Five Funny T-shirts For Geeks

Five Funny T-shirts For Geeks

Being geeky is no longer a bad thing, celebrate your inner geek with a funny geeky t-shirt. Did you know that geeky is the new cool. Guys, Girls, it doesn’t matter everyone can be geeky and wear geeky things. To be geeky means that you are interested in all manner of cool stuff. Being enthusiastic about Star Wars, Science, Technology, Gaming means you come under the category of being a geek. Listed here are some of the coolest geek t-shirts I have been able to find and I am sure all other geeks will love them as well.

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Off and On Again – Geeky Shirt Number 1.

One of the easiest and quickest fixes when it comes to anything technological is to simply switch it off and then on again. The act of switching it off and on often gives the computer component of a device a chance to re-boot. It is amazing how often this quick fix works. This awesome shirt has an added “naughty” double meaning to it, which is the what turns this geeky shirt into a funny geeky shirt.



This is Geeky not Geek Chic.

Geek chic is a term that started in the mid 2000’s and is used to describe a geek like look. Geek chic included wearing things like big black rimmed glasses, suspenders and high socks. Celebrities even tried going geek, but today the term geek chic is mostly used by real geeks when referring to false geeks. Most legitimate geeks refer to their unique style simply as “geeky”. There is no real geeky style as geeks tend to simply wear whatever is easiest. Matching or stylish clothing is just not important enough to waste time on, especially not when you have aliens to destroy or a maths theorem to contemplate.


+5 Defence – Geeky T-Shirt Number 2.

Plus five defence will save you a world of hurt if you happen to be playing a game such as Warhammer. Strategy war games played on table tops with models and computer games both use terms such as “+5 Defence” and “+2 Toughness”. These terms are used to level up your characters when buying a new piece of armour or obtaining a new skill. These Levels effect the outcomes of fights with opponents. This cotton shirt must have been woven around a Mithril chain mail vest to obtain +5 Defence benefit.

Cotton Shirt, +5 Defense 
Cotton Shirt, +5 Defense by _Otaku_
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Sheldon’s Spot – Geek’s T-shirt Number 3.

Sheldon is the chief nerd out of the hit TV series The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon has an unhealthy obsession with his spot on the lounge chair. His spot is chosen specifically for certain aspects, such as airflow, angle and distance from the TV among other reasons. It is accurate to say that Sheldon is deeply attached to his spot and if you feel that way about a person it could only be described as love.



Trying To Be Human – Geeky Shirt number 4

A lot of Geeks and Nerds are often associated with being robots or aliens. A Geek’s scientific nature and other nerdy traits are what most of us think Aliens or Robots will be like. Some geeks don’t partake in a lot of sports and are often quite stiff and not very fluid with their movement which is also a robotic trait.



Where Did Geek Come From?

Geek is an interesting word and is pointed mainly at intellectual or gaming enthusiasts. Geek originated from the German word Geck; meaning fool or freak.  Today people often label themselves as geeks. To be a geek is definitely not a bad thing anymore, in fact geeks are very proud of their particular brand of geek. There are quite a few “brands” or categories of geek including these common ones; Science geeks, math geeks, gaming geeks, computer geeks and sci-fi geeks.


Blue Screen of Death – Gaming Geek T-Shirt

All PC users would have experienced the dreaded blue screen at one point or another. The blue screen is a Windows error screen that is also know as the BSoD or Blue Screen of Death. Every gamer geek will appreciate this particular T-shirt.


What do you think of my top five Best Geeky Shirts?


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  • The first one (On/Off) made me laugh out loud – anyone who’s the go-to geek in their family will appreciate the humour there! But the Blue Screen of Death shirt also holds a certain morbid fascination, as it brings back memories of long late nights spent in cussin’ and codin’…

  • These are funny T’s. My husband works in IT and he would really find that reboot/turn off and on again one to be very applicable – he often advises this when problems occur – amazing how many fixes can be had from it too!


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