Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Ideas

I always enjoyed planning my children’s birthday parties. Most of this took place before there was an internet or Pinterest to give me tons of ideas. Being a teacher, I took what I knew kids liked and enjoyed, made sure it was age appropriate and then started my planning.

My children were always involved with their own party planning, too. From selecting the cake or baking the cupcakes with me, going to the party store to buy the paper goods and packing the goody bags for their friends, my children’s excitement grew with each activity we did together. After all, the gathering was for them and I liked to harness their energy in a positive manner.

If your child enjoys the characters from the hit Disney movie Planes, here are some ideas for you to use for a Disney Planes themed party.

Party Planning Timeline

In order to make your child’s party planning easy on yourself, you need to get organized. The first think you have to do is pick a date. If you are like me and have friends whose children have the same birthday month, check with them and make sure your dates do not conflict. It isn’t a party without friends! You also have to consider the age of the children. Does your child and many of the guests still need a nap? For kids who have given up napping, then any time is suitable. The time you choose will determine the food you will be serving.

If you are having the party at home, then your venue is already available. If you want the mess somewhere else, call around to see what places are available and what their party packages include.

Send out the invitations or hand them out at least four weeks in advance. Make sure that everyone gets one if you are saving money on stamps and not sending them in the mail. You do not want anyone’s feelings to be hurt.

Once the date and place are secured, the planning begins. Buy your paper goods and goody bags and out them in a safe place away from your kids hands until you want them to help you.

Order your party favors to make sure they arrive on time for the festivities.

Now is the time to decide whether or not you are baking a cake or cupcakes or ordering one from a bakery. Many places require at least a week’s notice. Personally, I like to take care of this sooner rather than later. If you are baking, find a recipe that works. You can try a few and have your kids taste test the results.

Once the RSVPs are completed, then you can make the goody bags and place them in a carton so they are ready to go on party day. I always make an extra bag or two, because sometimes a sibling tags along unexpectedly. Better to have an extra and look like the good guy! Parents are really appreciative of this small act of kindness.

This Disney Inside Out balloon set has 12 balloons to create the perfect colorful party experience!


This Inside Out Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration Kit comes with 12 balloons. 

Fun Supplies for Your Disney Inside Out Party

No matter what the occasion-Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving or birthdays, having the table set for company just takes your breath away. It brings about a joy and excitement that something special is about to happen-after all, you do not decorate the kitchen and dining room with a theme each and every day!

That is why themed plates, napkins, centerpieces and party goods are worth the investment. it makes a simple piece of cake or a cupcake seem even more special.

This Disney Inside Out party pack has enough supplies for 16

 Disney’s Inside Out Party Pack for 16 Guests

Games to Play at Your Inside Out Party

Having an organized and well run party will require you to make plans and keep the kids busy. One way to accomplish that goal is to play games.

If you are at home based party, then use the great outdoors to your advantage. It is easier to keep your home intact when the party is being held outside!

You can have some fun relay races with your guests. There is a great list of them at the Kids Activities website.

Since Riley is a hockey player, you can buy a cheap hockey set for kids and have the kids run across the yard with the stick and the ball and then back again to their team until the first team finishes. A second option is to use the net and see how many shots a child can make from different distances.

This inexpensive hockey set can be used for outdoor relay games at your child's Inside Out themed party.


This set come with two sticks, a ball and a puck.

Another game you can play is Musical Balloons. Fill up rainbow colored balloons and place an Inside Out sticker or tattoo in each one. Turn on the music and when it stops, the child has to find one balloon to pop. They get to keep the item they popped out. Have a bag with the child’s name on it on hand to place his or her winnings inside before you start the next round.

Inside Out Party Favors

Every child loves to go to a birthday party not only for the games and the fun, but also for the goody bag s/he receives at the end of the event. You can choose to give one large item, a bag of edible treats or a bag of themed items. There are Little Golden books that can be given as favors, rainbow candy like Skittles, and movie themed stickers and tattoos. There are even scented erasers that are the head of each character!

This set of 12 Disney Inside Out gift bags are perfect to hand out at your child's party. FIll them with stickers, scented erasers and all other things related to the movie.

Whatever you choose, the children are sure to appreciate what you give them. You can use this set of 12 themed bags to hand out to each guest.

Disney Inside Out Cake Toppers and Cupcake Rings

When it is time to sit down and have the sweet treats kids expect at a birthday party, you can serve either cupcakes or cakes. Or, you can do what I have done, serve both! The cake can be one flavor and the cupcakes can be the same or assorted flavors.

This Disney Inside Out cake topper and cupcake ring set is perfect for your party.


This set is perfect for your party! It comes with one cake topper and 24 cupcake rings.

Using all of these items, you will create the perfect Disney Inside Out party for your child!

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