Elena of Avalor Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women

Elena of Avalor Halloween Costumes for Girls and Women

This summer, The Disney Channel is premiering a brand new show for its Disney Junior lineup. While not every program it creates for the channel is a smash hit, this new one has all the makings of a success.

Created by Craig Gerber, the man who brought the popular Disney Junior program Sofia the First back in 2012, has brought a new princess to life to enchant girls between the ages of 2 and 10. There are also some strong male characters to entice boys to watch the show as well.

Her name is Elena of Avalor.

There was much controversy back in 2012 when Disney released Sofia the First, as she was reported to be the first Latina princess. However, her appearance was nothing like her mother, Queen Miranda, who was darker competed than her young daughter. Sofia, with her fair skin and light hair and eyes, resembled her Scandinavian father, who had died. Disney backtracked their comment. While that storm passed, critics were still waiting for a princess to whom their daughters could look up to and relate. They now have it with Elena of Avalor.

The cast of the computer generated animated program that envelops different Latino cultures is Hispanic. Disney, who does extensive research as it creates its programming, hired cultural advisors to insure that every aspect is represented authentically. The music created for the program will be a mixture of different Latin styles, and the stories will have elements of Hispanic and latin traditions.

Voicing Elena is newcomer Aimee Carrero. Others in the cast include Jenna Ortega as younger sister Isabel, Yvette Nicole Brown as Luna, Chris Parnell as Migs, Emiliano Diez as Francisco and Carlos Alazraqui as Skylar.

What is the Plot of This New Show?

For her quinceanera, an important coming of age celebration in the Mexican culture that takes place on a girl’s fifteenth birthday, Elena is given a magical amulet by her parents.

When she is sixteen, the evil sorceress Shuriki  comes to the kingdom of Avalor, kills Elena’s parents  (although it says “attacked” in the opening credits) and overtakes the kingdom. Elena tries to protect them and confronts Shuriki. Seeing what is happening, the Royal Sorcerer places Elena’s younger sister Isabel and their grandparents in an enchanted painting. To protect Elena, she is magically pulled inside the Amulet of Avalor. She stays there for 41 years until she is released (which will be an upcoming episode of Sofia the First).

In the first episode, entitled “First Day of Rule”, viewers get to meet the characters who are a part of Elena’s life. She is all set to become Queen of Avalor, but being only sixteen (even though technically she is 57 due to being trapped in her amulet for forty-one years), the rules of the kingdom state that she is too young to rule. Elena sets out to prove her grandfather and cousin wrong.

We are introduced to Naomi, a commoner with a lot of leadership potential. Matteo is a friend of Naomi’s who is a Wizard in training. The Jacquins are flying cat like creatures who are friends of Elena and are proud that they are a part of the flag of Avalor. Zuzo is a mystical creature who guides Elena and is part of the spirit world.

By then end of the first episode, the confident Princess Elena realizes that she does, indeed, have a lot to learn about being a good Queen. So she makes her first royal decision by deciding to become a Crown Princess and train to be queen. She appoints a Grand Council to help her, and they are her grandparents, her older cousin Esteban and her best friend, Naomi.

Girls are going to love dressing as their new favorite heroine who is determined and independent with a mind of her own.

Elena of Avalor Deluxe Royal Ball Gown

This Elena of Avalor Deluxe Ballgown costume is gorgeous. It comes in many different sizes.

Available on Amazon

This ball gown is absolutely stunning. The red color that Elena wears is a departure from the typical pastels that Disney princesses typically wear. It has a satin like overlay with a tulle petticoat. It is dotted with purple flowers and has a tight bodice. The back has a giant bow around the waist. This Elena of Avalor costume is available in sizes 3T to 7/8.

Elena of Avalor Classic Costume

This Elena of Avalor costume is her everyday outfit that she wears. It comes in several different sizes.

Available on Amazon

A girl cannot learn how to be queen and learn a bunch of royal lessons if she is wearing a ball gown! Here is Elena’s everyday adventure dress and it is perfect for Halloween and for the dress up box when the holiday is over. The red and beige dress features a belt that has a cameo of Elena in the center. If October nights are chilly, then you can layer a red tee shirt underneath and some beige tights or leggings for warmth. Add a pair of gold flats that can be worn after the holiday is over.

Elena of Avalor Costume Accessories

No costume or outfit is complete without some authentic costume accessories. It’s like furnishing a room without accent pillows or pictures on the wall!


These beautiful gold shoes are just what your little girl needs to wear with her Elena of Avalor costume. They are real shoes so they will be comfortable on her feet.

Gold Shoes Available on Amazon

Whether your child walking in the local town parade of trick or treating in the neighborhood, she is going to need a comfortable show. These gold flats have a pretty floral accent that fits in with the Elena look.

This Elena of Avalor magical scepter lights up and makes sound.

Magical Scepter from Amazon

In the first episode when Elena decides not to become Queen but instead be a Crown Princess, she is given a scepter. On it’s own, it lights up, and her grandfather comments that is has never been so bright like that before. It has Button or Motion activation and girls will be enchanted and feel empowered at how it lights up.

Finsih your Elena of Avalor costume with this hair and jewelry set.

Jewelry Set Available on Amazon

The future Queen of Avalor wears her hair in a long side pony with a comb keeping the loose ends in place. This comb has bright orange flowers surround with brown leaves. The gold and turquoise set includes a beautiful cuff bracelet. The earrings are clip on so even girls without pierced ears can wear these dazzling jewels.

Elena of Avalor Costumes for Women

Halloween costumes are not just for children. It is a big business and it has become quite the holiday, with costumes coming into stores at the same time back to school supplies like backpacks and lunch boxes are also available. It drive parents batty, but if you want to dress as a favorite character, it is the ones who purchases the coveted costume early who gets to dress up.

Many families like to go out trick or treating together and the parents-even the dog-are dressed in costume. For women wh also love the brave new Disney princess Elena, there is an Elena of Avalor costume for you.

This Elena of Avalor costume for women will make you look like the hippest mom on the block! It comes in every size and can also be made with your own custom measurements.

Cosplay Adult Princess Elena Costume Available on Amazon

This beautiful red costume is an adult version of the princess” red dress. It is available in sizes XS to XXXL, so it will fit all body types. Custom made costumes are also available if you send in your measurements.

Elena of Avalor costumes are going to be a hit with girls for Halloween 2016.


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