Disney’s PJ Masks Party Favors

Disney’s PJ Masks Party Favors

The Disney Channel’s Disney Junior lineup has a brand new bona fide hit on its hands. The program that has been enchanting preschoolers since it premiered this September is entitled PJ Masks. I know for a fact that this program has found its core audience, since during free play in the four year old pre-kindergarten room where I teach, both boys and girls get together and pretend that they are these problem-solving elementary school students (who are, according to the four year olds, “big kids”).

The Origins of PJ Masks

Disney did not create the characters of Owlette, Gecko and Catboy. The show is based on a popular French children’s book series, written by Romulad Racioppo. The first book was published in 2008, and presently the series includes 15 different titles. Two new titles are scheduled to be released this year.

PJ Masks is quite a collaborative effort.  It is produced by eOne, the company that created Peppa Pig, along with Frog Box. Also part of the creative team is the award-winning French animation studio TeamTO, Disney Junior and France 5. This is quite an effort to produce a computer generated animated series for children ages 2-7!

The Characters

There are three protagonists who lead the action in the series. By day, the trio is a group of six year olds who go to school and do ordinary things that a child this age would do. At night, they don they PJ’s and masks and fight crime and the bad guys who are performing evil deeds.

Amaya is the lone female, and she transforms into Owlette, who wears red. Greg is the green superhero Gekko, and he is also the youngest of the trio. Rounding out the group is Connor, who goes by the moniker of Catboy when dressed in his PJ’s.

Once again, Disney uses the theme of teamwork, friendship and cooperation to teach its young audience valuable life lessons, all while being entertaining. With a great musical score, action sequences, cool vehicles and characters who possess superpowers that are used for good, this show has lit up the imaginations of the audience that watches it.

Superheroes need a villain or foil, and the PJ Masks gang has a few. To date, their antagonists have been the same age as they are. Their names are: Luna Girl, Night Nina, Ninjalinos and Romeo.  For the record, Romeo does know who they are in real life, a secret that cannot be told.

With strong ratings, this show is sure to continue for the next several years. Because popular shows lead to children wanting parties with the same theme, parents are going to want to have items to tie into the festivities, and that includes party favors.

PJ Masks Party Favors

While there are plenty of parents who love to hand out party favors, there is a growing group of moms who have decided that enough is enough-no more end of party gifts.  Some have chosen not to hand out favors in an effort to make party planning a bit more simple-one less thing to buy and plan. Others have decided to buck the trend because they are tired of cheap plastic toys that break within minutes of use, usually creating tears for the child who was playing with it.

Another group of moms believes that the focus should be on the birthday child, and giving a gift to a guest just muddies the waters of just what the children are celebrating. After all, it is not the guests’ birthday! 

Other moms have decided to remove themselves from the mompetition that occurs with children’s birthday parties. Tired of trying to outdo or keep up with the others, these moms have decided to walk away and not give anything to party guests. Either a craft done at the party is the favor, or the pretty cupcake is boxed up and sent home to eat.

Party favors do not have to be cheap or useless items that break easily.  There are plenty of party favors that will make parents smile. Here are a few that would make great gift for your child’s PJ Masks themed party.

PJ Masks Party Favors

This is a set of 15 bottle cap necklace featuring the likenesses of the PJ Masks characters. This makes a great party favor!

Photo from Amazon

This is a set of 15 bottle cap necklaces featuring Owlette, Catboy and Gecko. It comes with a 22 inch metal chain for each one. Kids will adore wearing these, and they take up relatively little space.  You can find them here on Amazon along with many other favors and party supplies.

These masks can be made at your PJ Mask themed party and then used as the favor. It comes in a set of 12.

Photo from Amazon

Do you want a fun activity for the kids to do at the party? This is a set of 12 color your own masks, which fits in perfectly with the theme. Your guests will enjoy coloring them in and the adult helpers can string in the elastic, which is included. These can be found on Amazon.

Disney's PJ Masks are a group of superheroes. This party favor party pack would make a great goody bag for a PJ Masks themed party.

Photo from Amazon


If you are searching for an all-in-one party favor pack, then here is one that will fit the theme. It includes everything in photo, enough for 12 guests. This is available from Amazon.

There are other fun PJ Masks party favors available. Frisbees, bubbles and Play Doh containers also make fun and practical parting gifts. You can find PJ Masks party favors here.


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