Elena of Avalor Bedroom Ideas

Elena of Avalor Bedroom Ideas

After along hard day of dealing with work, kids and life in general, many adults like to retreat to their bedrooms and relax. Laying in bed reading a book, playing a game on their computer or Kindle, watching a favorite program, or just chatting on the the phone with a faraway friend or loved one are just some of the ways people like to unwind in their private space.

Children are not any different from adults. Although parents may send them to their rooms as a punishment to “think about” whatever wrong they have done, a young person’s bedroom is also a sanctuary for them as well. In order for a child to have a sense of safety and security, a bedroom should be a place that brings comfort. It should be a space where children can go at anytime to to regroup or escape. Their bedroom should have a place not just to lie down, but to sit and read books. It should be a place of warmth (throw rugs or carpet) and a place that has the necessary tools for kids to be organized. Books on a bookshelf, a desk to do homework with drawers of supplies that are needs, proper lighting, and storage shelves that are on their level will bring a sense of unity to the room.

A child’s bedroom should reflect the personality of the child. Unlike adults, who do not redecorate their bedrooms on a frequent basis, many parents will redo their children’s rooms based on a child’s favorite character, film, musical group, or television program of the moment.

There are many easy options for parents for use to update their child’s bedroom. It is not costly to add a few fun accessories or a new comforter or sheets and create a place where you child will happily play as well as sleep through the night.

Elena of Avalor is a Popular Theme

This summer, Disney introduced to the world a brand new teenage princess, Elena of Avalor. She is different from others since she is Latina, a first for the royal lineup of princesses. Like most Disney lead characters, she has parents who are deceased. This however, does not deter Elena from accomplishing her goals. After breaking the spell that the evil sorceress Shuriki placed her under, she returns to her kingdom Avalor to take her place as the Queen. However, since she is still a teenager with no experience ruling a kingdom, she is learning the ropes with the assistance of her Grand Council.

The Grand Council is made up of family, like her grandfather, as well as advisors and commoner friends. Elena uses her intuition and their advice to learn how to become the best future queen she can be.

Also included in her family is her younger sister, Isabel, and her grandmother. Both are there to guide and inspire Elena as she learns the royal ropes.

This Disney Junior series has quickly become one of the most popular on the network since its debut. Disney knows a winner, and when it does, the company puts out merchandise that kids will clamor for. Elena of Avalor bedding and bedroom accessories are now available for your daughter or granddaughter’s room.

Elena of Avalor Bedding Comforter Set

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed. This is what captures a person’s eye as soon as s/he walks in the room. The bed itself should be comfortable and easy for a child to climb into.

This Disney Elena of Avalor comforter set comes with the comforter, a sham, a pillowcase and a fitted and flat sheet.

Elena of Avalor Comforter Set from Amazon

This Elena of Avalor comforter sets comes with so many wonderful items. First, the comforter is available in both twin and full size. It features Elena flying on her magical friend, Skylar, on a background of blue with multi-colored swirl accents. Also included is a sham, a pillow case, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. Some of the sets even include a throw pillow as well.

Elena of Avalor Wall Stickers

In my opinion, are one of the best innovations in the home improvement arena. Instead of wallpaper or border that a child will eventually outgrow as they age, wall stickers are an inexpensive answer to the ever changing tastes of children. Unlike its permanent predecessors that were laborious to remove and damaged the surface of the wall, these decals do not. Just peel off the backing and place on the wall. They can be smoothed out and moved to another place if a child wants changes her mind as to how she wants it to look.

This set of Elena of Avalor wall stickers are one of three different packages that are available. They are an inexpensive way to brighten up the walls of a little girl's bedroom.

Elena of Avalor Wall Decals from Amazon

This set of wall decals comes with everything you see here. You can place them all in one collage like in the picture or you can space them in different places around the room. There are two other sets of Elena of Avalor wall sticker packages available.

Every Bedroom Needs a Lamp

Lighting is an essential part of every bedroom. While an overhead light to brighten up the space is important, so is a lamp. The smaller light sits on a nightstand and can easily be turned on an off by a child.

This Elena of Avalor lamp is one of six different designs.

Lamp Available from Zazzle

This lamp is one of six different designs available on Zazzle. The shades come in different colors and also feature Elena in different poses and one with her sister, Isabel, is also available. They can be customized with text as well. Lamps can also be purchased in different styles. If you are only interested in the lamp shade, that can be bought separately.

For children who are afarid of the dark, this Elena of Avalor night light will light up her bedroom at night.

Night Light Available from Zazzle

Children do have fears of the dark, and one way to overcome that is with a night light. There are seven different designs available and all can be customized.

Creating the perfect bedroom space for your child is easy. Using these Elena of Avalor bedroom ideas will turn your daughter’s room into one she will love to live in.

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