Disney Princess Costumes for Babies

Disney Princess Costumes for Babies

If you are like many parents who have a daughter, you treat her like a little princess when she first arrives on the scene.  As the mother of two girls and a boy, I can attest that it is much more fun to dress up your daughter than your son.  Having a little girl is like having a live baby doll-you can dress her in anything you want…until she voices an opinion on what she will and will not wear.

Now it’s your baby girl’s first Halloween.  You want to dress her in a costume that shows the world (or at least your neighborhood) what a pretty little princess you have.

Disney has a line of princess costumes for babies that are from their most popular films. You can click on any image to see it enlarged.

The Little Mermaid Costume for Babies

In 1989, Disney began what is considered to be the golden age of animation.  The Little Mermaid saw the return of the Disney princess, this time in mermaid form.  With songs that had kids begging for the cassette tape to listen to in the car, everyone wanted to be a part of Ariel’s world.

The Little Mermaid also saw the return of the dark and ugly villain, Ursula, the like Disney had not produced since Cruella De Vil.

This costume has a bodice in the shape of a seashell.  The tutu is in the colors that she wears in the movie, and in the center there is a flower with a cameo of Ariel. It comes in size 12-18 months.

Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora Costume for Infants

In 2014, movie goers were treated to an different version of the 1959 Disney animated classic, Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent, which starred Angelina Jolie in the title role, tells the story of how she became as evil as we saw her-after all, who puts a curse on a newborn?  Without spoiling the movie,suffice to say that moviegoers understood her and rallied for her to win as she battled King Stefan and his army.

Your own Sleeping Beauty will look adorable in this tutu costume, which is available in sizes 12-18 months. The white collar is just like the preschool version of the costume. It has long pink sheer sleeves with little gold polka dots on them on on the skirt. There is a tulle bow at the mid-section of the collar and a cameo of Princess Aurora in the center.

Snow White Halloween Costume for Babies

In 1937, Walt Disney released his first full length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This movie would prove to be pivotal in the Disney empire, since so many little girls love to dress up as the soprano voiced princess.  For many older women, this is one of the first cartoon princesses they were exposed to while they were young girls

If you choose this costume for your daughter, no one will have to ask exactly who she is-anyone can tell because this is an exact replica of Snow White’s iconic gown. The poofy red and blue sleeves with the two-tone bodice is exactly how she dresses.  The yellow tulle tutu skirt is just like Snow White’s long yellow skirt. There is beautiful detail around the collar and bodice, as it is dotted with tiny red rosebuds.

In case no one can tell who she is just by looking, there is a cameo of Snow White on the center of the bodice. Like the other two dresses, it comes in size 12-18 months.

Cinderella Costume for Infants

Rounding out the trifacta of classic Disney princesses is Cinderella, who starred in the 1950 movie of the same name.  The put upon princess who was kind to everyone, including animals, did not let her mistreatment by her stepmother and step-sisters rain on her parade.  Despite her less than ideal circumstances, she rose above it and in the end, found her Prince Charming.

This baby doll costume is in the classic Cinderella blue from head to toe. It has a sparkly silver dotted tulle skirt and three pink rosebuds at the center of the bodice.  There is a large pink satin bow, and on top of it rests a large cameo of Cinderella surrounded by dark pink tulle.  Your daughter will dazzle as she wears this costume!

Any one of these four Disney princess costumes for babies will make your precious girl look like the princess you believe her to be!

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