Filofax Planners and Refills

Filofax Planners and Refills

If you want something that looks good and keeps you organized, Filofax is a great choice.

I used to get an ordinary day-timer planner every year or so. But that changed one day.

It all started when I needed a new monthly calendar and a few other refills for my day-timer day planner. The old one was beat up, but serviceable, so I trotted off to Staples to get refills. I figured I’d be in and out of there in a few minutes.  All I needed was a few replacement parts (so to speak).

But, they didn’t have everything I wanted. So, I thought, well I’ll just buy a whole new organizer. Nope. You see they only sell them with blank calendars. No dates. No holidays, just 365 little blank boxes. How can you keep your appointments straight like that?

Feeling rather frustrated, I went home and called day-timer to see if they had a better selection or something I could by from them directly.  They told me that all the organizers come that way. Why? It’s cheaper for them to manufacture.  They only have to print blank calendars, instead of changing them each year.  Grrr!

So, to save you all the trouble I went through, here’s the red leather Finsbury organizer I bought, a few other styles you might like, as well as all the refills you’ll need.

All in one place. You know, organized. 🙂

I’ve had my Filofax planner for over six years now and it’s worth it!

filofax red organizerFilofax Personal Organizer

The Finsbury organizer is made of textured, real leather. It looks good when I pull it out in meetings, and it’s held up beautifully.

Yes, I know, it’s not electronic, it’s not digital. I found that it’s easier (and faster) to write something down the old-fashioned way than it is to open up an electronic device and hunt and peck on a tiny little keyboard.

It has everything I wanted: a real calendar (with dates!), a ruler, a pen holder, an expense tracker, card slots (for credit cards, a commuter pass, or business cards), a zippered compartment, a “to do” list, an address book, and note paper.

I got it in red (shown), but it also comes in black, navy, and raspberry.
filofax black domino organizerFilofax Personal Domino Organizer

This organizer is made of vinyl, rather than leather, but it’s a great option if you’re on a budget. The inside does feel like suede, and it’s got two  pockets as well as slots for cards, a pen loop, a ruler, notepaper, a to-do list, contacts, and a real calendar.  A cream-colored elastic keeps it closed.  The organizer is about 3.75 x 6.75 inches. Comes in black only.
filofax raspberry A5Filofax  A5 Organizer, Saffiano Raspberry

If you like bright colors, this is for you. It’s made of  patent leather and comes with that all-important calendar, a ruler, index tabs, notepaper, a to-do list, and address pages. This is the A5 size. It also comes in black, purple, navy, red, and brown.

Filofax 2017 Calendar Refills

Your Filofax will last and last, but you’ll need new refills for your calendar each year. I happen to like the month at a glance, but since each person has different preferences, I’ve included weekly and daily versions.

Monthly Calendar Pages Refill

2018 Monthly Filofax Calendar Refill

If you’re like me, and prefer to see the entire month at once, this is a good option. You can see everything, and know instantly which day of the week is a particular date, or how far off a date is.

The week starts with Monday, and the weekends are at the end (shaded). There’s also a listing of each day of the week on the left (1, 2, 3, etc.) You can use that space to write notes, or “to do” items.

Week on One Page Calendar Refill

Filofax Week on a Page 2018 Calendar Refill

This calendar refill is the 2018 week on two pages for personal organizers. It covers January through December 2018, and has space for appointments starting at 8 am and going through to 8 PM. The pages are ruled so you can write straight (which is good, because my writing tends to slant upwards, rather than going straight across the page!).

Day on Two Pages 2018 Calendar Refill

Filofax Compact/Personal Day on Two Pages 2018 Refill
If you have a lot of appointments, you’ll want to get the day on two pages calendar.  The appointments start at 8 am and go through until 8 PM. The weekend is on one page, and the calendar is trilingual (English, French, and German). Even if you don’t need three languages, you can learn the days of the week in other languages.

More Useful Filofax Accessories

The great thing about the Filofax system is that you can add other accessories (besides new calendars) as you need them. There’s a plastic holder for business cards or credit cards, stickies, a ziplock envelope, to do lists, expense lists, and note paper.
filofax zippered envelope
Filofax Personal Agenda Ziplock Envelope

This seems like a simple thing, but I use it all the time. It’s really great for keeping (and not losing) little scraps of paper, receipts, business cards, stamps, post-its and other bits and pieces. Because, without this envelope, all of those things would get lost deep inside the black hole that is my purse.


filofax notepaper
Filofax Papers 100 Plain and Ruled Notepaper, Multicolor Assortment Personal Size

Comes in blue, yellow, salmon, pink, green, and white. I like to use different colors to organize different parts of my life (or different tasks). For example, blue for gifts, green for “to do” lists, yellow for work, white for chores (you get the idea). Or just have fun.

This is the personal size, but the notepaper is also available for other sizes (such as A5).


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