Prince Hans Frozen Halloween Costume

Prince Hans Frozen Halloween Costume

While many people both young and old are fans of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the Disney smash hit Frozen, there are other characters in the movie who help keep the story moving in a linear fashion.  Kristoff is the protagonist and the voice of reason, while Olaf and Sven provide comic relief.

At the beginning of the film, the Duke of Weselton appears to be the antagonist. He is the one who wants to strike a deal with the newly appointed Queen, and he is also the one to rile up the crowd and attempt to have them revolt against Elsa by accusing her of sorcery.

But his character is nothing but a red herring.  The movie’s actual  antagonist is none other than Prince Hans. He is the thirteenth and youngest son of an all boy family, and he comes from the Southern Isles, a kingdom that neighbors Arendelle.

At the beginning of the movie, he is quite charming with Anna and both the audience and she are led to believe that this is a match made in heaven.  He is the ignored and picked upon youngest brother and Anna is the sister who no longer has a relationship with her older sister.  It appears that both have much in common as they speak to each other about their lives.

But do they really? Or is this a set up?

Throughout the movie, Prince Hans appears to be nothing but gallant, chivalrous and having nothing but the best intentions towards his new love, Anna.

But it is all a rouse.

Hans is nothing but a master manipulator.  He has no real interest in Anna…he wants to be the King of Arendelle. As the thirteenth brother, the probability of his taking the throne and becoming the king of the Southern Isles is miniscule at best.  The only hope for him is to marry into another royal family, and he seizes the opportunity when it is Elsa’s Coronation Day.

When I went to see the film with my family, the audience gasped audibly when we discovered that Prince Hans was bent on killing both Anna and Elsa.  It was not love that brought him to Anna, but a lust for power.

Of course, being a Disney movie, there is the happy ending we all seek.  Hans is caught and is sent back to the Southern Isles to be dealt with appropriately by his older brothers. Kristoff and Anna become a couple and Elsa is now in control of her powers.

Actors will often share that they like to portray villains rather than the good guys, as those parts are “meatier” and have more depth to them. Likewise, many people like to dress as villains on Halloween to show another side of themselves.

For fans of Frozen, the following Prince Hans costume would be an excellent one for going as a couple with a woman dressed as Princess Anna or even going solo.

Prince Hans Costume for Adults

This Hans costume is an exact replica of what he wears in the movie.  It is quite detailed, right down to the buttons and magenta neckerchief. It is available in standard male and female sizes or can be custom made to your exact measurements.

New for 2015 is this Prince Hans Frozen costume for men and women. It is available in many different sizes for both genders.


There are several Prince Hans costume for both men and women. Find them all on Amazon.

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