Disney’s PJ Masks Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Disney’s PJ Masks Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Planning a birthday party for your child can cause major stress for some women. For some, there is mompetition and making sure everything is perfect. After searching Pinterest for just the right decorations and favors to fit the them their child has selected, they fret over the most minute detail. After all, the photos are going to be posted to Instagram and Facebook, so more than just the invited guests are going to see all of the fabulousness that was planned.

It really does not have to be that hard. While Pinterest is fantastic for all kinds of party planning, the bottom line is that mothers need to take a step back and remember the audience-their children’s friends. If the party is for a set of preschoolers who love the show PJ Masks, then planning is easy since there is so much available for a superhero theme.

A part of every child’s birthday party is singing “Happy Birthday” and blowing out the candles. Then it is time for cake! If your child has selected the new Disney Junior PJ Masks as the theme, then here are some cool and child friendly PJ Masks cake and cupcake ideas that are easy to implement and will not cause mommy stress over a ninety minute celebration for your child.

Why Serve Birthday Cake

If you ask an child or adult, the vast majority could probably remember one or more of the birthday cakes that were served at their parties. Large sheets of vanilla or chocolate covered in a sweet buttercream icing, piped with your name and age in colorful gel at the top…that is a once a year treat. Picking out the flavor and the color of the icing and writing put you in charge of this part of the party.

Then there is the pivotal moment when the lights go out, the room gets dark, and the candles are lit. All eyes are on the birthday child as s/he is serenaded to the classic birthday song. Then the moment arrives…make a wish and blow them all out! A cake can hold as many candles as a child’s age. How exciting to see all of them lit with an extra for good luck.

Of course, the birthday boy or girl gets to be served the very first slice of cake with whatever part is wanted. That is one of the most special parts of the day-you get to choose the exact slice that you want.

If you are a baker, it is easy to create your own PJ Masks birthday cake. In fact, create an even more special memory with your child and bake the cake together. There is a huge sense of pride that children feel when they do something that “big kids” can do. And they also get to lick the spoon!

This PJ Mask cake topper, which is also available in blue, can be customized with any message. Perfect for your superhero party!

Photo from Amazon

When the cake is iced and cool, apply this Disney PJ Masks birthday cake topper to it. The sheet also comes in blue and is completely edible. It can be customized to say anything you want, so your child’s name and age can be placed on it as well. This is an easy way to add the superhero theme to your party.

If you are not a baker, then a plain store bought sheet cake will also work with this topper.

If your want to bake a layered cake, then here is a fun idea. Bake three round cakes and then ice each one in the colors of Owlette, Gekko and Catboy-red, green and blue. You can use a tiered set of pans with each cake being smaller as it goes up or they can all be the same size.

Want to surprise your guests? Then make a vanilla cake and then dye each layer with red, blue or green coloring. It will look really cool as you cut each slice. Frost the outside in white and use colored gel to write the birthday message.

This set of Wilton layered pans is perfect for making any themed birthday cake for your child. If you are hosting a PJ Masks themed celebration, ice each layer in a different color to represent each character.

Photo from Amazon

This is the Perfect Performance Round Cake Pan Set is from Wilton, a name that has been trusted by home bakers for decades. It comes with three pans-a 4 inch, a 6 inch and an 8 inch round with a 56 ounce capacity. It is non-stick and dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze.

Why Serve Cupcakes

While birthday cakes are special, there are a few good arguments as to why party moms should serve cupcakes. First of all, cupcakes are kid friendly. They are the right portion size and can also be served with a fork if a child wants to use one. Cupcakes are also uniform in size, so there is no whining about who got a bigger piece or who got the most icing on their slice. Whether store bought or made at home, you can make the cupcakes look the same.

While cakes can be baked with two flavors, cupcakes can be made in more varieties. This can help cater to guests who have a very special preference and do not want their flavors touching ( a real issue with some children and adults).These PJ Masks cupcake toppers turn an ordinary cupcake into a fun themed on for your party.

As with the cake, you can ice the cupcakes in the show’s three main colors. Both store made and homemade cupcakes can be made into the party theme with these PJ Masks cupcake toppers.

Superhero sprinkles for your PJ Masks cake or cupcakes.

Photo from Amazon

To add some flare to homemade cupcakes with toppers, you can use these superhero sprinkles to make the icing “pop”. Bake them in rainbow themed liners to add even more color.

While it is not a big dilemma in the grand scheme of life, for the party mom, is is an important decision that needs to be made.

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