Doctor Who Lego Weeping Angels Sets

Doctor Who Lego Weeping Angels Sets

Don’t blink! Or the creepy Weeping Angel will send you back in time with these Doctor Who construction brick sets. Time of Angels is a play set based on one of the creepiest and scariest Dr Who monsters or aliens ever created. These statue figures will swiftly creep up on you ‘in the blink of an eye’ when you’re not watching. And then they’ll zap you off into the past to lead a long and lonely existence away from everything you know and love.

The Doctor Who Weeping Angels Lego Compatible Set

Time of Angels Set – Note Dr and Amy are Sold Separately

Where to Get Your Hands on This Set! America/USA Readers: By clicking on the link above, you can view all the product details and information over on Amazon.

UK Readers: View it Here

The worst feature about this set is that it shows the Bow Ties are Cool Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, and his companion Amy Pond on the front of the product box even though they are not actually included in this set. For us, this was not a problem, as we’d already bought the Tardis set with Amy and The Doctor figures anyway. But it is a little misleading if you buy this without reading it carefully first. You just get the one micro or mini figure which is a Weeping Angel. You only get one Weeping Angel figure with this set so why not add on a whole army to play with as well – shown below.

Doctor Who Matt Smith and Amy Pond with Tardis Lego Compatible Set

Tardis, Dr and Amy Pond Figure Set

Amy Pond and the 13th Doctor, Matt Smith are available as minifigures in this very cool mini Tardis set.

Review of Time of Angels

My daughter loves this set because it contains a favorite creepy character and because it looks good on display along with her other collectible items. I think it is a much better set for display since it doesn’t do much on its own – you just get a themed scene with the figure. Of course, if you are buying other brick sets to go along with it (the Tardis shown above is a cute little one and you get the ‘Bow Ties are Cool’ Doctor too) or other figures like the army of Angels, then it becomes a lot better and has more potential play value.

The bricks are not actual Legos at all, but they are compatible with that range. They are made by Character Building who are licensed to make and sell these cool construction and play toys. What you need to expect is that these are not nearly as good in terms of quality – however kids are generally not bothered by this and it’s the only way of getting these items anyway.

Doctor Who Character Building Weeping Angel Army Builder Pack

An Evil Army of Weeping Angel Minifigures

These creepy aliens first turned up with the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant and his companion Martha Jones. This was in the episode called ‘Blink’ where we also had The Doctor giving his famed Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey speech. And it the episode also had the brilliant actress, Carey Mulligan, as a main character. So we think it’s a very good watch. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my goody guide page today, thanks for your visit. See more below:

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