Finding a Solution to your Cluttered Home

Finding a Solution to your Cluttered Home

If you have a lack of space at home, you may be able to find a solution to this with self storage. Over the last few years the self storage industry has rapidly expanded, as lots of people are recognising how cheap it is and how flexible it is in comparison to building an extension, buying a larger home or even just trying to squeeze in more storage units in your existing home.

You’ll no doubt have heard stories about the various different items that have been kept in self-storage over the years. From items with deep, meaningful stories behind them, such as grand-parents antique furniture or collections of whatever, to the extremely odd items people wouldn’t dream existed. What you might decide to put into storage to make more room in your home is a completely private matter but remember that self storage facilities do however have regulations as to what they can and cannot store, which they will explain in the contract they give to you.

If there’s anything niche or unusual you aren’t sure if you can store, ask the staff and they will be more than happy to check for you and let you know.


So Just Why Do People Use Self Storage?


  • For more personal space at home
  • To store possessions in between moving home
  • To store possessions when downsizing
  • To declutter when selling a home
  • To make room for a new baby
  • To keep certain items safe during a long holiday or gap year
  • To store collections or hobby items
  • To store seasonal items
  • For clothes storage when you don’t have much wardrobe space
  • For clothes storage during seasonal changes
  • To store vehicles that aren’t used day to day
  • To store items as a student when you’re home for the holidays but moving between shared housing
  • To keep items safe during house redecorating or refurbishment
  • To store large sports equipment like wake boards, skis, surfboards etc

With very short minimum rental periods and short notice periods, self storage is an extremely cost effective, flexible solution for all of your personal storage needs and your home environment will be much more pleasant if you have some breathing space. You will have access to your items (usually anytime depending on the facility), they are very secure – generally more secure than the average home – with most units operating with keycodes, security staff and security cameras, and you have plenty of flexibility with how you use it.

The benefits of personal storage are:

  • Flexible rental periods
  • Flexible notice periods
  • Privacy in what you choose to store
  • Controlled temperature (depending on the unit)
  • Complete security – security cameras, keycodes, reception staff
  • A good level of access – some units allow 24/7 storage unit access
  • Friendly staff
  • Low cost – units can be extremely cheap to rent depending on the size
  • Flexibility in the unit size – depending on the facility, some have units as big as double garages and as small as a wardrobe, so there will be a unit to suit your needs.

One comment

  • There are 2 main reasons we need self-storage:

    1. Most of us are hoarders – we simply don’t like throwing anything away and no matter how much we are encouraged to declutter it is so difficult to do. I know that if I had a less cluttered home I would be more organised and less stressed when looking for some important item that is lost underneath a load of junk but I just find it so hard to motivate myself to do it.

    2. The second reason so many of us use self-storage is that our houses are not large enough. Particularly in densely populated parts of Europe and in major cities – homes tend to be small, but because we all dream of one day getting a bigger place we don’t want to part with all our stuff when, one day, we will have enough storage.


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