Gifts for French Bulldog Owners

Gifts for French Bulldog Owners

If the dog of your heart is a Frenchie, you’ll understand this perfectly: French Bulldogs may be small on the outside, sure, but they are huge on the inside, as big in spirit and courage as their great big loving hearts.  Funny and affectionate, smart and strong, French Bulldogs are sometimes (often!) just as stubborn as the “bull” part of their name implies, but that just makes them all the more fun to live with, play with, train and love.

So,  you’re not the one lucky enough to share your life with one of these “big little dogs,” but you’ve got a dear friend or family who does?  Finding the perfect gift for a Frenchie owner can be as tough as choosing the pick of the litter of puppies, in a way, because there are just so many fetching items to choose from!

I’ve had a lot of fun hunting down a selection of great gifts to warm the heart of a French Bulldogs fan, no matter what their taste and style. You’ll find a variety of items in a range of prices, here, too,  so read on to discover the perfect dog-themed gift for your Frenchie-loving friend.

Frenchie-Opoly Game

Have you see this Frenchie-Opoly game? It’s a bit like a well-known board game we all grew up with, but this game is all about the French Bulldog, from carved wooden markers in dog-relevant shapes to the amusing cards for game play.

If you’re at all like me (or my dogs), you’ll know that a home just can’t have too many comfy throw pillows. They’re great to brighten up the corner of a cosy couch or add a splash of color to a bedroom. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, a throw pillow is like a piece of art that you can cuddle up to, which makes it one of the most welcome gifts you can give – and choosing the perfect pillow is a pleasure all its own.

This is a Frenchie House - Blue Throw Pillow with French Bulldog Graphics

This bold blue horizontal (lumbar style) pillow caught my eye with its graphical row of pert Frenchie faces and the slogan “This is a Frenchie House” – not least because you’ll know, if there’s a French Bulldog in your life, exactly who it is who runs the place! Check out those gigantic ears on high alert – is that totally Frenchie or what?

Better yet, if you’re the creative sort you can truly personalize your gift by uploading your own doggie photos or other images to Zazzle to customize a one-of-a-kind  gift item.   Besides the plump pillows, they’ve got about a kajillion other neat gift products (everying from lunch pails to leggings!) just waiting for your artistic touch. Browse around for ideas and instructions.

If you’re crafty or have a knack for sewing, of course, why not create a pillow design of your own?

Applique fabric art works really well when you’ve got a subject with a very distinctive outline shape, like a French Bulldog.  I’ve been playing around lately with some software that converts a photograph into a cross-stitch or needlepoint pattern, and it’s quite promising so far, but up until this year I’ve always just done it with tracing paper and a grid (graph paper), so you could certainly do the same if you’ve got a photo of your friend’s dog.  Needlepoint pillows with a nice velvet backing are classic!

Don’t limit yourself to a pillow, of course, if textiles are your craft of choice. Cross stich pictures in a nice frame are a great keepsake, and applique dogs look just as cool on a lap quilt or quilted vest as they do on your soft furnishings.

French Bulldog black steel silhouette with hooks

Practical for any dog owner and irresistable for the owner of a Frenchie, this French Bulldog Dog Leash Hanger is made of black-painted steel. Wall-mounted by the door, the hooks hold keys and leashes to keep the mudroom organized, ready to go Walkies!

There are a lot of good dog books out there, some of which have been written with the owner of a French Bulldog in mind.  I know it can be hard to choose a book for someone else, especially if your budget is limited – so let me give you a tip on two of my favorites.

One of the best practical books I’ve seen is by Minnesota breeder and shower of Frenchies, Kathy Dannel – with a chapter by the revered veteran dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar included! – and it’s aptly titled The French Bulldog: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet.

When we’re talking about a breed with such distinctive character traits as the Frenchie, it makes sense to choose one that’s specific to the type of dog.  Well, Kathy Dannel really knows her Frenchies, and she can help other Frenchie owners to understand the needs and foibles of their feisty little companions too. Highly recommended for anyone who may be thinking of adopting their first French Bulldog, or have just done so. All your basic concerns are answered in a straightforward and knowledgeable way in this popular guide.

Frenchie Kisses: The Many Faces of the French Bulldog by Amanda JonesIf you’re looking for something more in the coffee table “eye candy” line of gift books,  take a look at photographer Amanda Jones’ gorgeously illustrated book called Frenchie Kisses: The Many Faces of the French Bulldog.  I love the way she’s  showing the front end of the dog on the front of the book, then the cute little tail end on the back – the kind of detail that plays out throughout this lovely (low-cost, paperback) collection of French Bulldog photographs that really “capture” why we love the breed.

The fact that she’s chosen a Winston Churchill quote about “attitude” to start off with? That should tell you right away, here’s a photographer who really “gets” the Frenchie.  It may be ‘all about the ears” as some Frenchie owners will tell you, but those diminutive toughies are hard to resist when they turn those over-size brown eyes on you… and the captions that Amanda Jones puts with her images of these little characters are often as funny as the Frenchies themselves.

Both of these books are justifiably popular with Frenchie fans, and both are available on Amazon at a very affordable price. Either of the books would be great as a “just because” gift, to welcome a new pup to your friend’s home, or…  as part of a gift basket on a French Bulldog theme.

Tan and white French Bulldog

One way to go is to make your custom gift basket all about the dog, with a new collar and leash, a stylish petite dog coat, and a treat jar (Frenchie theme, of course!) filled with his favorite gourmet treats.  Remember, when we say “gift basket” it doesn’t mean you have to put everything in an actual basket –  you might decide to put all the goodies in a French Bulldog-sized nest style dog bed (try a Snoozer Cozy Cave) or dog toy box, tied up with a great big bow.

To create a gift basket that’s more of a focus on the owner, start with a good dog book like the ones I’ve suggested, or any other you have enjoyed yourself, and add a selection of small gift items on the theme of the French Bulldog.

Try to choose a variety of shapes and sizes of gifts, to better fill out whatever you choose for a container and give your presentation a more polished appearance.  For example, you might add a Frenchie fridge magnet or keychain, a calendar with photographs of the winning breed, and maybe a few items for the home such as a tea towel or set of coasters, a French Bulldog mug, or the like. And if you can come up with a photo of your friend’s own dog and use that to create a custom one-of-a-kind gift for them, you’re in clover – that kind of keepsake is a guaranteed win!

Above all, when you’re shopping for gift items that show a realistic French bulldog image, do try to match the markings and coloring of your friend’s Frenchie as well as you can – is he or she a black, white, fawn, brindle or bicolor? Even if the resemblance isn’t perfect, they’ll be thrilled that you took the time to seek out a close match to the appearance of their precious pup.


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