Disney Inside Out DIY Disgust Costume

Disney Inside Out DIY Disgust Costume

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time around a tween or a teen knows full well that life with them is a great, big roller coaster. One minute they are on top of the world, and the next they are having a hissy fit that is worthy of their toddler years. The slightest wrong look from Mom or Dad can send them on a tirade or into tears. There is no Dramamine for this ride, and at times you feel like you are living with a complete stranger. What happened to that lovely young child who use to reside with you?

While it is a good thing that this hormonal stage of life does not last forever, it certainly feels that way for parents living with these emotionally explosive human beings.

Disney/Pixar’s latests family film, Inside Out, explores the various emotions that 11 year old Riley is facing. An only child, she is forced to leave her home in Minnesota, where she plays ice hockey and has a ton of friends. Living in the city of San Francisco is like doing a 180 degree turn in so many ways.  How Riley feels about her new life is shown to movie goers via the five primary emotions that located in brain. They are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

Disgust, who is voiced by the talented Mindy Kaling, has the job of protecting Riley from all kinds of situations that could be dangerous. Whether it is eating broccoli or meeting potential toxic people, she cops an attitude that parents are all too familiar with. In addition to protecting her from people, Disgust will also save her from making an awful fashion faux pas liking mixing stripes with polka dots.

With the side flip of her head, a huffy breath/deep sigh and the all too familiar eye roll, Disgust really knows how to lay it on thick when necessary.

That is why dressing up as Disgust will be a very popular choice this Halloween season.

Meet Disgust

Why Make Your Own Halloween Costume?

Creating your own costume for Halloween is beneficial to your bottom line. If you are creative and talented with a needle, you can make a similar costume for far less money than what the stores are selling it for. It will also fit you better as the measurements are done exactly for your body.

If you make your own costume with pieces of clothing that you already own, you are saving money. If you need to buy additional items to complete your look, then you can wear the clothing item again after Halloween is over.

Making your own costume also has you standing out in a crowd. Unlike the cookie cutter ensembles that are sold in stores, if you do a decent job putting the costume together, you will look like a better and more unique version of what others are wearing.

Disney Inside Out DIY Disgust Costume Ideas

The emotion disgust is a feeling of absolute revulsion for something or someone in particular. It causes a person to avert their eyes or frown in disapproval.When it comes to food, the mere sight or smell of it can make us gag while others will run for the nearest fork or spoon. For some people, things that creep and crawl make them shudder in horror, while another person will run for the nearest magnifying glass to take a closer look.

Disgust is the color green, just like the broccoli she despises. To put your look together for your child, you will need a green dress like the one below.

Disney Inside Out DIY DIsgust costume ideas-green dress that is fun an can be worn after the holiday.

This dress is available in sizes 7-14 on Amazon.  Layer a green scoop neck underneath for added warmth.

Underneath the dress is a pair of leggings. This will help keep legs warm if you live in a colder climate. Here can find them here.

These green capri leggings will be a great pant to wear with the dress for your Disgust DIY costume.

Of course, you need a green wig!

Green Wig for DIsney Disgust costume

Available on Amazon

All of this green is contrasted with the color purple. Purple lipstick, purple flats and a purple scarf finish off your DIY Disgust costume.

Disney DIY Disgust costume ideas-purple scarf

Green makeup done lightly on the face will complete your unique Disney Inside Out Disgust costume.

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