Gilligan’s Island Costume Mary Ann

Gilligan’s Island Costume Mary Ann

It is a debate as old as time…no,not Coke or Pepsi, but Ginger or Mary Ann? Of the three female castaways washed ashore onto Gilligan’s Island during their three hour tour, two of the were young and single.

There was sexy movie star Ginger Grant. Similar in style to Marilyn Monroe, Ginger was voluptuous, beautiful, and had a figure that men coveted and women envied. She was an ideal woman, and out of reach for the average guy.

And then there was Mary Ann. Sweet, the innocent, farm girl who could cook like nobody’s business.

Mary Ann Summers was simple country girl from Kansas who works as a clerk in the General Store. She is not sexy in the way Ginger Grant is; she is sweet and innocent, charming and pure. She was not a redheaded bombshell, but a pig-tailed brunette who could find her way around a kitchen (even on a desert island).

While Ginger was unreachable, Mary Ann was attainable. That is why Dawn Wells received the volume of fan mail that she did week after week. Men could envision her taking a liking to them, while Ginger Grant was the pin up girl who was only attainable in their dreams.

When I was a little girl, my two friends and I would watch reruns of this classic sitcom on WPIX and then go outside and play Gilligan’s Island. There was always one big problem…no one wanted to be Mrs.Howell! Eventually we would find some kind of compromise, but for me, it was definitely not my preferred castaway to play.

If you are into the sweet and innocent look, try a Gilligan’s Island Mary Ann costume!

Gilligan's Island Mary Ann inspired dress for a fun and flirty Halloween costume

Gilligan’s Island Mary Ann Costume from Amazon

This fun and flirty swing dress is the same red and white gingham pattern that Mary Ann is known to wear. It comes in sizes Small to X-Large and will have you feeling just like a country girl. Add the wig or your own pigtails for a finishing touch.

If you want to bear your midriff (or even if you do not…just wear a tank top or cami underneath), this comfy looking May Ann costume is right up your alley.

Adult Mary Ann Costume (Size: Standard 8-12) from Amazon

This costume includes a pair of blue capris, the gingham top, and the wig.  You will need to add you own red ribbon for the pigtails.

About Dawn Wells

Unlike Tina Louise, who refused to participate in any Gilligan’s Island reunion movies because she said the role ruined her career, Dawn Wells embraced her inner Mary Ann and was grateful for the role.

In fact, in 1993, she wrote a highly rated and successful cookbook entitled Mary Ann’s Gilligan’s Island Cook Book. In it there are dozens of down home recipes, including many for coconut cream pie!

While she did not do much television after Gilligan’s Island left the air, she did have a successful musical theater career. She also started a popular line of clothing for people with mobility issues.

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