Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

The Guardians of the Galaxy are not your average everyday superheroes.  Comprised of humans and extra-terrestrial beings, the four of them work together to prevent evil from occurring.

On August 1, 2014, Marvel Studios debuted in theaters across the country this action-packed adventure movie that takes place in space. A man named Peter Quill is on the run after he steals a mysterious orb that holds much power.  This orb is also wanted by the nasty Ronan.  While on the run, Peter must align himself with the Guardians, who assist him after he learns of the true, life threatening powers of the orb.

Marvel Studios has released some of the biggest blockbusters in the past few years.  The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man and more have earned the studio billions of dollars, and legions of fans will be lining up to see its latest offering.

Many of those fans will, in turn, want to dress up as these characters for Halloween.  Here are what stores are offering in the Guardians of the Galaxy costume collections.

Drax the Destroyer Costume

Deluxe Drax the Destroyer Kids CostumeBorn as Arthur Douglas, Drax was created by Kronos and Mentor after Douglas’ family was destroyed by the evil Thanos.  While he still has the spirit of Arthur, Drax’ main mission was to hate Thanos and kill him.

In the movie, it is Ronan who killed his family, and he will do everything in his power to see him dead. With his brute strength and single mindedness, he is sure to accomplish his mission.

This Drax the Destroyer costume is a one piece jumpsuit with a padded chest tattooed in red.  The mask completes the outfit, which is sure to scare anyone nearby.

Deluxe Drax the Destroyer Kids Costume
 from Costume Kingdom. The price has been reduced.

Groot Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot MaskWhat do you get when you mix a tree with superhuman powers?  You get Groot, a tree-like space creature who is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Also known as The Monarch of Planet X, he is highly intelligent, despite the fact that most of what he says consists of the sentence, “I am Groot.”   He has many powers among them being resistant to fire, the ability to regenerate and he can grow even bigger.

This Groot mask makes the costume.  Just where a brown pair of pants and a brown sweatshirt and you are set!

Groot Adult Costume 3/4 Mask
 from Costume Kingdom

Deluxe Rocket Raccoon Kids Costume

Rocket Raccoon Costume

Ordinary raccoons have a bad reputation for knocking over garbage cans and making a mess, but Rocket Raccoon does even worse things. He steals cars, carries a gun, and is just one angry dude because of what happened in his past.

This realistic mask plays a major role in this costume and makes the furry jumpsuit come to life.  The tail is attached so there is no worries about losing it and it also comes with a holster.

Deluxe Rocket Raccoon Kids Costume
from Amazon

Star-Lord Costume

He is Peter Quill by day, but Star-Lord when he is fighting alongside the Guardians. He has rockets that attach to his legs to help him escape quickly and a helmet that materializes and protects him when he needs it.

The costume for boys comes with the mask, which has bright red eye holes that really pop. Along with the silver mask, your son will be wearing a jacket with molding and a bandolier. Add boots or black high tops and he is good to go.

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy Deluxe Star Lord Costume for Boys from Anytime Costumes

These Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are sure to be popular this upcoming Halloween!

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