Eureka Enviro Steamer 313A for Healthy Floor Cleaning

Eureka Enviro Steamer 313A for Healthy Floor Cleaning

Show Your Floors Some Real Love with the Eureka Enviro Steamer 313A.

Looking for a great way to have beautiful, clean floors?  Try a Eureka Enviro Steamer.  I did, and am happy to report that it’s a winner.  What follows is my review , along with some advice and tips for using steam mops.

Show your floors some love!  Start cleaning them with good old chemical free steam.  I don’t know if your floors will love you for it, but you’ll certainly love the way they look and feel when they’re clean and chemical free!

Not only that, but the environment will love you, too, because steam cleaning is green cleaning!  Yes, it really is a way to do healthy floor cleaning.

Because of dissatisfaction with a previous product, I was reluctant to try yet another steam cleaner for floors.   But, now I’m really glad I listened to a neighbor, and paid attention to some on line reviews.    Read on to find out more about the Eureka Enviro Steamer, which brought me back around to steam cleaning.



Environmentally Friendly, Kid Friendly, and Pet Friendly


Steam Cleaning is Pet and Kid Friendly

Steam Cleaning is Pet and Kid Friendly

Here’s today’s gratuitous cat picture.

Well, not really.  I’m using a picture of my own fur baby to help make a point.

Because a steam mop uses the power of steam to clean, and NO added chemicals or cleaning solutions, it’s a far more friendly way to clean.  It’s friendly to the environment, children, and fur babies like Walker, Florida Feline.



The Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer (Model 313A) gets my floors so clean I’m actually proud of them again, like I was when they were brand new!

Not only that, I’m not even bothered when I drop a morsel of food on the floor and my kitty rushes to lick it up.  I know he won’t be ingesting any residual cleaning chemicals along with his ill-gotten treat!




  Click here to see the

 Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer 313A  

a Top Selling Steam Mop on Amazon


The day I got this mop, it was the number one selling steam mop at  These rankings seem to change constantly, but this model is usually well up there in the ratings for the  ‘Steam Mops’ category.  At any given time, you may also see it scoring high in other related categories, like ‘Floor Buffers.’

This may be not only because it works so well, but also because of word of mouth.  People are not afraid to recommend this floor cleaning system, either on line or off.

With this article, I’ve added my voice to that group.

I’ve owned this product for a little over a year.  And yes, I bought it on line, at Amazon.  It’s served me well so far.  All I have to use to get my tile floors clean is water, turned to steam by the Eureka Enviro Steamer.


What You Get When You Buy One of  These Steam Floor Cleaners

Eureka Steam Mop Accessories

Eureka Steam Mop Accessories


Here’s what you’ll get when you buy a Eureka Model 313A steamer for floors

  • Eureka Enviro Steamer Model 313A.
  • Adjustable Handle. You’ll need to screw this in to the mop head.  That’s the whole assembly process!
  • Black heating and cool down tray.  (Use this!)
  • Two waffle surface magic cloth steam pads that you attach to the bottom of the mop head using the large side clips.  They’re washable.
  • A small funnel for filling the water reservoir.
  • A measuring cup.  Fill only to the line, add into steamer using the funnel.  Do this twice.  But do NOT overfill!

TIP:  When steaming floors in multiple rooms, it may be wise to change to a new steam pad when moving to a new room.  You may need more than the two that come with the steamer.  You can buy extra pads that fit the Eureka Enviro.  These are also washable and re-usable.




Types of Floors That Can Be Cleaned with Steam

  • Hardwood Floors – but there are some “IFs” here:  IF and ONLY IF the floors are sealed. When cleaning wood floors, keep the unit moving. Do NOT allow it to sit in one spot for any time at all. You could damage your floor if you do.
  • Tile Floors.  HOWEVER it does not clean into the grout lines. You’ll still have to do those by hand. Sorry.
  • Stone and Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Polished Concrete
  • Linoleum
  • Parquet


How To Use s Steam Mop

For any steam floor cleaner, you should, of course, follow the directions from the manufacturer that come with the product.  But they are all fairly similar from an operational standpoint.  Here’s how simple it is to use this one from Eureka:


How to Use a Steam Mop

Eureka Enviro Steamer 313A

  1. Attach the ‘magic pad’
  2. Fill the reservoir using the funnel and measuring cup
  3. Place the mop on the warm-up and cool down pad
  4. Turn the unit on
  5. Wait for steam to be produced
  6. Begin slowly moving the unit across your floor
  7. Pause over problem areas for 8 – 15 seconds to sanitize or remove stubborn stains




Do NOT Use a Steam Mop on These Types of Floors

  • Unsealed Hardwood Floors
  • Carpets

In addition, steam cleaning isn’t the ideal solution for all hard flooring.  For example, it may not be best for very porous hard surfaces and probably won’t do a stellar job on highly textured surfaces.


Tips for Using Steam Mops

Some Things You May Need to Know or Be Aware of

  • ALERT!

For the first two or three uses, do NOT attempt to clean wood, or other floors that could be damaged by excessive water. REASON: It’s not at all uncommon for new steam mops to dispense excessive amounts of water, and leave pooling until they are ‘broken in.’ It’s not just this brand. It also happened with my previous steam cleaner, a Bissell. For some reason, the manufacturers seem to neglect to make prominent mention of this.

  • H2O and Only H2O

Never put anything but water into the water resorvoir. No cleaning solutions! Some people even advocate using only distilled water, but I’ve used tap water with no problem.

  • Cleaning the Tank

Periodically, you’ll need to clean out the water ‘tank.’ Just fill it with water as normal, shake it around, then empty. The manufacturer recommends monthly.

  • Disinfecting and Stain Removal

On non wood and non porous surfaces, you can remove stains or smudges by leaving the Eureka stationary over the stain for 8 to 15 seconds. This is also recommended for areas you want to disinfect, such as the floor area surrounding the base of toilets.

  • Something to Help with Cleaning Grout Lines

While steam mops don’t do a great job of cleaning really dirty tile grout lines, here’s something that will:  The  Sonic Scrubber Power Cleaner.   It doesn’t do it all by itself automagically, but it sure makes it an easier job for you. This page has actual before and after pictures of grout lines that were cleaned using a Sonic Scrubber on them.



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