Finding Dory Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and School Supplies

Finding Dory Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and School Supplies

Once upon a time, movies did not have sequels. Characters followed a story line that had a defined beginning, middle and end. Even though the protagonists found the happy ending they had sought throughout the film, many movie goers were begging to see the characters in yet another story line.

Film studios figured out that a sequel would bring more income to them-not only in ticket revenue, but with related merchandise as well. They want to strike while the iron is hot and give audiences what they want.

Thus, the movie sequel was born. For children’s films, the straight to video sequel proved to be a lucrative market for animated features.

However, the sad truth is that most sequels (or prequels for that matter) do not live up to the first film. There are a few exceptions, like The Godfather series, the Despicable Me trilogy and The Toy Story trilogy, but overall, the second and any other subsequent films in the series does not have the same success as the first film that fans first fell in love with. There are reasons for this.

Many sequels simply repeat the success of the original, forgetting that the audience wants to see the same characters but not the same movie. The now familiar ensemble can have their personalities and their flaws exposed a bit more-writers need to find a different struggle, not the same one.

In addition to delving further in the psyche of the original cast, it is fine to add new characters, both good and bad. This can lead to a new setting and new situations where the characters can evolve.

This summer, on June 17th, Disney is banking on a new movie sequel that has taken thirteen years to bring to the big screen. Finding Dory takes place six months after the end of Finding Nemo. Dory, who has memory issues, has a spark of memory which leads her on a search to find her family. Of course, Disney is counting on having yet another smash hit film that will have kids wanting all kinds of merchandise that feature their favorite characters.

Disney has already launched a full line of Finding Dory backpacks and lunch boxes for the Back to School season.

Finding Dory Backpacks

Some have a matching lunch box!


For Back to School 2016, kids are going to love this Finding Dory backpack with a matching Nemo lunch box.

Dory and Nemo Backpack and Lunch Box Set from Amazon

This blue backpack features the bright eyed and smiling Dory. It is the standard 16 inch size with padded, adjustable straps. There are two mesh side pockets for children to keep water bottles, snacks, and tissue packets. The set also includes a matching Nemo soft sided lunch box. It can attach to the backpack or it can be held separately with the handle.

For little girls who love sparkle and shine, this Finding Dory glittery backpack is a must have for back to school 2016.

Disney Finding Dory “Keep Swimming” Backpack Available on Amazon

Do you have a little girl in your life who loves sparkle and shine? The this light blue backpack featuring a large sized Dory repeating the mantra “Keep swimming” is one that she will want to carry her brand new school supplies in. It measures 16 inches, has two side mesh pockets and also has a front zipper compartment to keep important items that need to be reached easily without having to dig through a crowded backpack full of books and papers.

More Finding Dory Back to School Supplies for Kids

Back to school supply lists are getting more expensive. Schools send out the lists with the last report card or have them up online on the last day of school. By doing this, parents can have a jump start on getting supplies early and also while they go on sale right after the July Fourth holiday. There is also no last minute dash to the store with every other parent in the district trying to find the same exact binder or composition book.

In addition to costing more, supply lists for the first day of school are also getting longer and longer. When I started my teaching career in 1988, I sent home a very short list of needed items for my second grade class.  Markers, crayons, a folder and a pencil box were all that I asked for. Once I saw how scratchy the tissues the school gave us were, I asked for soft tissues, too.

My twins have so many items to bring on the first day of school that even though we live nearby, I have had to drive them most of the way because they cannot carry their heavy backpack and the shopping bag.  They need my help and if my husband decides to go in late, then he helps us, too. Finding Dory school supplies are now available for parents to purchase so that everything their children need can be placed in the brand new backpack.

If you are looking for an all inclusive school supply set, then this is the one. This all-in-one set includes a backpack, a lunch box, snack containers for packing the mid-day meal, a notebook and pencil set. You can click on the image to find out more.

If your kids need a new thermos for back to school, then this one from Finding Dory will be a hit. Thre is also a matching water bottle as well.

Finding Dory Thermos from Amazon

Another essential school supply is a thermos. Packing a hot, healthy lunch saves money and ensures that your child will at least eat something you packed. This Thermos Funtainer features both Dory and Nemo. There is also a matching 12 ounce water bottle to complete the set.

In addition to backpacks, lunch boxes, and thermoses, children are going to need all kinds of items for back to school. Many kids like to keep to one movie theme or character, and there are several things with Dory and her friends that you can purchase for your child’s first day of school.

This Finding Dory pencil tin can hold many pencils, pens, crayons and erasers.

Photo from Amazon

Kids need on main place to keep their pencils, pens and erasers so they are quick and easy to find when the teacher asks her students to take them out. This pack of three Finding Dory pencil tins is just what your child needs.

These Disney items are ones that your child will find both useful and charming on the first day of school.

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