Health Benefits of Salt Scrubs and Foaming Bath Bombs

Health Benefits of Salt Scrubs and Foaming Bath Bombs

The health benefits of bath scrubs, bath salts and bath bombs are multifarious. Not only do they relieve aches and itchy skin, they can also refresh and provide instant relief from stress.

Bath therapy was discovered by our ancestors centuries ago. The therapeutic benefits of bath salts combined with potent herbs was known in ancient days. Post war, soldiers were treated with luxurious baths and patients were given massages with these salts using aromatherapy and essential oils.

Bath salts, scrubs and bath bombs are easily available in pharmaceutical and beauty stores. Epsom salt, a common ingredient of a bath bomb or bath salt, is available in grocery stores also.

Dead Sea Salt Mineral Treatment Scrub

Swisa From the Dead Sea 4xsalts Scrub

Alternative Medicines

Alternative medicines rely on pain as symptoms that are being conveyed through the body and alerting us to something that we are doing something wrong. It could be excessive drinking, smoking or gorging on junk food. Wrong postures, prolonged sitting and a sedentary life style can give way to back aches, headaches and many other aches and pains which have fancy names in the line of pathology.

Bath therapy is the knowledge and the use of water to promote health. It dates back to the Romans and Greeks who used hydrotherapy for therapeutic purposes. Romans built extensive and complex bath systems to rejuvenate themselves. Native Indians had bathing rituals for detoxing and cleansing the body. Water in the form of ice, steam and liquid was used for hot and cold treatments. Herbs, phyto extracts, mud, clay and medicinal baths were prescribed for patients undergoing therapy.

Bath Therapy Mineral Bath Salts

Queen Helene Batherapy Mineral Bath Salts, Original, 20 Pound [Packaging May Vary]

Bath Scrubs

Bath salts are excellent scrubs and they also remove dead cells from the skin paving the way to improved skin tones and the underneath layer of skin. These exfoliators should not be used too frequently. It normally suffices to use them once a week or even just once in a month for more sensitive skins. Depending upon the skin type, you can choose a mild oil and kosher salt for a scrub. It gives a better result than using a loofah. Use with caution for skin that is damaged or full of acne.

Granulated salts, when gently rubbed on the face, peel off the aged layer of skin. A splash of cool water and a gentle massage of moisturizer soothes the new layer after a gentle scrub. You can also use astringents and toners after the face or body scrub. Moisturizers are often suggested after a scrub because they are gentle on the skin. Bath scrubs or face scrubs are great for the body and the skin. However, remember that you need to correctly choose the right scrub for your skin type whether that is oily, dry, combination or a sensitive skin type.

Fun Ice Cream Bath Fizzies

Bucket of Bath Ice Cream Fizzies - 12 Scoop

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are so called due to the fizzing or effervescent action displayed when they make contact with the water. They are made of Epsom salts, essential oils, citric acid and corn-starch. They are great for anyone who loves bathing and, used along with candles and rose petals, they are also analogous to spa like experience. They are designed to dissolve vigorously in the bath tub with a fizzling sound imbibing the aromas of herbs and perhaps some glittering confetti in the process. They are often tinged with colors like ocean blue that is pleasing to the eyes. These quirky baths give the individuals a whimsical, foaming fragrant bath which is often calming and relaxing. Lying back in a bath of bubbles that is reminiscent of lavender, chamomile and roses certainly lifts the mood and does wonders to the spirits. It is often advised for aching muscles and back pains.

Benefits of Bath Bombs

Bath bombs help people who suffer from psoriasis. In the case of pregnant women, lactating mothers and patients suffering from any type of skin ailment or disease, it is better to seek physicians and medical advice before using them.

The carbon or the carbon dioxide (CO2) present in our body is in the form of bicarbonate (HCO3). The CO2 blood test is actually the measure of the bicarbonate levels present in the blood stream. If the level of bicarbonate is lower than normal it leads to difficulties in releasing oxygen from haemoglobin. Bath bombs have sodium bicarbonate which breaks down in the bath relinquishing CO2 bubbles. These bubbles permeate through the skin easily, the permeability of these micro bubbles is many fold compared to the oxygen.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek professional medical/diet/nutritional advice regarding the information that you have read here.

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