Golden Retriever Pillows You’ll Love To Adopt

Decorating in a Golden Retriever Theme? Choose a Throw Pillow to Match the Dog Hair!

Golden Retriever - Dog on Canvas - modified by the author from a photograph by pobblepop via

If you share your home with a Golden Retriever, chances are you’ve already got a Golden Retriever decor theme going on – you know, what with all the dog hair. Oh, those persistant wisps of fluffy pet hair, no matter how often you groom and hoover!

Yes, I know this from personal experience of living with two of them, one when I was a child and the other much more recently. (You may admire my “golden girl” below.) My theory? We might as well embrace the whole motif… starting with a litter of Golden Retriever throw pillows to showcase the beloved breed.

Because once you let one of those massively shedding blonde beauties into your life, your home decor will never be quite the same again!

Paws and Whiskers Portrait Pillow

Golden Retriever Dog Art by Robert McClintock

Manual Nutmeg Golden Retriever Paws and Whiskers Decorative Square Pillow, 18-Inch

Robert McClintock’s Paws and Whiskers Collection: Nutmeg Golden Retriever Decorative Square Pillow, 18-Inch square, by Manual Weavers & Woodworkers via

This big happy-tongued Golden Retriever face has stolen my heart. My friend has a fabulous field champion who looks a lot like this handsome red-gold dog, and maybe you know one he reminds you of, too?

The rich jewel tones and distinctive Robert McClintock brushstrokes give all the energy of a field Golden to the portrait throw pillow. Once you see one of the popular Baltimore-based artist’s works (find him at, you’ll recognize his style immediately when you see another one. And if you’re anything like me, your brain starts flashing #want  with reference to any or all of them!

All the sheer joyful energy of McClintock’s colorful pet portraits comes through here on the pillows because the artwork is color-printed on soft stuffed 100% polyester squares by Manual Woodworkers & Weavers – yes, it’s made in the United States. Not only that, you can feel good about the indulgence as the pillow is stuffed with eco-friendly recycled fiber.

Gold and Blue Golden Retriever – NEW!

Does this portrait pillow look like a dog you know?

I’ve just recently discovered the Bentin throw pillows with animal portraits, and even more recently discovered this new one added to the pack: a gorgeous GR in artistic style against a clear-toned blue background as joyous as a summer sky.


Golden Retriever Throw Pillow, 16 by 16-Inch, by Bentin Pet Decor via

The artist behind the distinctive style is Ursula Dodge from Aiken, South Carolina (you can find her at and the pillows are made to exacting specifications in the USA. The shade of blue is lovely enough, especially with the look of brushstrokes to give it depth and the visual texture of a painting – but just look at the happy smiling face of its doggie subject!

Puppy love.

And the words printed on the pillow as part of the design just nailed it for the character of the breed. At the bottom, “Golden, trustworthy family dog” and down the side it says “forgiving, cheerful, friendly, gentle, sweet, kind.”  When you’ve lived with one of these beautiful blonde dogs, you’ll know that truer words were never written.

Tip: Move fast if you love this throw pillow as much as we do – it seems that supplies can be limited at certain times of year.

My Old Golden Girl

OK, so she’s not a pillow… but who wouldn’t love that sweet face?

Pale Yellow Golden Retriever - My Sweet Old Dog

Pale Yellow Golden Retriever – My Sweet Old Dog
Photo: © Flycatcher

I’ve written before about my own Golden (RIP, sweet thing), and if you look around at some of my other articles you’ll see her dear old face here and there – but I wasn’t about to pass up an excuse to share her photograph again!

Cinderella came to me when she was already 12 years old and I felt lucky to have four years of this companionship.

You’ll notice that my old gal was a very pale blonde – almost white, in fact, in the longer hairs – and that’s one of the fun things about the breed, there’s quite a variation in the colors of fur coats they have, according to the line from which they’ve been bred.

Many Shades of Golden

In my part of the world, the larger-boned Golden Retrievers bred for conformation and companionship (usually destined for life as a family pet) tend to be a true gold or taffy color. In general, the high-drive lines bred for hunting and field work are more likely to be smaller dogs with finer bones and, quite often, with fur that is more to the red end of the spectrum. But all of them are beautiful animals, regardless of their coat color.

And whether your preferred Golden is a true deep dark gold, a pale yellow dog like my Cinderella, or a rich warm color tending to the reddish-gold, from strawberry blond to Celtic red-gold all the way up through to a darker red (almost mahogany) as some retriever lines are showing, I have no doubt that you’ll find a throw pillow to reflect your canine love.

Too-Cute Custom Throw Pillows

Here are just a very few of the ways that the indie artists and designers of Zazzle have interpreted the various looks of the breed. You can click on any picture to read more about each one, and to explore the site to find others.

Did you know? Through the custom-design function at you can even make a one-of-a-kind Golden Retriever throw pillow with your own photograph of your own dog!  I think it’s a lovely way to commemorate a pet you’ve loved and lost,or to showcase your current furry companions.

And if you happen to be something of an artist yourself, what about a one-of-a-kind throw pillow that’s custom-printed with your own drawing or painting – or, perhaps, with your child’s portrait of your family pet?  (There’s even a chance of making a little bit on the side in royalties, if other people see your design on Zazzle and want to buy one of your pillows for their own home.)

But even if DIY is not your style, it’s fun to browse around the broad range of tributes by other dog lovers to their Golden Retrievers.  The beauty is, with so many different artists who create dog portraits in so many different styles – not to mention the talented pet photographers out there – now making their art and design available in lovely home decor accessories, it is possible to find a truly perfect Golden Retriever dog pillow to accent any room in your own doggie den, whatever your decorating style.

After all, our homes would not be quite as warm and welcoming without our furry friends, in their four-footed tail-wagging splendor or as celebrated in the soft art of a throw pillow placed “just so” on a cozy couch, just waiting for you and your golden buddy to settle in together.

Which of these pretty pups will you cuddle up with?



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  • I love Cinderella’s blonde face! I’ve many friends who have loved a Golden Retriever so I’ll be sure to share these perfect pillows.

  • My first dog as a small child was a GR, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the breed – even before the lovely blonde Cinderella came along. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, @ologsinquito!


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