Disney’s Elena of Avalor and Winter Coats and Accessories

Disney’s Elena of Avalor and Winter Coats and Accessories

My children have always loved having characters on all of their clothing. My older daughter was fond of Barbie, and her logo and likeness was emblazoned not only her clothing, but on her coat. Her favorite one was light pink with white faux fur, and on the upper left hand area in hot pink was written “Barbie”. With hat and gloves to match, she was so adorable! The only thing that she out-cuted herself in was her bright purple Barney raincoat with matching boots and umbrella.

My younger daughter was more fascinated with Disney princesses. Her favorite coat was made of denim and had pink sleeves. It was perfect for cool days and nights. It had several Disney princesses embroidered on the back, and she walked around in it like she was one of them! I do not know who was sadder when she outgrew it-her or me! The little girl we passed it down to also wore it to death, so I know that it was once again loved.

One of the most popular characters on Disney Junior today is Elena of Avalor. She made her debut on television over the summer, and the show has been a huge ratings success with its target audience. The characters charm both boys and girls, as the show has many likable characters for each gender, but it is clothing for girls that has made a big splash.

With winter upon us, here are some wonderful Elena of Avalor winter coats, accessories and outerwear for your little one to enjoy.

How to Pick the Perfect Winter Coat

Shopping for a winter coat is much different that shopping for a spring or fall jacket. Because the weather is much harsher, taking it off is not an option, unlike kids who remove their jackets after getting heated up on the playground or in the backyard.

The first thing to consider is that the coat has to be comfortable. Nothing itchy or tight will do, as you can imagine the struggles you will have getting out the door every time your child has to put it on. As a mother and a preschool teacher, I am a big fan of preventative measures!

The coat should permit the shoulders to move freely, even if the child is wearing a bulky sweater. The sleeves should also be the right length, as if they are too short the wrist will be exposed and if they are too long putting on gloves will present a challenge.

Disney Elena of Avalor winter jacket for girls can be personalized with your favorite girl's name.

Elena of Avalor Winter Jacket Available on Amazon

This bright red Elena of Avalor winter coat will stand out in contrast to the white snow! It has an applique of Elena and her signature flowers in the front. It snaps closed and has a fleece lining to keep your little one extra warm on cold winter days.

Coats for More Temperate Climates

Not everyone lives in a place where the winters are cold and harsh. There are plenty of areas in the country that are more comfortable in winter and require lighter jackets or hoodies.

This Elena of Avalor fleece jacket is for those who live in more temperate winter climates or can be used in the early spring when there is a chill in the air.

Elena of Avalor Fleece Jacket from Amazon

There is a lovely selection of raincoats and heavier jackets that little girls would love to wear to play outside and on their way to school.

More Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Coat

You also have to choose whether or not a hood is important. Some kids like hats and others do not. If a coat has a detachable hood, that is a great option as it can be used as needed. Pockets are also a wonderful feature to have, as gloves or mittens can be stored in them.

How long should a coat be? That depends on the taste of your child. Most boys coats are waist length, while girls have more style options. Long coats may inhibit play on the playground, as they will slow a child down when running around. However, they are great for outdoor play!

Most importantly, when it comes to children’s winter coats, it needs to be machine washable. Do you really want to schlep your child’s coat to the cleaners every time it gets dirty?

Disney Elena of Avalor Winter and Outdoor Wear

This Elena of Avalor hat and glove set will keep your little one warm outside.

This and Other Elena of Avalor Hat and Glove Sets Available on Amazon

As a preschool teacher, it is important for me to take my students out if the weather is above freezing. Kids need to run outside and get out their energy, especially since most parents are not going to go out in the cold to play with their child. Therefore, dressing a child for the weather becomes even more important as the temperature begins to drop. Even if it is for ten minutes, my colleague and I will take our four year olds out on the playground. They only complain to us if they are not dressed properly, i.e, they forgot their gloves or a hat.

Girls will be delighted wearing this pink Elena of Avalor winter hat, gloves and scarf.

Elena of Avalor Pink Winter Accessory Set from Amazon

Accessories are important to finishing your look, whether you are three or ninety-three! Here are some Disney Elena of Avalor inspired styles that your child will adore. If she is prone to losing hats and mittens, buy two sets and save yourself some tears and aggravation!

Should You Buy Winter Coats in Advance?

One way many parents love to save money is to buy items a size larger than they need to be. They figure that they will get two winters use of it a coat instead of one, so by averaging it out, they will save. However, a child’s growth is unpredictable, and your son or daughter just may have a growth spurt that will send you back to the store the next winter anyway. Let your kids be comfortable and buy them the appropriate size.

This same theory also holds true for buying coats off season. When the air starts to get warmer, the sales on the clearance rack tend to get hotter as stores need to get rid of old merchandise in favor of new. You can buy a coat the next size up, but who is to say your child will favor that style next year? If s/he does not, then you will have arguments about wearing it. As I said before, being preventative is the best option!

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