Dr. Nefario Costume Ideas

Dr. Nefario Costume Ideas

Of all the characters in the Despicable Me franchise, the one I simply adore is Dr. Nefario. Voiced by the incredibly talented Russell Brand, he literally steals every scene that he is in, even when those adorable minions are present! Even though I have watched Despicable Me and it’s sequel dozens of time, my kids just look at me when I crack up at the scenes in which he is present. Dr. Nefario just puts me in a good mood!

Why do I enjoy this character so much?

As I mentioned previously, he makes me laugh. You can keep your tearjerker movies, thank you very much. When I watch a film, I want to laugh until tears are running down my cheeks.

The typical mad scientist, Dr. Nefario has a brilliant mind. He can create so many different things, even if he has misheard Gru. You see, he has trouble hearing and the results of his inventions are somewhat hilarious. For example, Gru wanted him to make “cookie robots”, but instead he made “boogie robots”.

I know that I am not alone with adoring the evil doctor. Many children and adults will want to dress like him for Halloween, so here are some ideas on how to put together your own Dr. Nefario costume.

Who is Dr. Nefario?

Sometimes appearances are deceiving. When we are first introduced to Gru and Dr. Nefario in the original Despicable Me film, we are led to believe that they are purely evil geniuses who only want to do bad things. After all, they want to steal the moon and become the greatest super-villains of all time. It is not long before Gru’s heart is overtaken by his love for the three girls he adopts-Margo, Edith and Agnes. But Dr. Nefario does not see them as people to love, but as obstacles to their grand plan. They have worked long and hard on their project, and Dr Nefario has spent countless hours creating gadgets that will help them achieve their goal. He is the brains behind the inventions.

However, in the second film, Dr. Nefario has a great change of heart as he tries to adapt to a life without being evil. He works with Gru to make jelly that tastes absolutely awful. Missing the excitement of his former life of crime, he leaves Gru and the girls to work for another evil character.

By the end of Despicable Me 2, Dr. Nefario realizes the error of his ways. He clearly loves the girls, and turns the tables on El Macho, for whom he briefly has an employment stint. Movie goers even find him dancing with Gru’s mother at Lucy and Gru’s wedding (and he look very happy while he is doing so. Another love match in the making?). Perhaps Dr. Nefario was just waiting for the right people to come along and make his life a happy one.

He Doesn’t Hear Too Well

Dr. Nefario has a lack of hearing issue due to his age, and he is also a bit forgetful. Here are some funny moments due to his age related issues. If you want to laugh out loud, just look at the video of the “dart gun” he created and what happens to the minion assistant when he sets it off. Classic!

Here is How to Put Your Dr. Nefario Costume Together

These accessories will create the perfect Dr. Nefario costume. Dark pants or jeans and sneakers are all you need for the bottom. Wear a yellow tee shirt underneath.These two items do not define his look, it is the following accessories that do.

Lab Coat

Because he is a scientist, he wears a lab coat to protect his clothing.

Bald Head

Dr. Nefario is bald, so unless you want to shave your head, you will be wanting to wear a bald cap like this one on top of your head.

Be sure to get some cotton and stretch it out so you can get his signature hairstyle. To make the hair, take cotton balls and pull them apart. When you hve enough, hot glue or super glue them down on top of the bald cap.


The Black Gloves

Another thing that Dr. Nefario can always be seen wearing are his long, black gloves. This protects him from any accidents that may happen in the lab as he is working.

Why is Dr. Nefario So Funny?

It takes a great actor to make a cartoon character become more three dimensional. Russell Brand, the voice behind Dr. Nefario, makes this character a breakout one. The mad scientist is voiced by a mad comic!

The subtleties of his dialog, combined with he fact that his hearing issues make for big mistakes, has Brand stealing every scene that he is in. He wants to say a quick good-bye, but is so slow that it takes forever. He is often seen with a scowl on his face, but he produces so many laughs. He is a walking oxymoron!


Dr. Nefario Costume for Kids

Just because Dr. Nefario is a grown up, it doesn’t mean that the kids can’t dress up like him, too! Lab coats come in children’s sizes and the rest can be made to fit your child. Don’t forget to add the fart gun!

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