Girl Scout Beading Projects for All Levels of Scouts

Girl Scout Beading Projects for All Levels of Scouts

Girls Scouts Can Bead at Any Level

There are many Girl Scout beading projects for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors. They all tie in with requirements for petals, Try Its and badges that the girls earn for their Girl Scout vest or sash. They are also a fun and easy craft that can be a time filler for meetings.

Daisy Beading Projects

Because Daisy Girl Scouts are between the ages of five and seven years old, the beading projects should be simple and easy to do. Pony beads and lanyard are the perfect combination, as the holes of the pony beads are large and the lanyard is thick and easy to handle. You can substitute thicker elastic for making bead projects with your Daisy Girl Scouts if you think they can handle that better.

You can earn the “Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout” petal by making bead bracelets for other girls in the troop. You can actually do this as a Secret Sister activity.

Have the girls pull a name out of the hat and read it (help them if they need it). They will make their bracelet for their troop Secret Sister, and at the end of the meeting, make a big deal by having the girl present her Sister Scout with her new piece of jewelry.

This package of 450 beads is perfect for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout beading projects.

Rockin’ Beads 450 Numbers Per Package from Amazon

Brownie Girl Scout Beading Projects

Brownie Girl Scouts are in second and third grade, and can handle smaller beads and more complicated patterns. If you are doing the two required Girl Scout fundraisers-the QSP Nut and Magazine sales and Girl Scout cookies, you can have your girls sell these bracelets at a local town fair to raise money for their troop. One local troop had a DIY booth where the guests paid a fee and made their own bracelets choosing the colors that they wanted.

The Brownie Girl Scout Art to Wear Try It badge from the old program requires girls to make things that they can wear. Making their own bracelets or necklaces fits the bill and would fulfill one of the four Try it activities.

Your Brownies can also do beading as a community service project. They can make red, white, and blue ones for veterans, red and green ones for Christmas or blue and white ones for Chanukah to give out as presents to those in need during the holiday season.

Patriotic Bead Kit comes with 12 kits

American Flag Bead Kit comes with 12 sets from Amazon

The girls can also make Mother’s Day gifts out of beads and give it as a gift to their mother, grandmother, or favorite aunt.

Junior Girl Scout Beading Projects

As the girls get older, they can make their own beads from paper or old magazines. If there are enough funds in the troop treasury, the girls can invest in some real fancy beads or maybe take a beading class from a local bead store.

Junior troops can also earn a patch by helping a younger Daisy troop. This promotes sisterhood among the tow different age groups, and the younger girls love to hang out with the older girls. My troop had this experience and they just adored being with the big girls!

Older girls can also use Perler beads. Crafty Marie has a lot of tutorials on her site that older girls can easily follow.

Girl Scout Swap Beading Projects

Girl Scout beading projects are also great for Swaps. What are Swaps? These are part of the Girl Scout tradition of making something for others as a keepsake of a new friendship. Although Swaps have been around for over fifty years, modern day Girl Scouts use the acronym “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.”

Girl Scout Swaps should represent the troop’s community in some way and also tell a little bit about the girls. They should be inexpensive to make and be a reminder of a special Girl Scout gathering or of a Sister Scout.

For example, your girls can make a very simple Swap with this kit.

Keychain Swap for Juniors. Comes with 10 keychains.

 Girl Scout Troop Key Chain Kits – Makes 10 Key Chains from Amazon


As the leader, planning craft projects should be simple for you and fun for the troop. Girl Scout beading projects are a way for the girls to be creative, no matter what level of scouting they are.

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  • You are welcome, Marie! Beading is also a very cost effective craft as well, since a bucket of beads can last for several projects over time. Children love to make things on their own, and when the craft is age appropriate, it also builds skills and self-esteem.

  • Bead crafts are such good fun for kids as well as adults and they are nice and portable as well to take out and about if they are stored in something handy such as an organizer with a carry handle. Yes and perfect for swaps too. Thank you for linking to my Perler projects which are great for older children to make.


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