Finding Dory Party Supplies

Finding Dory Party Supplies

One of the top grossing Disney/Pixar films of the early 2000’s was Finding Nemo. Released in May of 2003, it has earned over 936 million dollars at the box office-and that does not include related toys and merchandise. The story revolves around Nemo, a clown fish with a physical disability, who also has an overprotective father named Marlin. Marlin is always warning Nemo about the dangers of the open sea, and when he does venture out to prove himself, Nemo is caught in a net and sent to live in an aquarium. Marlin sets out to find his son, and meets Dory, a blue tang fish with sever memory loss issues. Because of her sweetness and kindness, the father and son do reunite and have the typical happy ending.

Dory was the breakout character of the film and thirteen years after its release, she is finally getting her own film entitled Finding Dory. The film is set to premiere in theaters on June 17, 2016, just in time for summer vacation. Now parents have a fun outing to put on the calendar!

What is the Plot of Finding Dory?

Unlike the thirteen years it has taken to appear on the screen, the plot of Finding Dory takes place only six months after the endow Finding Nemo. Dory cannot remember anything due to her short term memory loss disability. She begins to have dreams about her family and sleep talks. Dory realizes that she does remember something…she has a family out there and she sets off to find them.

Nemo and Marlin assist her on her quest. Along the way she meets Bailey, a white beluga whale; Destiny, a whale shark and an octopus named Hank who will be her guide.

With these beloved characters returning to the big screen, it should come as no surprise that children are going to want a Finding Dory themed party. There are plenty of Finding Dory party supplies already available to make you party planning easier.

Finding Dory Party Supplies Make Your Party Planning Easier

Many mothers stress about creating the perfect party for her child. Call it the “pinterestrification” of motherhood-the result of the thousands of mommybloggers out there sharing their creative ideas with the world. It has placed a lot of pressure on mother’s to create the perfect party atmosphere-one that is worthy of posting across social media.

As a mother of three and veteran party giver in the pre-internet days, I am telling you to stop stressing and start enjoying the planning process. You do not need to have organic, homemade, gourmet goodies and the perfectly decorated venue to host a successful children’s party.

Top Party Planning Tips

  • Send out invitations at least 3-4 weeks in advance. If your chid is friends with others who have the same birthday month, check with the other mom so that there are no conflicts.

Here are some adorable Finding Dory birthday party invitations. They come in a package of 8.

Finding Dory Invitations and Every Party Supply You Need is Here on Shindigz

This is one of three dozen Finding Dory postage stamps available to buy. They can be customized as well. They are perfect for a Finding Dory birthday party!

There are three dozen customizable Finding Dory postage stamps available from Zazzle. 

  • Remember Your Audience. It is not the mothers, it is your child and his or her guests. Aim to please the little ones, not the parents
  • Create lists of things to do and then check them off as you complete each item. You will feel a sense of accomplishment plus you can make sure that you have not forgotten something important, like picking up the cake
  • Plan for active and passive times. Have something for the kids to do while waiting for all of the guests to arrive. Have an active period of games, followed by a quieter crafting time (if your child likes that) and then the birthday cake and finger food.
  • Make sure you have adequate help. It is tough to host a children’s party on your own. Enlist good friends or family members to assist you. Don’t have any of those available? Then hire help. The best money I ever spent on a party was hiring my friend’s teenage daughter to assist me with my daughter’s  candy themed birthday party. Money well spent!
  • Buy decorations in party packs. Everything you need is all there for you. If there are not enough items in one pack, then you can buy additional ones in smaller groups.

Here is a Finding Dory deluxe party pack for 8 guests. It come with everything you see and makes planning so much easier for the parents!

Finding Dory Deluxe Party Pack for 8 from Shindigz

  • Buy everything in one place. Save time and energy. You can find all kinds of Finding Dory party supplies from door covers to balloons to games and gift bags right here.
  • Let the party flow. While you do need to plan for more activities that you will actually use, don’t fret if you do not get to everything. If a game or craft is going well and the kids do not want to stop to do the next activity you have planned, then let them be. The children are telling you what they like by not wanting to stop.
  • Keep your food simple, especially if  you do not enjoy preparing food for the masses. Buy ready-made cake, fruit salad, veggie trays, etc. For a Finding Dory themed party, you can really play up the fish theme. Serve: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish in the pretzel flavor, Swedish Fish, Stauffer’s Whale Crackers that are Chedder Cheese flavor, Loco School of Fish Gummies, mini milk chocolates in the shape of fish, Jelly Belly Gourmet Fish and fish shaped lollipops. 

Do Yourself a Favor

If you are planning on giving guests party favors, then keep it simple. A small gift bag filled with fish themed candy is fine as long as you do not over do it. Most parents do not want their children having all that sugar at once, and it creates arguments when the goody bag is taken away. Give them a book that s/he can read over and over again. You do not have to worry if it is a “girl” or “boy” gift, since everybody loves a good book. Parents will thank you for this gracious gift.

This Little Golden book makes the perfect Finding Dory party favor for kids. One size fits all and it is not going to break in a few minutes.

Finding Dory Little Golden Book and other books from the film available on Amazon.

Featured image from Pixabay and altered by the author in Picmonkey.


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