Furballz: A Truly Tough Stuffed Plush Dog Toy

Furballz: A Truly Tough Stuffed Plush Dog Toy

Lots of plush dog toys are advertised as “tough” but none so far have been a match for my dog Buster, a greyhound who is obsessed with dismembering any stuffed toy he can get his jaws on. Now my canine Chew Monster has met his match in a fluffy orange plush squeaky ball called Furballz by goDog.

Wanted: A Truly Tough Plush Dog Toy

Like many dogs, Buster’s usual method of destroying stuffed plush toys is to hold them down with one paw while he yanks at the fabric with his teeth. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve shelled out on stuffed dog toys that might maybe a half-hour at best, before the Big Chew Monster has them gutted. Which is no fun at all for my other dogs, who are much better about playing nicely with their stuffies!

goDog Furballz tough plush ball dog toy

That’s why we’ve largely gone with chew-proof rope toys and “unstuffed” plush critters, since Buster came into the family – until Furballz came along.

Introducing… Furballz

My pups have to thank the goDog folks, Quaker Pets Group and the dog lovers at Dogster.com for their favorite new toy, a big orange fluffy stuffed-plush squeaky Furballz ball.

Now, I had heard good things from other dog owners about this new Furballz and thought it looked promising, but we’ve had a veritable snowstorm of fibrefill stuffing in this house since the hound Buster moved in, due to him destroying all his toys and those of the other dogs as well. So, frankly, I just wasn’t 100% convinced that even something called “Chew Guard Technology” could stand up to the strong teeth of a big destructive hound…

Tails Wag for Chew Guard Technology

But my dogs have been playing with their new favorite toy almost constantly since it arrived in the mail last summer, and the Furballz is bearing up very very well. We even loaned it to a litter of high-drive young Golden Retriever friends to play with, to test if a different breed of dog could do any real damage, but it came back in one piece.

Yep, it really is tough!


Basically, “Chew Guard Technology” means the Furballz is made with a double-stitched tough inner layer that pointy dog teeth have a hard time to rip or tear. Inside the toy is a big tough round squeaker that’s so well protected inside the Chew Guard layers, the dogs are highly unlikely to poke a tooth through it.

You can actually feel the double layer when you pick up the toy to throw it – and the Furballz has really good heft, so it’s great for a game of toss and fetch!

No stuffed dog toy is 100% indestructible, of course, but this Furballz ball is a heck of a lot tougher than any other squeaky stuffed dog toy I’ve found.

Furballz orange plush ball dog toy

Our well-loved Furballz plush ball, ready for a wash!
p.s. Did I mention you can toss this toy in the washing machine, when it gets all slobbery and muddy? The dogs don’t care about that, but for me, “easy to clean” is a great bonus.

Each long-haired plush ball has big googly eyes that are strongly attached flat to the toy so there’s nothing for a dog to get his teeth onto to get a rip started. Similarly, there are no tags or sticking-out bits to give a starting point for toy destruction.

The big round ball squeaker inside isn’t one of those little thin squeaker that go silent after about 2 minutes play, either. Even the pointing canine eye teeth of my dedicated “chewhound” haven’t managed to puncture that squeaker yet.

You can choose from 3 eye-popping bright colors (bright purple, lime green and blaze orange) and 2 sizes, small (about 4 and a half inches diameter) and large (8 inches).

My dogs are between 65 and 90 pounds so, as mentioned, I got the large Furballz. I also went with the bright orange, on the theory that it would be extremely easy to find it when we’re playing out in the fields. But the hounds of this household love their fluffy squeaky toy so much, they always know exactly where it is.

Now, of course this is a toss-and-play toy, not a lie-down-and-chew toy (after all, it’s a plush stuffy, not a bone) but apart from a few tufts of fake-fur on the living room rug, Furballz looks good as new. And now I’ve got another one on order – because, it seems, one is just not enough for a multi-dog family!


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