Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing Tips for Beginners

Catch more fish when you go Fishing

The best thing about fishing is the relaxation, don’t you think? The greatest time in fishing is reeling in that huge fish, right? What happens when you plan out the fishing trip, pack up the fishing tackle, drive all the way to the lake and catch not a thing, nope nothing, not even a bite all day long?

Oh, it is a great day outdoors, forgetting about it all and just relaxing. But you wanted to catch some fish. After all, that was the point of going fishing, catching fish. How about some simple fishing tips or reminders to help you increase the odds of catching some fish the next time you go fishing.

Line in the water, bright blue skies, smooth-as-glass water, patience will pay off, won’t it? I mean, really you planned all of it, the bait, the spot, the time, the conditions, the whole thing, right? However, is there one thing you may have not planned, the one minuscule little detail that will keep you from “catching the limit” or that whopper? What detail could I be talking about – the one thing that will make or break that fishing trip?

Hunger! Oh no, not yours. After all, you brought all the food you could eat for 10 days though you’ll only be there a day. You can continue reading to see some simple ways to increase your chances of catching fish. Then please, if you can, let me know if this was at all helpful to you as a fisher person.

If you are a parent, one of the greatest thrills in life is seeing your children learn something new. I have four children, the first one I had the honor and privilege of her choosing me as her “Daddy” at two years old. I had (still have but it needs work now) a 14-foot Aluminum V Hull. It is a great little boat, was built in 1959 and still has a lot of years left in it. I would take Diana out with me and show her how to bait hooks (“Icky, Daddy, can you help?”),  how to bob the line up and down, set hooks and reel them in (“They are so slimy, Daddy!”).

If you have not fished much or not at all in your life and need some pointers on the whats and hows, here are some good books to get those pointers. You can enjoy the great outdoors while fishing and have the joy of watching your child learn something fun and exciting. Whether on shore or in the boat, the smiles on those little faces will make your heart soar.

One of the best ways to learn about catching fish is to read on how to and then go do. Being able to take the info with you is very helpful. A useful search all set up for you.

Books on how to catch fish.

For a good fishing day you have to be flexible

The first problem that many of us fishermen have is that we are afraid of change. We use the exact same techniques and tactics every single time we go fishing. We think that just because we caught a hundred fish this way that it is going to work every single time we go fishing. The fact is that the same technique doesn’t work every time and we have to change it up every now and then.

If you have been sitting there for the past hour using worms trying to catch catfish and the fish just aren’t biting, then try changing it up by trying something different like chicken liver. If you’re fishing for bass using spinnerbait (has a spoon or blade that spins in the water) and you are not catching anything, then try changing to a crank-bait (looks like a little fish with hooks). This is also where it comes in handy to be prepared when you go fishing. Bring extra bait and tackle so that way when you get to the lake you won’t run out of tackle or bait and have plenty of new things to try.

However, not only does this mean changing your tackle and techniques but also changing your location. I wouldn’t recommend staying in the same spot for more than 45 minutes if you’re bait fishing. Now if you’re using a lure then I wouldn’t recommend staying in the same spot for more than 10 minutes. Don’t be afraid to walk around the lake casting in different areas. If there are no fish where you’re fishing then you’re not going to catch anything.

There was a time when I was fishing with my kids, we were in my boat fishing around the main body of the lake and had been for almost two hours but not catching anything. So I decided to move the boat to a spot on the shallow side of the island. It wasn’t that far from where we had been but as soon as we started trolling there, within 5 minutes we had already caught our first striper. Within an hour we had caught 10 stripers for that day. You need to make your own luck when fishing.

The Tackle Box: you have to carry extra gear

Tackle is important and having a box to keep organized is vital. You don’t have to carry the store with you but having a large selection of lures or extra hooks for bait can save the day or weekend. For a child you don’t need more than one or two trays. As an adult you might want more, however one thing to remember is, a big box can get heavy. I tend to stay at two trays for a child and no more then three for me. These are two choices I would make for myself and a grandchild.

