Disney Inside Out DIY Fear Costume Ideas

Disney Inside Out DIY Fear Costume Ideas

The trailers have been showing in movie theaters and on YouTube for months. The commercials invaded both children’s television and prime time network programming as well. You may have been hiding under a rock if you had not heard of the new Disney/Pixar major motion picture, Inside Out.

The story is different than most other films, family or otherwise, as it is told from the point of view from inside a person’s head. Eleven year old Riley is a happy child who is full of Joy-that is until her family relocates from Minnesota to the urban metropolis of San Francisco. Both of her parents are stressed to the max for different reasons. Dad is starting a new business and has lots of pressure from his new venture, and mom is stressed because the moving van has yet to show up at their new home with all of their familiar and beloved belongings.

Riley, an only child who is the center of her parents’ lives, has serious adjustment issues as the movie progresses. This is normal for any child, but for one on the verge or puberty, moving makes this challenging and hormonal time even worse.

However, the adjustment problems are not entirely Riley’s fault. The five emotions that are inside her head and move the plot line along are in charge. They create a unique balance inside, with Joy at the helm of Headquarters. However, Sadness does not leave things alone, and due to her actions, both she and Joy get lost in long term memory. This creates a lack of balance for Riley and drives the remaining plot of the film.

With Anger, Fear and Disgust the only emotions Riley can feel, her personality changes and she makes some out of character choices which leaves not only her confused, but her parents as well. If Joy and Sadness do not get back to Headquarters on time to restore balance, an impetuous decision could change the course of Riley’s life.

Who is Fear?

Fear is voiced by the talented Bill Hader. The audience laughs as he lists all of the things that could happen to Riley, but the truth is, we  laugh because we all have fears.

Some things that we are afraid of are rational. For example, going off the high dive for the very first time is scary and most people are afraid to take their first plunge from such a high height. However, once a person ”faces her fears”, and jumps off for the first time, a huge sense of relief and accomplishment are felt. For some, that one time is enough and they proved to themselves that they can do it. For others, it is the first of many more jumps!

Other fears are not rational. We can always imagine the worst case scenario, but that almost never happens. People spend a lot of time and energy creating fears in their head that will never come to be.

It is good to be fearful in some instances, as it keeps us safe from harm. We all have an inner voice that tells us that something is amiss, and we should listen to our instincts. It is telling us something we need to hear and should not ignore.

Fear is all over the place in the film. He protected Riley as a child, but literally falls asleep at the wheel during a pivotal moment of the movie. In one way, the plot is telling us that we cannot always feel one way-it is exhausting!

This underrated character is one that many will want to dress up as for Halloween this year.

Here is how to put your own Disney Inside Out Fear costume together.

Disney Inside Out Fear DIY Costume

One of the great things about creating your own Fear costume is that the pieces can be used again, making it not only a fun one to create, but a practical one as well.

The dominant color of Fear is purple, so that is what you will be needing to create your look. First, start off with a purple dress shirt like this one. There are many different fits and styles available.

Create the base of your Disney Inside Out Fear costume with this purple dress shirt. It comes in all sizes and fits.This shirt also comes in different shades of purple, from lavender to dark.

Over his purple shirt, Fear has a black and white sweater vest. This is great for warmer climates, as you will stay warm with this stylish version.

This black and white vest will look sharp for your DIY Disney Inside Out Fear costume.

This vest comes in many different sizes.

Finally, complete the ensemble with a pair of purple pants. Believe it or not, there is a plethora of pants for men in various shades of purple and all kinds of styles. There is skinny, cargo, relaxed, scrubs..whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Purple pants for men come in many different styles. Pick the one that is most comfortable for you for your Disney Inside Out Fear costume.

Here is one style of purple pants for men. There are many others available here.

Finish you Disney Inside Out costume with black shoes and purple face paint.

This purple face paint is the finishing touch for your Fear Inside Out costume.

Disney Inside Out costumes are going to be all the rage for Halloween.

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