Disney Teen Beach Movie 2

Disney Teen Beach Movie 2

Another Fun Disney Original Movie-Teen Beach Movie 2 to Premiere June 26th!

For the last several years, Disney has premiered a big musical film during the spring or summer season. Filled with stars from its latest hit television series’, these films also introduce its viewers to their newest talent find. It acts as a launch pad for their newly discovered talent.In 2006, viewers were treated to the Cheetah Girls 2, the long awaited sequel to The Cheetah Girls, which had the quartet of singers traveling to Spain. High School Musical 2 debuted in August 2007, Camp Rock and The Cheetah Girls: One World wowed fans during the summer of 2008. While no musical was premiered in 2009, in 2010 Disney launched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam with all of the original cast ended Labor Day weekend a high point (I know. My kids had us make homemade funnel cake and popcorn and watch in our darkened living room). Lemonade Mouth appeared on the small screen in spring 2011, and Let It Shine was the offering for summer 2012. In 2013, Disney added Teen Beach Movie to the list. The reaction to the film was so huge that a sequel entitled Teen Beach Movie 2 will premiere in the summer 2015.

What is The Plot of Teen Beach Movie 2?

The original film, Teen Beach Movie, was pure fun and fantasy. It took place in 2013, and much of the action is on the beach. McKenzie is a young woman who loves to surf. She meets Brady, and they begin a summer romance. Brady loves to repeatedly watch Wet Side Story, a classic 1960’s beach movie where it is always summer and everyone is surfing and having a blast.The plot thickens when McKenzie is forced by her aunt to fulfill her promise and finish her last two years of high school on the mainland at an exclusive prep school. While attempting to catch one last gigantic wave, Mack gets into trouble and Brady sets out to save her. A giant wave wipes them out and transports them to the Wet Side Story movie. They need to lie low and find a way home, but unfortunately, they are discovered.

As the movie progresses, you can see the similarities to the classic Beach Blanket movies of the 1960’s, as the main plot of the movie within a movie is bikers versus beach dudes.The underlying message of the movie is to follow your heart, even if it means not living up to someone else’s expectations for you. That is a difficult thing for any person to do, especially so for a teenager. What happens when they are found, how they change the entire movie, and how they manage to get home is the main focus of this flick.

The action in the film takes place several months after Brady and McKenzie’s adventure. They receive an unexpected surprise from Lela and Tanner, two of the main characters from the time warp world they entered. As time goes by, the other cast members also come to the present. However, they must return home or they will cease to exist. One can anticipate many “fish out of water” jokes throughout the film, as well as more innocent romance. The movie also has an ending that is quite a surprise!

Teen Beach Movie 2 will premiere on June 26, 2015. The DVD is available for preorder now.

Teen Beach 2 Available on Amazon

Who Are the Stars of This New Film?

A little bit about the actors your children will be watching

Ross Lynch portrays Brady in this film. The nineteen year old actor is best known to his fans as Austin Moon in the hit Disney series Austin and Ally. He can sing, dance, and plays several musical instruments, including the piano and rhythm guitar. Along with his siblings, who all have names beginning with the letter “R”, he is in a band called R5.

Maia Mitchell, who plays McKenzie, is a newcomer to Disney, much like Demi Lovato was in Camp Rock. She will be starring in the new ABC Family series, The Fosters, this fall. Maia dipped her toes into the Disney waters with a guest appearance on the show Jessie this past winter. She is an Australian actress who does a great American accent. She sings and plays the guitar.

Garrett Clayton is being touted as the next Zac Efron. He sings, he dances, and has the same kind of handsome good looks as the High School Musical star. He plays Tanner, who appears to not be the brightest bulb in the box, but still has a good sense of what is going on around him. One interesting fact…he will not reveal his age for fear of not getting roles based on a number.


Teen Beach Movie 2 Soundtrack will be released June 23rd.

The soundtrack to the film will be available on June 23rd, three days before the movie’s premiere. It will let fans of the franchise get to know the music before they actually see it. There are 15 songs, including one from Ross Lynch’s band R5. You can get yours on Amazon.

This brand new Teen Beach Movie 2 Deluxe Lela costume is available for girls in different sizes.

Does your daughter want to dress as Lela for Halloween? This brand new Deluxe Lela costume is available now in Small, Medium and Large.


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