Dragonfly Mugs for Coffee-Loving Gardeners

Dragonflies are one of the loveliest sights in the garden, and one of the most beneficial of Nature’s flying creatures. What better motif for a gardener’s coffee break than a decorative dragonfly mug?

In this prosaic world, dragonflies are as close as we’ll come to seeing fairies in the garden. With their long slim stick-like bodies and two sets of delicate filigree wings, irridescent in the sunshine, the dainty damsels are beautiful to see as they dart gracefully from leaf to flower, plant to plant – as busy as the gardener herself.

Small Mug with Dragonfly Pattern in Seamist

Small Mug with Dragonfly Pattern from Always Azul Pottery, via Amazon

The contrast of the delicate tracery of the dragonflies’ wings plays well with the traditional generous curves of a hand-warming stoneware mug, made in America.

Small Ceramic Dragonfly Mug

The lovely 10-ounce dragonfly coffee mug with an earth-toned lead-free glaze,  handmade by Always Azul Pottery, just begs to be filled with your favorite coffee or tea and taken out for a meditative stroll around the garden.

In the idyllic setting of Villa Grove, Colorado, USA, Alan Azul and his wife/partner Diane create and sell their distinctive handmade pottery, of which this dragonfly mug is just one very popular example – all  dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  As well, the couple runs a bed-and-breakfast and pottery retreat program for would-be artisans, no experience required!

Cute dragonfly with abstract swirls chic pearls couple mugs

Dragonfly Couple Mugs for Lovers, design by _Angelique_, via Zazzle

Whimsical Art Dragonfly Mugs for Couples

American indie artist _Angelique_ has created a dragonfly an abstract fantasy in turqoise, green, blue and soft golden tones, here chosen to decorate a set of nesting “lovers cups” that create an instant mood of light-hearted romance. She calls the style of these whimsical dragonflies “modern art deco” but we’ll simply call it “delightful.”

When you look first at the pair of white ceramic mugs, photoprinted in full color with this original artwork, you’ll notice the unique heart-shaped handles, angled so they’re easy to grip – the usability is as important as the design, here!

Look closer, however, and you’ll see the two mugs are not quite a matching pair. One is a regular cyclindrical mug shape, just as usual, but the other has a graceful inward curve on the side away from the handle – the two are made to nestle together. When it comes to custom photoprinted mugs (many of which can also be personalized), it’s hard to find a greater variety or more original pieces than in the international online shops of Zazzle.com and this set is no exception. Pretty dragonflies on a sweetly romantic pair of mugs make a unique display in your china cabinet or tea table, lifting your spirits as the artwork delights the eye.

Ceramic Pottery Mug with Blue Dragonfly and Spoon

Ceramic Pottery Mug with Blue Dragonfly and Spoon from Mug Heaven Handcrafted Pottery, via Amazon

Ash Glaze Ceramic Dragonfly Mugs with Spoons

In quite a different style, here is a truly unique dragonfly coffee mug – equally suitable for use as a tea mug, especially if you enjoy a spoonful of honey in your brew – that comes with it’s own spoon!

This hand-painted mug with its distinctive textured ash glaze is another Azul design, handmade in America and available in a set of four by way of Amazon.com from Mug Heaven Handcrafted Pottery of North Carolina, USA. The mugs are slip cast by hand from the original artist’s design, and finished by hand with lead-free glaze.

The matching spoon fits into a slot in the mug handle, so you’re not always looking for somewhere to  lay it down after you’ve stirred your beverage. That’s just clever.

The  bright blue color of the 14-ounce mug shown here is my first choice, but the same botanical-style dragonfly design is also available on mugs of rich tones of ochre-yellow, deep red, or a light but earthy sage green, if those colors are a better match for your kitchen decor and your personal taste.

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dragonfly-wingsDragonflies are one of the hard-working beauties of the beneficial insect world, beloved of gardeners, and a key naturalistic motifs of the Art Nouveau movement.

To rest at a patio table in the morning sun, then, sipping a restorative cup of coffee from a dragonfly mug crafted with love and care – or to wind down a summer afternoon with a dragonfly mug of tea, under the sheltering shade of a flowering arbor – these moments are surely among the great rewards of tending your own little patch of Heaven. A dragonfly is a welcome gardener’s gift in any guise.



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