Inch, White from Amazon

Buy blue and pink peel and stick rhinestones for kids to decorate.

Featured image By Jay from UK (Cake Decoration (Frozen)) [CC BY 2.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons and altered by the author in picmonkey.com


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