Easter Party Decorations and Fun Supplies

Here’s a really sweet Springtime selection of some cute party decorations for those egg-stra fun Easter celebrations and egg hunt eggstravaganzas! There are a number of ideas here that you can use for your themed decor for your own specific occasion or event. Look out for motifs and symbols that include colorful eggs, bunny rabbits, little chicks, sweet ducklings and other spring themed animals and nature such as little lambs, butterflies and bees. And of course the Christian cross as well because this is an occasion that is traditionally steeped in religion throughout our history.

Get ideas and inspiration here and also use this page to select what you need for your table party decor and centerpieces, wall decor and hanging decorations. Polka dot patterns and gingham stripes in pastel candy shades and springtime colors make ideal choices to use along with all the traditional designs and themes already on offer. Come and take a look at this themed party selection.

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Using Balloons as Easter Party Decor

How about making some decorative centerpieces from polka dot or Easter themed balloons. Tie a bunch of these balloons together and weight them down in the middle of a table. These balloons come in a great assortment of colors for a spring party.

You can inflate balloons with helium so that they float, that way you can tie a nice bunch together with colored curling ribbon and weight them down to create some cute and low-budget table centerpieces. You can also tie these balloons to the backs of chairs and use them as fun and novelty table decor around the room for your themed celebration. Any pastel colors should look great but polka dots are an especially cute design that works for this occasion.

Silk Petals Make Pretty Table Tops

Party Favor Centerpiece Decoration Silk Rose Flower Petals

Silk Petals in Orange

Silk petals can make for lovely looking and rather special table decor. They are frequently used for weddings but also other occasion events where you want the decorations to look pretty and also grown-up too. These particular ones come in many different color choices – I especially like the orange color shown here. Good choices for Easter might be yellow, orange, spring greens, pinks and sky blues.

Silk petals can last much longer than the real thing, they do not brown or tear easily and make great table decor for all kinds of functions and not just your typical weddings. Choose pastel springtime colors such as lavender, rose pink, buttercup yellow and periwinkle blue to decorate different tables or stick to a single color choice for each place you wish to sprinkle them. The petals can be matched in with the tableware and other decorations for your occasion or party.

Hanging Tissue Paper Pom Poms

 White Pink Tissue Paper Hanging Pom Poms Party Decorations

Get these Tissue Paper Pom Poms

You can find wonderful looking tissue paper pom poms in all kinds of colors for your event. These look so pretty hanging up and I’ve used them for many an occasion. You can alternatively just buy the tissue paper sheets and craft your own from scratch. These ones here are sold in pre-folded strips that you then need to “fluff” up to make your final decoration.

See How to Make Your Own DIY Paper Pom Poms

There are all kinds of decorations that you can make easily yourself from paper including large fans, banners, cut-outs, posters and more. It is worth looking into if you have plenty of time to work on the event yourself – and you can save a lot of money and expense too.

Unique Ice Sculpture Centerpiece Idea

For Easter weddings and spring birthday parties where you want to add something unique as a centerpiece for your table decor, how about this great idea to use a reusable ice mold to make your own ice sculptures. Look for a rabbit or bunny design and think about making more than one ice design in advance and storing them in your freezer ahead of the big event in plastic bags. A plain iced sculpture looks great or how about using some colored water in the mold to make your sculpture really stand out!

If you can find one, think about having an ice bunny sculpted centerpiece for this occasion. You can look for a large, reusable ice mold to make perfect Easter bunnies and other characters from ice! Since these can sometimes be a little hard to find, an easier centerpiece idea is to get hold of a large inflatable decoration for the event instead.

Easter Cut-Out Designs for Walls

Traditional Easter Cutouts with Bunny Rabbits, Eggs and Ducks

Buy these Colorful Easter Cutouts

Blank walls can quite easily and quickly be livened up with your chosen theme by applying some cutouts like these traditional looking ones above or applying some wall decal stickers. There are plenty of cutouts and decals to choose from on Amazon and many other places including eBay. Whether you want a traditional and a religious scene or a modern print featuring eggs, bunnies, flowers, baskets and other designs. In many color and size choices. You can decorate walls with posters, decal stickers which come on and off, cardboard cutouts, garlands, banners, streamers and more.

Hanging Decorations for the Occasion

Easter Egg Lantern Decorations

Get this Hanging Paper Lantern Set

Easter egg lanterns are decorations that can be immediately associated with this celebration. This is a set of 3 hanging paper lanterns. Paper lanterns can make pretty party decor for any event. Hang them around the room in straight lines which can look good when placed over the head of long, rectangular tables or hang them up in clusters over individual party tables. Or you can just position these in one prominent area where you want the attention to be directed to.

Other hanging decorations you can look for and also make yourself include paper fans, fluffy pom pom balls, garlands, streamers, spiral whirls and more. Look for pastel colors that work with your Easter party theme. Here’s to you having a great event!

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