Finding Dory Halloween Costumes

Finding Dory Halloween Costumes

Many people are familiar with the quote, “Good things come to those who wait.”  Waiting is difficult, but in many instances, the end result is worth having patience.

Oftentimes, movie sequels are done in such a hurry, they pale in comparison to the original film. So many film studios want to make a quick buck and cash in on the popularity of a character or characters, that it is money that drives the plot of the next film, not character development or plot. Those are some of the reasons that film sequels and prequels fail to deliver as well as the original that audiences adored.

That is not going to be the case with the sequel to Disney Pixar’s 2003 mega hit Finding Nemo. The long anticipated film, Finding Dory, will be hitting theaters in June 2017, thirteen years after the premiere of the original.

This is an unusually long time to develop a movie sequel, even though computer generated animation has come a long way over the years. Originally, there was no second film planned. But a few years after viewing Finding Nemo in 3D, the director of the film, Andrew Stanton, had a thought that he said caused him to lose sleep.

What happened to Dory? Due to her short-term memory issues, he wondered if she would be okay if she were separated from Marlin and Nemo.

Thus, the genesis of Finding Dory was set in motion.

Because children love to dress as their favorite movie and television characters, Finding Dory costumes are going to be a popular one with children of all ages this Halloween. Here is what is available for your children to wear as they go trick or treating or to costume parties.

Finding Dory Costumes-Dory

The wonderful and philanthropic Ellen DeGeneres is once again the voice of Dory, one of Disney Pixar’s most beloved second bananas and breakout characters. In real life, we would get annoyed at someone who cannot remember something said a few moments ago, but Ellen makes her character both lovable and laughable (but not laughing at her and her mental challenges, as they are real).

As we watch our favorite blue tang fish search for her mother and father (something both adults and children can relate to), we cheer for her to succeed and to “keep swimming”.

This is the Deluxe Finding Dory costume that comes with a headpiece and a pull over costume with a detachable tail. Kids are going to love this!

Deluxe Finding Dory costume from Spirit Halloween

This Finding Dory costume comes in one Toddler size that can fit children up to 34-38 pounds (see the size chart for exact measurements for your child). This is a two piece costume-the headpiece is made from fabric with a bright blue fin on the top.

The body costume pulls over a child’s head and is made of a plush material. The tail is detachable so it will not get in the way when a child wants to sit down. It is easy to open and close since the fasteners are made of Velcro and it is made from polyester.

Finding Dory Hank Costume

One of the reasons parents of special needs children loved Finding Nemo is that the hero, Nemo, has a physical challenge, but he preserves and does not let his uneven fins slow him down. Disney is in the forefront of giving representation to different ethnic groups, and with the character of Nemo, Disney now had a character that children with different needs can relate to.

In addition, we have the his father, Marlin, who has a mental challenge due to the trauma he suffered watching his wife and all of her eggs die (except for Nemo). Dory has her memory issues and Gil has the scars and a shredded fin from his attempted escape from the tank.

Finding Dory adds another character to this group-Hank the Octopus. Hank is voiced by the very funny Ed O’Neill from Married With Children and Modern Family. He actually is a septopus, since he lost one of his eight tentacles. The two meet at the Marine Life Institute, and using the skills that come naturally to Hank, he helps Dory escape and continue on her quest. His help is not entirely out of generosity-he dislikes the loud atmosphere of the Marine Life Institute and wants to go to a different one that is much more peaceful and quiet.

This Finding Dory Hank costume is one that children will want to be wearing. Add your own ornage pants and white shirt to complete the look.

Hank Costume from Spirit Halloween

This Hank costume is two pieces. The headpiece is bright orange and has a large face opening so children will be easily able to both see and breathe. The tunic has seven tentacles and is easy to close as it has Velcro, so it can be fit to your child. Both pieces are made of 100% polyester and come in one Toddler size that fits most.

Add orange sweatpants and and orange long sleeve cotton shirt to really make your Hank costume look like camouflage.

Finding Dory Nemo Costume

What would Dory be without Nemo? The sweet, lovable hero of the original film once again appears with his friend to enchant viewers. Of course, a version of this costume is available for children to wear this Halloween.

Here is a new FInding Dory costume for young children. It comes with two different pieces and will adorable on your little one.

Nemo Costume from Spirit Halloween

Like the other costumes, this comes in a universal toddler size.  The costume is two pieces-a headpiece and a plush pullover with a tail that can be taken off. It closes with a combination of Velcro, a zipper and a tie. Add your own black jeans or sweatpants and a white or orange shirt to complete the outfit.

This is an adorable Finding Dory Nemo costume for infants from 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

Nemo Costume for Infants from Spirit Halloween

This last Nemo costume is for infants. It comes in sizes 6-12 months and 12-18 months. It is a jumpsuit that comes with a headpiece that will keep baby warm on a chilly late October night.

Finding Dory Halloween costumes will delight children this Halloween season.


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