Gifts for Hebrew School Teachers

Gifts for Hebrew School Teachers

One of the nicest things a student can do for a teacher is to show their appreciation. Come to class prepared and on time and try your best to not talk to much in class.

During the holiday season, many people want to show their appreciation to the person who is dedicated to teaching their child the Hebrew language and the Jewish culture. Although a gift is not necessary, it is appreciated. Hebrew School teachers are with your child at the worst time of day…either right after school when kids are already tired from a full day of learning in public school, or on the weekend when they would rather be at home sleeping or playing.

If your child likes his or her teacher, a small gift to say “thank you” during Hanukkah or at the end of the year is very meaningful.

What You Should Not Buy a Teacher

There are gifts that you should never buy a teacher. First, there is the coffee mug. I have been mugged dozens of times over my teaching career, which began in 1987. Stay away from this gift!

Jar candles are another go-to gift or parents to give, but honestly, many teachers have a cabinet full of those, too. The only exception would be a beautiful set of Hanukkah candles that will be used to light the chanukiyah (Hanukkah menorah).

The same can be said for body lotion, body spray, picture frames, and any other items that say “I didn’t know what to get you.”

Home baked goods may or may not be welcome. Some people are squeamish about germs and do not know how clean your kitchen is, while others may have food allergies or keep a kosher home. While homemade treats are very thoughtful, it may not be worth your time and effort.

Some Gift Ideas for Hebrew School Teachers

Before going to a store, ask your child about the teacher. Has she mentioned a favorite store? Is there always a cup of Dunkin Donuts on her desk? These clues will be helpful in finding the right gift card for the teacher. Gift Card with Greeting Card – $25 (Chanukah design)

If you enjoy giving items that have meaning, then anything that features a Star of David would be an appropriate gift. Instead of just focusing on Hanukkah, an item featuring a Jewish Star can be used for all Jewish holidays. This makes the gift both useful and functional.

Judaic jewelry also makes a thoughtful gift.  One year, a group of students chipped in to buy me a gorgeous Star of David necklace that ten years later, I still wear all the time.

Here are some ideas that cost less than $20!

Shema Israel Necklace with Star of David By YourHolyLandStore 

Jewish Charm Star of David Menorah Stretch Bangle Bracelet

Showing your Hebrew School teacher that you appreciate her during the holiday season is acting like a mensch-a nice guy.


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