Disney Zootopia Judy Hopps Costume and Nick Wilde Costume Ideas for Halloween

Disney Zootopia Judy Hopps Costume and Nick Wilde Costume Ideas for Halloween

In March of 2016, Disney debuted a film entitled Zootopia that enthralled audiences around the globe. To date, it has grossed over 1 billion dollars worldwide, making it the second Disney film of the year to reach this magical milestone.

Why did Zootopia become such a box office force?

First of all, it entertains both adults and children. While many parents will play “Rock, Paper. Scissors” to see who has to sit through films made just for kids, Zootopia is a film both parents and children can sit through and enjoy. There are many site gags that only adults will understand. For example, most kids will see the irony (even if they do not know what the word means) at the name of the tough and tiny mouse leader, Mr. Big. Adults, however, will smile at the Godfather like speech and mannerisms of this tough as nails rodent with a soft spot for his daughter.

Then there is the painfully slow antics of the sloth named Flash (more irony here). The facial expressions of Judy Hopps could not be funnier.

Disney is also sending a message to audiences that you can be anything. This is seen in the plucky protagonist, Judy Hopps, a character who overcomes great odds to be the first bunny police officer in Zootopia. In real life, adults have faced many challenges like Judy, and seeing her overcome them resonates within. Children, of course. love to see the good guy (or good bunny) win and overcome what seems to be impossible odds.

Combine all of these factors and you have the makings of a great family film.

Who is Judy Hopps?

Judy, who is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin from the ABC television show Once Upon a Time, was raised on a farm with her parents and her 225 brothers and sisters. She stood up to bullies at school when she was younger, and even when she was defeated, she never gave up on her dream of becoming the first rabbit to join the Zootopia police force.

This is a dream that seems farfetched because rabbits are small, and yet she does not any issues with her size. In fact, she tries to sell it to her superiors that her size could actually help in different kinds of scenarios (and it does, especially when the movie gets to the point where it is discovered where the citizens who have “turned savage” have been placed).

Even when Judy does make the force, she is not put on patrol, but it assigned as a Meter Maid. Her boss, Chief Bogo, sets the bar so high for her (hand out 100 citations within a certain amount of time) that Judy not only makes her goal, but surpasses it. Nothing seems to matter to the chief, he feels that there is no need for her on his police force.

Throughout the film, Judy proves him wrong time and again. Audiences cheer at the film’s ending (no spoilers here), but since it is a Disney film viewers already know that Judy overcomes all the obstacles placed in front of her.

That is why girls are going to love to dress in a Zootopia Judy Hopps Halloween costume.

Judy Hopps Costume for Girls

This Disney Zootopia Halloween costume for girls comes in many sizes and will be a hit this Halloween.

Zootopia Judy Hopps Costume from Anytime Costumes

This costume is arresting! It comes with two pieces. The first is a one piece jumpsuit which is an exact replica of what Judy wears in the film. The headpiece is separate and comes with large rabbit ears and her face. It straps under the chin. You can preorder this today to guarantee that your child will have it for Halloween.

Cosplay Judy Hopps Costume for Women

Women's Cosplay Judy Hopps costume comes in sizes Small to XXLarge. It comes with everything you see pictured.

Women’s Cosplay Judy Hopps Costume from Amazon

Like children, many adults like to dress up in costume for Halloween as their favorite Disney characters. This is a Cosplay costume for women that is made of 65% cottoned 35% rayon. It comes in sizes Small to XXLarge. Everything you see in the picture is included, so there is no need to buy any additional accessories.

Who is Nick Wilde?

Moviegoers first meet Nick Wilde while Judy is on her first day of the police force. She sees Nick, who appears to be short of money to pay for a treat for his child, and she helps out. A few moments later she sees that it was all a scam when the “baby” turns out to be an adult fox of a smaller kind named Finnick.

At the start of the film, Nick, who is voiced by Jason Bateman, is unlikable, as he does wrong by the heroine, Judy. His overall demeanor is sarcastic and a bit caustic. However, when Judy learns his backstory, she (and the audience) feels empathy for Nick. Raised by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, Nick desperately wanted to join the Junior Ranger Scouts. After his mother saved up the money to purchase a uniform for him, Nick joined. However, he boys did not want him since he was a predator. They muzzled Nick and from that point on, he viewed the world with a different lens. If the citizens of Zootopia saw him as a menace, then he would act accordingly.

As the movie progresses, Judy and he have their issues, but he realizes that Judy is not out to get him. He actually begins to help her on her quest to find tout where the missing animals who have “gone savage” are being taken. A pivotal scene near the film’s end nearly destroys their relationship, but the movie’s ending wraps things up nicely for both of them.

Nick Wilde Halloween Costume for Boys

This Disney Zootopia Nick Wilde costume for boys is now avialbe in many differnet sies. It is going to be popular for Halloween 2016.

Nick Wilde Costume for Boys from Anytime Costumes

Boys are going to love dressing of as the cunning and sly Nick Wilde. This is a two piece costume, with a jumpsuit and a headpiece. The top of the ensemble is a green shirt and tie that is just like Nick wears in the film, with pants that finish the look. There is also a faux fur tail that is on the back of the jumpsuit. The headpiece is Nick’s face with straps that come together at the chin. It can be pre-ordered now so it will be at your home for Halloween.

Cosplay Nick Wilde Costume for Men

Here is a Men's Cosplay Disney Zootopia Nick WIlde costume for Halloween. It comes in sizes Men's XSmall to XXLarge.

Men’s Cosplay Nick Wilde Costume from Amazon

Perfect for a Zootopia couple’s costume or just on your own, men can dress up like Nick with this ensemble. It comes with everything you see in sizes Men’s XSmall to XXLarge.

There are many different styles of Zootopia costumes for kids and adults available-there is even a Flash the Sloth mask! Make Halloween 2016 a fun one and dress up in one of these funny characters.


‘Zootopia’ Hops Past $1B Global Box Office; Disney’s 11th Time Over The Mark

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