Great Gifts For Teenage Guys

Great Gifts For Teenage Guys

Do you know what’s tougher than buying for teenage girls? I do… it’s buying great gifts for teenage boys!  Like girls, their personalities and tastes are different but it can be so much more challenging to find that perfect gift for the boy you have in mind. With girls, there are trinkets, jewelry and gift cards to clothes outlets. However, guys are a little different so you’ll have to put quite a bit of thought into what you’re going to gift him. Consider his likes and dislikes and make a list of which gifts would be best.

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Great gifts for Teenage Guys that don’t cost a fortune-

Music gifts for teenagers.

music gifts for teenagers

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Do you know any teenager that is not into music? Neither do I, so what could be a better gift? If you have a fair idea about the kind of music he listens to, get him a CD or two of his favorite band. If you’re not sure, a gift card for Amazon or iTunes is a cool idea as it gives him the option of picking up whatever he likes. You simply can’t go wrong with this one.

 Cool gadgets for teenage guys.

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Every teen boy is a gadget freak. You see them everywhere glued to various electronic devices, whether it’s listening to music on their iPods or taking pictures from the latest cameras. If you think a camera would be an awesome gift, check out the GoPro HERO4. It’s an amazing camera that has fantastic features like the in-built Wi-Fi and versatile modes for taking great pictures. For the aspiring photographer, it’s the coolest cam to own. You can also check out other gadgets like the iPad, iPod, etc.

Awesome Music Party Game.

Have you heard about the i-List music party game? It’s a game that allows four players to play through their iPods or mp3 players. The game is plugged on to their devices and once the Go button is hit, the audio instructions will help them. Basically, a card is drawn by the first player asking them to find a song on their music players with a certain word in it. The first player who finds the song and plays it, wins. This is an amazing game that’s a hit with teens because it never ever gets old! It comes with 60 cards but you can also find a lot more on the Internet. Is that cool or what?!

Video Games For Teenagers.

The Last Of Us

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Video-Games: Did you love your video games as you were growing up? Well, this generation is no different. The difference is that the games that are available to them nowadays are highly sophisticate compared to the ones you played as a kid. There are loads to choose from and let’s be honest, who knows a teenage boy who doesn’t love his video games? Find out what games he likes to play and the gaming console that he is using (if you don’t already know, you can ask family and friends). You should probably find out which games he already owns as well. Once this is done, picking a game will be easy. The Last of Us was released recently and since it’s one of the most highly-anticipated games to be created, you will probably score brownie points if you pick this one! If he doesn’t have The Last of Us, make it a gift and you’ll be the coolest person in the world to him!

Great Movies For Teenagers.

Man Of Steel

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If the teenage guy you’re buying a gift for loves movies, you can choose from a wide selection of flicks, from action to thrillers. Knowing boys, a rom-com DVD may not be the coolest gift he’s ever received so be sure to check out movies that have loads of guns, explosions and fight scenes. Comedies like Hangover 3 are cool as well but different guys have varying senses of humor so this one could be a little tricky. If you can’t figure out which movies to pick, get him a movie gift card so that he can choose the flicks he would like to add to his collection. You can be sure that it’s a gift that he’ll appreciate.

Cool Gadget Accessories.

bluetooth speaker

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With most teenage boys owning gadgets, accessories are an awesome gift idea. You can find a multitude of cool accessories for iPods, iPads, mobile phones, etc. to make them even cooler than they already are. Other things like the solar mobile phone charger and the ultra tough Griffin Survivor, that comes in all sorts of funky colors also make fantastic gifts for teen boys.

No matter what the occasion is, you always want to make sure that the person you’re giving a gift to appreciates it and the effort you put into picking the best one out. But with teens, it can be easy to end up buying a “lame” gift and it’s especially tougher when it comes to guys. Teenage boys want to own anything and everything that’s cool which is why you shouldn’t attempt to buy stuff like clothing for them on your own. It’s likely that you’ll end up buying something that they’ll never ever wear so why take the risk?

Not That Tough After All.

A great deal of thought needs to go into buying gifts. The recipient’s personality, sense of style and interests play a pivotal role in picking out that one awesome gift that you know they would cherish forever. When you think about it, it could seem like a nightmare trying to find that great gift but the truth is that nowadays you can find a myriad of incredible gifts for teen boys online.

Buying great gifts for teenage guys no longer needs to be endeavor that makes you groan on the inside. With so many cool and funky things available, shopping for gifts can now be fun and exciting! There’s no doubt that you’ll be tempted to get heaps of the stuff available for yourself as well and let’s face it, who doesn’t love cool gadgets and accessories?


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  • I think Thomas has some wise advice here. My first inclination is to go with the solar mobile phone charger, but a gift card may be an even better idea.

  • Nice post Luke, you really do have to be careful buying gifts for teenagers, as their tastes seem to change on a daily basis. You did a nice job pointing to many options. You’re right, lame is not what you want and believe me, the teen being gifted hasn’t the life experience yet to act appreciative even if they are not. Last year I purchased a Pro-Wrestling DVD for my then 14 year old step son, turns out wrestling was now “Lame”, as he had not watched it in 3 Months. Guess what? This year it’s not lame, go figure?


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