Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Invitations and Stamps

Disney Inside Out Birthday Party Invitations and Stamps

Do you remember the excitement you had as a child as the days to your birthday drew closer?  The only thing that could top that was the date of your party-having all of your friends gather around for fun, games, cake and of course, presents! And off the attention was centered around you, the guest of honor!

I love harnessing that energy with my children.  While planning my son’s party was easy-he just wanted to take two friends to an indoor water park, my daughter wanted to host the ultimate slumber party.  Being the planner and organizer that I am, we searched for ideas online as we planned what would be a slumber party the girls wanted me to do again the next year (Which, by the way, did not happen. Instead, we chose to do a candy themed house party where the guests go home after 2.5 hours.)

One of the most delightful things my daughter and I did was find the perfect birthday party invitation.  The right invite sets the mood for the party, and we always stick to a theme.  The girls who received the invitation in the mail knew exactly what kind of party it was by the pictures on the front cover!

If your daughter has been enchanted by the hit Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out, then birthday party invitations featuring the newest characters to join the Disney lineup will surely be ones you will want to send in the mail or hand out in person.

Send Out the Invitations With Disney Inside Out Stamps

Imagine that you are a child and you get an envelope in the mail addressed to you, and in the upper right hand corner is a Disney Inside Out stamp with one of your favorite characters!  It isn’t often that anyone gets real mail anymore (especially kids), so sending an party invitation via the United States Postal Service with a colorful character stamp is not only appealing to the birthday child, but to the guests who are invited.

There are 27 different stamps from which you can choose.  You select the denomination of the stamp, as well as the size.

Here is just a small sample of what you can buy:

This is just one of 27 designs for Disney Inside Out stamps. Many feature each individual character. This one is of the entire emotional cast.

Here is the entire ensemble, together for one colorful and adorable postage stamp. Available from Zazzle.

Disney Inside Out postage stamps feature each character. This one is Disgust, who is incredibly funny! Her character is available in different styles as well.

 This is just one style of stamp featuring Disgust. You can find it here, as well as all the other characters.

Who is Featured on Disney Inside Out Invitations?

This brightly colored invitation is from Zazzle, and it features the five main emotions that we see Riley, the 11 year old protagonist, go through. You can select the kind of paper you want to use, as well as other options.

This Disney Inside Out birthday party invitation features all of Riley's emotions. It can be customized for your child.

Available in from Zazzle. Can be customized with all of your personal information. 

First there is Joy, who is the primary emotion Riley feels until her family moves from the only home she has ever known to a new one. Joy is perky, and wears a bright yellow dress with blue starbursts.

Joy takes a backseat to Sadness, who is blue. She comes to the forefront when Riley hears the news and has problems adapting to the big city of San Fransisco. On this invitation, she looks sad, but it is a face that cannot help but make you smile.

Then there is Anger, who is red and explosive. He is quick to pull the trigger before thinking, and that can lead to often hilarious consequences.

I am partial to the character of Disgust because I have three kids, and two are in the tween years. I live with huffy breaths and eye rolls, and  having survived it once, I am not new to this. I am just buckling up for the bumpy ride I know is in store for me! Maybe that is why she is represented by the color green!

Finally, there is Fear, who is purple. We all have fears and have to face them in life or be paralyzed by them. Riley has to face many as she moves to a new environment and meets new friends.

Feature photo from pixabay.com and altered by the author in picmonkey.com


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