A good tackle box for a child to start off with plenty of room for the beginner as well. Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box
When you are just starting out you need to learn to be selective in what gear you’ll need so you don’t become overwhelmed with how much you have to carry.

River Monsters 3 Tray Tackle Box with 136 Piece Tackle
I really don’t worry too much about what comes in a new tackle box. For the most part I won’t use the extra tackle. That being said, I care about quality in the new box. Will it stand up to the rigors I will put it through as well as carry what I’ll need for the fishing trip?

You are going to need a Rod and Reel Combo for your Fishing Fun

Learn to think like a fish

Another problem is that you could be going fishing at the wrong time. There could be a hundred fish in front of you and you have tried every lure and type of bait you have with you and you are getting no bites. They may not be hungry so you are not going to get any bities. So make sure that when you go fishing you plan it out so that you’re on the lake fishing when they are going to be hungry. The season and time of day makes a big difference on your luck at fishing.

Summer Time Fishing.
If it’s in the summer then the best time to go fishing is anywhere from 5pm to 9pm. This will be the most active time for the fish after the temperature has dropped down and they have cooled down some. You can also go around 4am to 9am. At this time the sun hasn’t yet rose and the temperature is still cool so the fish are more active. They are not as active as in the evenings but they are searching for breakfast. So do most of your fishing at those times to increase your chances of catching fish. Also don’t forget the deeper waters is where fish go to keep cool.

Fall is still fishing time.
Now if you’re going fishing in the fall then the best time to go fishing is around 12pm to about 6pm. This is the time of year when the temperature has dropped and the fish are most active at the hottest part of the day. If you go from about 5am to 9am then usually you’re not going to catch very many fish. Then from 9am to 12pm the bites will get a little better because of the temperature rising but it is not as good as in the afternoon to evening.

Winter, yelp, I still go fishing.
Now I live in Texas, south central Texas to be exact. So fishing around here for the most part is best and warmest in the afternoons. Usually between 1pm and 5 or 6pm when the fish are most active.

Spring time fishing is the best time fishing.
Now in the spring time it is usually best to wait until at least a week after the lake and snow has thawed out and the temperature is 40 degrees or higher. This is the most active time of the year when you usually catch the most fish. When the fish are spawning, they are very hungry and they eat most anything. However, just like in the fall, the spring times are similar. In the early morning it is usually too cold for the fish to be active and biting. The fish are warming up and biting around 9am. They won’t become fully active until about 1pm.

A Cast Net is worth the money in the price of live bait

Cast nets can save you loads of money once you learn how and where to use them. I keep two with me at all times when fishing. One is a good Premium Quality net of 8 foot in size. I’ll only use it if I am sure there is no or little brush in that spot so I don’t tear it up. This net has saved me $100’s in live bait dollars. The other is a cheap 6 footer of mono filament to use in the brush, which I can repair as needed. If you have never used a cast net you should start off with a small cheap 3 to 4 footer and practice at home with it until you get the hang of it. Most if the more expensive ones come with a DVD nowadays to help you learn to throw one. I have a modified method so you might need to try different ways to find one to work for you.

Bait Buster Superior Handmade Manhaden Cast Net: 5/8 inch Sq. Mesh 7ft-White
I only feature one which has a High price. It is a good overall net in several different sizes. Durable with a good size in the mesh to capture bait that is not too small as for the most part the bigger the bait the bigger the whopper or story.

A few final fishing thoughts on fishing fun

You need to remember that these times are just rough estimates of the best times to go fishing. It really depends on where you live and the temperature of the day. If you live in a hot area where in the spring time it’s 70 to 100 degrees then you could go fishing a lot earlier then 1pm. Just use your own discretion.

If it is the perfect temperature outside it is the best time, so go fishing. If it’s too hot then the fish are not going to be very close to shore and you have to go deep. If it’s too cold then the fish are not going to be feeding a lot. So keep this in mind when you plan to go fishing. Check the temperature range before you go.

I have two fishing stories for you at: Gone fishing my stories.

Photo: By Timothy Knepp [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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