Disney Live Action Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids

Disney Live Action Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids

Disney Live Action Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids Will be a Hit for Halloween 2017!

When there air begins to get a chill in it, and the days become shorter as each one passes, children become more excited because they know that Halloween is just around the corner. Stores have displays of costumes and candy as soon as you walk into them, adding the anticipation. If you ask them,many children will tell you that Halloween is one of their favorite holidays because they get to dress up in costume with weird hair and makeup and spend the day in school that way. Then, when school lets out, the rule of not taking candy from strangers is tossed out the window as sanctioned. In fact, this is perhaps the only time of year where parents actually permit their offspring to take candy from random people-on any other day it would be forbidden.

Eating as much candy as you can along the trick or treat route (after parents have checked it) is allowed and even encouraged, as Mom and Dad want their share of the loot, too! My children are fast-they run from door-to-door with their friends.  With their friend group that they go out with, there is an unwritten rule that if you join them, if you cannot keep up, then you need to go home.  They slow down for no one and after a while, kids do begin to leave and then it is down to the hearty few.

When they are done filling their stomachs with candy, I permit them to keep as many pieces as their age.  The rest of the goodies are donated.  At the school my children attend, they make decorated bags and cards and fill it with the candy they have brought from home.  Then a local military organization ships them overseas to the men and women in our armed forces.

There are many classic costumes that are seen every year. Witches, ghosts, zombies and assorted fairies and princesses are always ringing my doorbell. Little ones are dressed as Elmo or Cookie Monster, while older kids tend to dress in the most popular costumes of the season. However, for Halloween 2017, some of the top costumes will be from the hit Disney live action movie released in March, Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Belle's Ball Gown Costume

Belle Ball Gown in Shorter Length Available in Many Sizes on Amazon

How Did the Tradition of Dressing Up for Halloween Begin?

There is a long and complex history for the origins of Halloween and dressing up in costume. It is believed to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. In Puritanical America, it was celebrated more in the southern states than the northern ones. As immigrants began to arrive on our shores, their traditions, especially those of the Irish and English immigrants, meshed with the ones we already had for the holiday.

By the 1920’s, Halloween had turned into a secular holiday, much different that its religious beginnings. Companies like the Collegeville Flag and Manufacturing Company and the H. Halpern Company created costumes that were not scary and were based on popular cartoon characters. In the 1960’s, those boxed costumes that Baby Boomers are familiar with hit the stores and changed how kids dress up for the holiday.

Today, Halloween has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with people investing not only in costumes and candy, but inflatables and other yard decorations, party decor, and fancy food and baking decor as well.

The Plot of Beauty and the Beast

Belle is not like the other young women in her village. She loves books and spends all of her time reading them. She wants more than her sleepy, predictable provincial little town has to offer, and the villagers think that she is odd-they do not understand her. They enjoy the sameness of their small town life. But, they do admire her beauty.

Belle is taken prisoner by the Beast, who actually is a prince who was placed under a spell due to his lack of compassion to a beggar woman (who was really an enchantress). He must find true love before the last petal in the dome falls on his 21st birthday. He believes that he is doomed because who could love such a hideous beast like him? Belle’s father gets lost in the woods and is taken prisoner by the Beast. When Belle discovers this, she ask to be taken in her father’s place. The castle staff-Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogsworth and others, who are also part of the enchanted spell, try their best to make Belle feel at home in her new surroundings.

Official Live Action DIsney Belle costume from the new movie

Official Disney Ball Gown from the Live Action Beauty and the Beast Available on Amazon in many sizes

Over time, as Belle spends more time with Beast, and get to argue and talk to him and get to know the person underneath the beastly exterior, she falls in love with him and he with her.

Gaston, the brawny villager who wants to make Belle his wife, creates a panic that has the men of the town when he tells them that the Beast will attack and they must kill him. Of course, it is Gaston who dies and the Beast is transformed to his princely self when Belle declares her love for him after he is inflicted with a fatal stab wound. Love does save the day.

Disney Live Action Beauty and the Beast Belle Costumes for Girls

The release of the newest live action remake created a demand for Disney to recreate the animated costumes from the classic 1991 film. These will be in high demand well before Halloween, when little girls will want to add a new Belle costume to their dress up box.

Disney Belle Deluxe Celebration Dress Costume for Kids - Beauty and the Beast Live Action

Available on Amazon

This Belle Celebration gown will be a must have for all little girls. It is a gorgeous white dress with a delicate pastel pattern throughout. It is accented by flowers. This Belle costume is available in sizes 3 to 9/10 and is already a best seller.

Live Action Beauty and the Beast Belle Accessory Set

Available on Amazon

Every dress must have the perfect accessories, and for your favorite girl’s Belle costume, here is the set she needs to finish the look. It includes two hair combs, a pair of earrings and a necklace, all in a lovely golden color.

Beauty and the Beast Beast Costume for Boys

If you have a Beauty, you will also need a Beast. This is a great costume idea for twins or siblings close in age. While there is no official Live Action Beast costume out at the present time, there is a Beast costume for boys that comes in both regular and toddler sizes.

Beauty and the Beast costume for boys is available in toddler and regular sizes.

Available on Amazon



History of Halloween

Why Do We Dress Up For Halloween? The Origin Of This Tradition Is Pretty Interesting

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