Frozen Fever Toys

Frozen Fever Toys

In the history of movie making one of the top grossing films of all time is Disney’s Frozen. Released in November of 2013 during the family holiday movie going season, the studio made sure that the movie was fun enough for youngsters to sit through and enjoy, as well as be something adults would also be able to sit through without cringing.

Disney knew it had a great story, but what the studio-and the world-could not know was just how much of success Frozen would be.

To date, this Oscar winning movie is one of the five top grossing films of all time, having sold more than 2 billion dollars worth of box office tickets around the world. In addition, it is Disney highest grossing animated film in the studio’s history, surpassing The Lion King and the Toy Story movies.

Frozen was a film unlike any other that Disney had released in the past. Instead of a handsome prince coming to save the fair damsel in distress, it was the young Queen’s sister who set off find find her when she fled her kingdom of Arendelle. It was family love that was the driving force of the plotline.

The love story between a man and a woman was a subplot in the film. While it certainly led to an audible gasp in the audience when it was revealed that Prince Hans was just using Princess Anna for his own personal gain and was willing to see her die so he can be the ruler of Arendelle, the slow cooker attraction of Anna and Kristoff is what made audiences break out in wide eyed grins in the movie’s final scene.

The Plot of Frozen Fever

At the end of the movie Frozen, the kingdom of Arendelle is unthawed and the weather is once again warm. In Frozen Fever, a few months have passed, and  it is now springtime. It is Anna’s birthday, and Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven want to throw her the best party she has ever had. More than likely, this is to make up for all the years Elsa had literally locked Anna out of her life, as well as to thank Anna for going after her when she ran away during her coronation ball.

Of course, putting together a party should be fairly uncomplicated, especially when you are the Queen. However, there is one big problem that surrounds the planning of the party.

Elsa has a cold.

For ordinary people, we could take some medication and move forward with the plans. But Elsa has some very strong magical powers that can make anything frozen. How she deals with the cold and if she and the others can pull off the party is what drives the plot of Frozen Fever.

In addition to all of the beloved characters returning with the original actors voicing them, a brand new song will also be a part of this featurette.

Disney, who are masters of marketing, have already released some Frozen Fever merchandise for hungry fans to purchase.

Frozen Fever Dolls

If there are princesses and queens, then there must be dolls to go along with them! Since it is springtime, both Anna and Elsa are wearing brand new outfits. They are brighter and more colorful than the dresses worn in Frozen.

Frozen Fever Elsa doll with her new gorgeous green gown.

Frozen Fever Elsa Doll available on Amazon

Here is Elsa in all of her regal glory.  Gone is the icy blue of winter, and now she is wearing a beautiful shade of green on her gown. Her snowflake accents have been exchanged for pink flowers on the the train of her dress. She has a pink flower in her hair and she is also wearing matching shoes.

Disney's Frozen Fever Anna doll avialable on Amazon for a normal price.

Disney Frozen Fever Anna Doll in Stock on Amazon 

Like Elsa, Anna has traded in her dark duds for a lighter, spring look. Her dress is decorated with bright yellow sunflowers and is a shorter length and a bright color. Her hair is up and away from her face in a more mature hairdo, but she still has a braid as the crown on her head. It is accented with a blue/green ribbon.

Frozen Fever will be released on March 13th as a movie short before the new Disney live action Cinderella film.

Additional Frozen Fever merchandise has arrived! You can find them on Amazon.

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Frozen Becomes Disney’s Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever


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