Easter Birthday Party Decorations and Supplies

Have an especially cute kid’s spring season birthday with an Easter themed party occasion. This choice of event can be so much fun. Children of all ages (and adults I might add) love to hunt out some super shiny wrapped eggs and chocolate bunnies. If the weather is nice, this makes for a pretty good game outdoors in the garden.

There are many of the usual party games that you can adapt to an Easter theme. You can have musical chairs which is more of a musical bunny hop and instead of the standard pin a tail on the donkey, you can pin a large cotton ball tail on to a bunny picture instead. For craft games and activities, eggs can be painted and decorated, baskets can be made and straw bonnet hats can be adorned with the latest fashions.

There are lots of ideas with an themed springtime birthday to turn it into one that kids can remember and look back on fondly for a very long time. So come and see a thoughtful and considered selection of themed supplies and decorations on this handy Easter party page.

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My Own Pet Balloons Pink Bunny Rabbit

Get a Pink Bunny Rabbit Balloon

Here’s a adorable looking pink bunny rabbit, weighted balloon that could be perfect for your themed birthday celebration – they come in other color choices too. This unique balloon pet can apparently stand on its feet due to being weighted in a certain way and it is also re-fillable too so it can be used for more play adventures with another top up of helium once the party is over.

As well as bunny balloons, I’ve seen some yellow duck faces which look bright and fun decorations, especially for young kids. Polka dots with spring themed colors in shades of green, yellow and lilac can work very well for this occasion. Balloons can make great decorations for any party. I like to mix up a few big and detailed balloons with lots of plain color and inexpensive ones which helps to keep the overall costs down.

Easter Yard Decorations - FLAT Hanging Easter Eggs

Flat Hanging Egg Decorations

I know from (bitter!) experience that it can be a really good idea to get younger kids especially outside if you can. Younger kids seem to have a lot more energy at parties and having a nice expanse of back yard for them to race around in can be really beneficial for both them and for you!

I love the look of these hanging bright Easter eggs that can hang indoors or even outdoors because they are made from a weather resistant plastic. These should add to your theme nicely. Get the kids hunting for those hidden treasures and treats or doing some fun egg and spoon races outdoors if you can.

There are plenty of sweet decorations that you can opt for with your chosen party theme. Eggs, bunnies, ducklings, crosses and spring flowers and insects are themes that you can easily use. Look for items in pastel shades of pink, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange and patterns such as polka dots and gingham stripes which are often used for spring parties and events.

Easter Egg Lantern Decorations

Spring Lantern Decorations

These are pretty looking lantern decorations that you can hang up indoors. These are paper based lanterns and you could hang them up temporarily outside on a fine day for a celebration. Perhaps hang them from a tree or over a party table to create a bit of a focal point for the occasion. You can reuse these if you are careful by collapsing them back down when you are finished with them. Save them that way for next year too.

Easter Cutouts Decorations with Bunny Rabbits, Ducks and Egg Motifs

Easter Themed Cutout Decorations

Cutouts are a fun way to add to a theme quickly for a celebration and I like these traditional looking ones with the bunny rabbits, ducks and eggs.

There are lots of fun paper party cups and plates that you can get as supplies to buy and ideal for a party. Look for plates and cups which feature colorful designs of eggs, flowers and bees in lots of pastel colors that will be easy to match up with other pastel and springtime party supplies and decor for your birthday event.

Gingham is a striped pattern that is often associated with this time of year. You can get hold of many gingham supplies such as napkins and table covers in pastel and springtime shades like yellow. Gingham is a pattern that can easily be matched up with other partyware such as plates, napkins and decorations too. So it’s a good design to opt for with your party. There are plenty of colors to pick from that you can use to co-ordinate with your other party supplies and decor.

DIY Projects Perfect for Easter Parties:

10 Brilliant Butterfly Crafts to Make

Make a Felt Pennant Banner Ideal for Birthdays

spring butterfly felt fabric pennant banner

Making your own pennant party banner in springtime shades for your birthday party event, isn’t that hard to do. I made this pastel color set for my daughter’s playroom from felt and fabric which is stitched together. I took time to stitch this wall decor because I wanted it to last for a long time.

However, for a birthday party, you could simply make one using some string and colored sheets of pastel cardstock instead. Use pastel card for the larger triangles and then glue smaller triangles of patterned scrapbook papers (try gingham or polka dots) on top to achieve a gorgeous effect at a very low cost. Butterflies make an especially sweet theme for a girl’s birthday party at around Easter time. My daughter adores anything with a butterfly theme. So if you enjoy making and crafting, I’d give some handmade projects a go because they can be a lot of fun.

Easter birthday invitations can sometimes be difficult to find. You can purchase some general egg hunt invites but birthday themed ones are much harder to get hold of. You can search on a site called Zazzle for custom designs and order them online in a quantity to suit. They have a great selection. Have a fun celebration!

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