Disney Moana Bathing Suits for Girls and Boys

Disney Moana Bathing Suits for Girls and Boys

I’ll admit that looking for a bathing suit is not my idea of fun, and I bet that many other women feel the same way as I do. There never seems to be the perfect suit that gives you the right amount of coverage that is also cute and flattering. It seems that I try on over a dozen just to find one that will make do until I find one that I really like.

I wish I felt the excitement that my daughters had when they were little and it was time to buy new bathing suits. Shopping for new swimwear meant one of two things. We were either going on vacation and they needed something new that fit because the swimsuits they wore just a few months earlier were now too tight, or we were shopping for summer camp.

Believe it or not, shopping for camp got my girls even more excited than going on a vacation. My children have certain friends that they only see during the summer months, and buying camp clothing meant that their summer of fun was about to begin!

While we were out shopping, they would both bring in armloads of bathing suits trying to find the right four or five that will be worn endlessly during the lazy days of summer. Between camp and our backyard pool, they were in the water quite a bit.

Disney’s hit movie, Moana, has not waned one bit in popularity since it’s November 2016 debut. Girls have become enchanted with the heroine of the film, Moana, and her cast of sidekicks, including the demigod, Maui, and they want to wear clothing that shows it. Disney has released a line of Moana swimwear and accessories that children are clamoring for.

What to Look for in a Toddler and Little Girls Swimsuit

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a bathing suit for your little girl is comfort. If it is not enjoyable to wear, your child will fight you when it is time to put it on. Make sure there is nothing itchy that can chafe your child’s skin and that tags are able to be removed without damaging the swimsuit.

This Disney Moana two piece bathing suit id perfect for preschoolers since they can easily put it on and take it off when needed. It provides plenty of coverage.

Disney Moana Two Piece Bathing Suit Available on Amazon

Another factor in selecting a swimwear for little girls is how easy is it to put on and take off. Young children are very fast and mobile, and have no patience to stay still while being buckled, snapped, tied or laced. You should be able to put the swimsuit on and off in just a few seconds.

There should offer a decent amount of coverage. Too much skin exposed to the sun is not healthy and can cause a sunburn if she is not covered in enough sunscreen.

Other Factors to Consider

You also need to consider if your daughter is fully potty trained or not. A one piece will be fine with a swim diaper, but little people always seem to wait to the last minute to use the bathroom. Be sure your daughter can easily pull her suit up and down so no accidents occur.

This beautiful yellow Disney one piece Moana bathing suit comes in different sizes.

Disney Moana One Piece Bathing Suit Available on Amazon

The last thing to consider when choosing a swimsuit for your little one is to make sure there are no strings attached that can choke them. Be sure to check for unnecessary ornamentation that can come off easily be swallowed by young children. They put everything into their mouths and a little caution is not being overprotective at all.

A one piece bathing suit, like this one featuring Moana, is both fashionable and offers your little girl the coverage she needs.

The Perfect Disney Moana Cover Up

When I was growing up, I cannot recall wearing a cover up to the pool or to the beach. Remember, mine was a generation who grew up putting baby oil on their skin and used sun reflectors so we could get a “healthy” tan!

With my father dying from melanoma at the age of 57, I was determined to be militant with my children’s and my exposure to the sun. Along with hats and sunscreen with a UVA of 50 or higher, my children all have to cover up when they were not in the water. My children are fair and freckly, so covering shoulders and legs prevented sunburns from happening. Covering oneself does not have to be an oversized tee shirt or an unflattering caftan. There are many styles available for both young and old. Disney has a beautiful one based on their recent hit movie.

Disney Moana bathing suit cover up for girlsMoana Cover Up Available on Amazon

Girls are going to love wearing this Moana cover up. It is made from Tapa terry-cloth in a beautiful shade of blue, along with a white pattern throughout. There is a colorful applique of a joyous Moana and her signature flower near the hem. It is available in many different sizes, and it is the perfect cover up to go along with your daughter’s Moana swimsuit or any of her favorite ones.

Disney Moana Maui Swim Trunks for Boys

The character of Maui, who travels with Moana on her epic adventure. He has Herculean strength, especially in his arm and leg muscles. This permits him to do many feats of strength. He is a character that both boys and girls enjoyed watching on the silver screen.

Disney Moan Maui Swim Trunks

Maui Swim Trunks for Boys, as well as a matching Rash Guard, are available on Amazon

These swim trunks feature the tattooed and muscular Maui in his bright green skirt of leaves. It ties at the waist to it can adjust and be comfortable for your son to wear. A matching rash guard is also available as well. In the past, most boys refused to wear a shirt with their swim trunks, but now it is not only in fashion, but there is a health reason to wear one as well. The more coverage you have, the exposed skin is to the ultra violet rays of the hot summer sun.  Rash guards dry quickly, so there is no soggy tee shirt feeling after a child is finished with swimming or playing in the ocean.

Moana  Flip Flops

Flip flops are the perfect summer shoe for children. First of all, they are easy for them to get on and off all by themselves, giving them a sense of independence that laces on sneakers and straps on sandals do not. Feet stay cool, and at the beach these shoes are easy to rinse off and put back on. There are no issues with squishy toes and sand bothering your feet when you are wearing flip flops!

Moana flip flops from Havaianas will keep your children's feet in style this summer.

Moana Flip Flops by Havianas Available on Amazon

Your little ones will love to wear Moana swimsuits and accessories this summer!

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