Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby

One of the most exciting times in a family’s life is when they welcome a new baby.  If it is a first child, the new parents are usually thrilled and overcome with joy.  Sometimes they feel a bit overwhelmed for the first few days or weeks.   Older siblings  are almost always excited to welcome a new brother or sister.

There are many exciting gift ideas for a newborn baby that didn’t exist not that long ago.  You may want to find something personal and unique.  If so, there are a few options presented on this page.

Here you will find gifts for both boys and girls.  Some of them can be customized with the baby’s name which will undoubtedly please the new mom.

My First Year Photo Frame

My First Year Photo Frame

My First Year Photo Frame

Babies grow and change so fast during their first twelve months.  This My First Year photo frame  is a fun way to display the changes for each of those months.

This is a silver plated frame that is resistant to tarnish.  It says My First Year on the top, has a baby bottle on the left side and a rattle on the right.  The bottom left hand side features baby booties and a rocking  horse is on the right side.

A unique photo frame like this one will be appreciated by the proud parents.  It comes with an easel to display on a table but can also be mounted on a wall.  This is a nice addition to a nursery.

custom vintage blue stork baby pillow

Here is  something that definitely is one of a kind.  This beautiful custom vintage blue stork baby pillow  is a gift that  will become a family heirloom.  Any new mom would be thrilled to receive this.

You can customize it with the baby’s name at no extra charge.  The pillow is also available in pink, if the baby is a girl and you prefer that color.  You can choose from three different sizes, and select either polyester or cotton material.

This is a unique gift that will be appreciated for years to come.


Personalized Baby Bibs

Personalized baby bibAnother item that every baby needs is a bib.  This chic zebra print  personalized baby bib is very girly and of course meant for a female.  However, there are many other styles and designs available for both boys and girls you can see by clicking the image above.

This bib  is absolutely adorable for a little girl.  It is made with polyester fleece and is very soft and comfortable.  Animal prints are very fashionable, and the pink bow looks great with the zebra print.

The bow is not made with ribbon, it’s a  printed image.  A custom made bib makes eating time more fun.

InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor for Cars

 InfantTech always in view car baby monitorIf you are able to spend more and would like to get something for parents peace of mind, this InfantTech Always in View baby monitor is the best way to keep an eye on the infant while not losing focus of the road.

Distracted driving causes a lot of accidents, and it can be hard to not look back from time to time to check on the baby, even though everyone knows they shouldn’t be doing that when driving .

New parents in particular may be tempted to look back.  With this baby monitor the mom or dad can relax, knowing they can check on the baby by viewing the monitor in front of them.

The way this works is very simple.  There is a built in camera inside the plush toy that you attach to the headrest.  The images are received by the dashboard monitor, which is included in the set.

The InfantTech Always in view monitor is available with this cute dog, as well as a giraffe or monkey.   Best of all, it works at night too, not just during daylight hours.

This is a very practical gift idea for newborns, because they need to be rear facing in their car seats for about the first two years.  This monitor will enable parents to watch their baby and maintain their full attention on driving.

Dilley the Duck Bath Set

Diilley the duck bath set for babies

Diilley the duck bath set for babies

This set is so cute and is one all babies need to have.  This baby bath set   is really adorable.  It’s high quality and the materials are nice and soft for the little one’s skin.  It includes a hooded towel, tiny slippers and a wash cloth with an applique of the duck on each item.

Hooded towels are best for newborns as they keep the infant snug and warm from their head to the tiny toes.  The set comes in different color options, and a frog is available too instead of the duck.




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