Disney The Good Dinosaur Bedroom Ideas

Disney The Good Dinosaur Bedroom Ideas

There are many decisions to make when creating a theme for your child’s bedroom. If your child shares a bedroom with a sibling, then you need to compromise on what the theme since both children have to live in the space.

If a unified theme is not agreed upon, either because they are different genders or have very different tastes, then you can divide the room in half and let each child express himself or herself-there is nothing wrong with that scenario as long as everyone is happy and each child goes to sleep at night. Even if the themes do not mesh (think Legos and Princesses), you can make the room flow by using complimentary colors. See if there is a way to bridge the two ideas to have the room become a one-of-a-kind space that is inviting to the children who live in it.

As children get older, they should have a say in what colors the room will be in, although you, as the parent, have the final say.  When my older daughter was eleven, she wanted lime green walls.

No way was that happening.

We settled on turquoise walls with lime green accents-curtains, lamps, pillows and a throw blanket with that color. It was a compromise that worked for us (and still does to this day, 10 years later).

Children also love to have a theme that features their favorite character of the moment. This is one way that they can express themselves, since there is probably no chance that you are going to permit a Spiderman pillow or a Frozen paneled curtain in your living room!

Since their minds will change, it is best that the wall stay a neutral color. Bedding accessories and posters are the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to update a bedroom.

Disney/Pixar-the creators of Up, Finding Nemo and this summer’s hit Inside Outis premiering a brand new movie on November 25th entitled The Good Dinosaur.

The plot of this film is based on the premise that the asteroid that supposedly made dinosaurs become extinct never actually hit Earth. The dinosaur population remained intact and were still roaming the planet. The two protagonists in the film are Arlo, a young Apatosaurus who has many fears, and Spot, a human child who pretty much raised himself in the wild. The two develop a friendship that will take them on many adventures and teach the audience many life lessons, including how to face your fears.

Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs So Much?

As both a mother and a teacher, it has always interested me that children have such a depth of knowledge about dinosaurs. Children who can barely write their name can tell you ten different facts about a dozen kinds of dinosaurs. Line up a group of random dinosaur figures and the chid can tell you the exact name of each and if they are a carnivore or an herbivore. They are like little sponges on the topic.

But why the fascination?

Kids love to play with dinosaurs for many reasons.

Photo from Pixabay

One reason is that these big, scary reptiles really do not exist anymore. They can never harm a child, so they are safe to play with. Even though a lion would never have an opportunity to hurt a young person, they do exist so they could cause bad dreams or been seen as scary.

Dinosaurs also make loud, roaring noises, and kids love to do that! Juat ask a child to be quiet during this bit of imaginative play and they will plead, “But we are playing dinosuar! They are supposed to be loud!” (hard to argue with logic!)

Another theory as to why kids love these reptiles is that they are big and powerful, the polar opposite of a young child. During imaginative play, children can become as omnipotent as the dinosaur toy they are holding in their hand.

Parents should encourage both boys and girls if they develop an interest in this topic It can help develop a love of science that will last a lifetime. If this is a

Creating bedroom theme from The Good Dinosaur is easy with these bedding ensembles and accessories.  Add just a few and transform a bedroom into a reptilian masterpiece!

The Good Dinosaur Bedding

One item that can dramatically change the look of a room is bedding. A bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and the rest of the living and play area can be decorated around it.

This is The Good Dinosaur 6 piece bedding set. It comes with the blanket, fitted and flat sheet, pillow cases and a sham.

Above you will find The Good Dinosaur twin size 6 piece bedding set. The comforter shows a bright green Arlo with Spot riding on his back. He is walking through a field of brown and the background is various shades of blue and white clouds. The pillowcase features a smiling Spot. In addition to the bedding, a square decorative pillow that features the two animated stars is the final compliment to the set.

A fun way to liven up a room is with The Good Dinosuar sheets.

If you child already has green or blue bedding, then one easy way to change up the room and give it a fresh feel is with a new set of sheets. This Good Dinosaur sheet set features the lead characters on the pillows and sketches of the characters from the movie on the sheet itself.

The Good Dinosaur Curtains

Curtains play a critical part of any room decor. Besides the impact it has on style, curtains serve other purposes. In any bedroom, particularly a child’s, a curtain helps provide an extra layer for blocking out the light when it is time for bed. These brightly colored panels also offer a degree of privacy that blinds or shades alone to not have. Lastly, when it is cold outside, panels provide a shield from any gaps there are in the frame, which helps keep out the cold.

These are fun curtains to have for the fan of The Good Dinosaur.

Here is a very bright and colorful set of curtains that feature Arlo and Spot. They are set against a field of blue,and the green color makes Arlo stand out. These are 2 x 63 inches in length and are made to fit windows 36-48 inches wide. The tie backs are also included.

The Good Dinosaur Wall Decals

If you are looking for an easy way to change up a bedroom, then your go to item are wall decals. Easy to put on and even easier to remove, these change the look of a bedroom or play area in a matter of moments. My own children put their own wall stickers up years ago.

The Good Dinosaur wall stickers change the look of a bedroom in a matter of seconds. Easy to put up and take down, and they do not damage walls.

The picture above is a large wall decal from the film.  Other featured characters also appear, and everyone is happy and smiling. That is especially important in a child’s bedroom, as you want it to be a refuge from the world at the end of the day or a calm place to play when you need some space.

Lamps Add More Than Light

A lamp is another inexpensive accessory that can brighten up a room in more ways than one! Good lighting is essential for any living space. Children who will be playing and reading in their room need adequate lighting to do those tasks. The perfect accent to a bedside table or to a desk, it can be in a complimentary shade or one that provides a stark contrast.

There are 43 different lampshades available to decorate your chld's room in a Good Dinosaur theme.

Above you will find one of 43 different lampshade styles on Zazzle that feature characters from the movie.

Kids are going to love cuddling with this Arlo talking plush doll from The Good Dinosaur.

For finishing touches on the bed, you can add plush animals from the film. Kids will love to cuddle with Arlo, Butch and Spot.

Creating the perfect dinosaur themed bedroom based on Disney/Pixar’s new film is easy to do with the right accessories.


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