Disney Pj Masks Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and School Supplies

Disney Pj Masks Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and School Supplies

When the Disney corporation sets out to develop a new television series for it’s Disney Junior lineup, it doesn’t go about it blindly. It does a lot of research. For example, it took several years to create the characters for it’s popular Sofia the First series, which debuted in November 2012 as a movie. Books about the characters were created and read at schools to gauge the reaction of the children listening to it. Creators changed and adapted what was needed to make the show what it is today.

Disney did not create their newest popular series, PJ Masks, in a vacuum. They based the program on a successful book series, Les Pyjamasques, from French author Romuald Racioppo.

The show, which premiered in September 2015, is a bona fide hit with their target audience of 3-6 years olds. If you are sending your little one off to preschool or day care this fall, they are going to want to return with their very own PJ Masks backpacks and lunch boxes.

Other Uses for Backpacks

As an adult, I still use a backpack when I am on outings. When my twins became mobile, having a shoulder pocketbook was impractical, as I needed to hands-one for each of my children. This was especially true since my son was a darter-he would run away if I ever let go of him. Juggling a pocketbook or even a small diaper bag was not a practical thing for this busy mommy.

While my son no longer darts or needs to use my hand, I carry a backpack when we go on family outings so my hands are free. I dislike the feeling of having one shoulder carrying my bag for a long period of time.

Children can use their backpack for so many other things besides school. On long car trips, special toys and goodies can be placed inside to occupy them for at least part of the time. If they are spending the night with grandma and grandpa, pajamas, a change of clothes, a toothbrush and a hairbrush will all fit in nicely.

If a child wants you to hold things, there is no need for that if s/he has a backpack of their own. Let them learn responsibility by carrying their own things around.

This PJ Masks backpack is perfect for the Owlette fan because she is featured front and center. It is sold alone or with a matching lunch box.

Available on Amazon

This PJ Masks backpack is perfect for the Owlette fan, as she is the featured character being as she is featured front and center. This is 14 inches, which is just the right size for younger children. It has two zipper compartments and two side mesh pockets.

When to Buy School Supplies

Although it seems that school lets out in June and then stores start having Back to School sales in July, the truth is that in some parts of the country, summer break is half over by then. If you are a person whose children get out in June, don’t wait until August to pick out the school supplies they want and need. Most schools have a list of the next year’s supplies online, at local retailers, or it is inserted in the final report card.

This Disney PJ Masks backpack also has a matching lunch box available.

Available on Amazon

When something is as popular as PJ Masks, if you see it then buy it or else it will be gone!

More Disney PJ Masks School Supplies Have Arrived!

With Back to School being only a few short weeks away, manufacturers have been placing even more superhero themed school merchandise on store shelves in both brick and mortar stores and online.

Here is a matched set of DIsney PJ Masks back to school supplies.

Available on Amazon

This backpack/lunch box combination is something that will make it easy on parents to shop for. Kids love to have everything as one theme, and there will be no mistaking to whom this belongs when your child comes to school with the matched set of PJ Masks school supplies.

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