Halloween Pumpkin Holders: Display Stands for Your Jack o’ Lantern

Halloween Pumpkin Holders: Display Stands for Your Jack o’ Lantern

You put all that time and creativity into creating the world’s most brilliant Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween – now you need to show it off. Most of us pop the pumpkin in a window, or set it out on the doorstep, right?

Windows are dandy for display, if you’ve got a table the right height to get Mr. Pumpkin up high enough to be framed well, so passers-by outside can admire your carving or artwork. But our front steps and porchs are often too low for people to get a good viewing angle.

Pumpkin on metal skeleton holder

If you’ve got three or four pumpkins, and they’re flat enough on top and bottom, you can stack them snowman-style with the carved pumpkin head on top. Finding the right shapes to pull this off can be a challenge, however, and the whole structure can be a bit unstable – especially when the wee ghoulies and ghosties come to your door for trick-or-treat.

That’s where a clever pumpkin holder comes into play.

When you elevate your vegetable-based art on an imaginative stand, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween decorations – and helps it not to go rolling away, kicked by mistake when a young visitor’s vision is slightly impaired by a mask and a sugar high.

Pumpkin Head Figures

How about a metal pumpkin holder that turns your Jack into the head of a comic skeleton figure? The free-standing Skeleton Pumpkin Holder adds almost 20 inches of amusing metal-boned body, complete with a bow-tie and arms that swing free – spooky fun for an outdoor decoration on a breezy Halloween night!

In the realm of pumpkin-head people, a DIY classic in my neighborhood is the Scarecrow Jack – easy to pull off if you’ve got an old set of clothes, something to stuff ’em with, and a lawnchair or porch rocker for your scarecrow to sprawl in.

Alternatively,  the Evil Pumpkin Monk – just drape a hooded robe (black, of course!) over a tall plant stand, pedestal, or flat-topped fence post. Set your carved pumpkin on top as the head, then pull the hood up around it for menacing effect. Use an LED candle light to light the face from inside, instead of real flame, of course, if you’re covering with cloth or other flammable materials.

Halloween pumpkin head on black robed stand

But if the big scary pumpkin-head ghoul looming over your yard is a little over-the-top for your decorating style, no one here is going to scoff.  You may not get any candy, but hey, no treat without a little trick!

Actually, my absolute favorite of the pumpkin holders I’ve seen this year is not particularly creepy. Just the opposite, in fact.

metal pumpkin holderCheck out the cute little Baby Pun’kin Head holder – a flat stand with arms and legs all rounded with a cartoon vibe.

Just about a foot high, it’s made in the USA of good sturdy steel. You can leave it unfinished to acquire that natural patina of oxidation that the less artistic among us call rust, or paint it if you want. And when the haunting season is over, you can turf the gourd and re-use your stand, year after year, to showcase your potted plants.

That’s a lot of fun, and a lot of value, for just about 25 bucks!

Which leaves a little more of your Halloween budget to go to the really important stuff.  Like, oh, candy corn and chocolate.

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