Henry Hugglemonster Birthday Party Ideas

Henry Hugglemonster Birthday Party Ideas

Last spring, Disney Junior introduced to American children a character that was already popular with the younger set in the United Kingdom. Henry Hugglemonster is a little monster boy who lives with his mom, dad, and three siblings in a house. He has grandparents who adore him and lots of very interesting friends who are always by his side.

Like other Disney Junior programs, this show teaches young children about morals and values, as well as how to behave and act towards others, in a manner that they can understand. The show may seem a bit silly to adults with its special Huggle language, but this program is truly meant for the preschool set. It is already one of Disneys top programs and children are clamoring for all things Henry related.

If your child is having a birthday soon and they love this show, why not have a Henry Hugglemonster birthday party?

Why Have a Themed Party for Kids

Party Planning Made Easy

Have you ever been to a party store, either online or brick and mortar, and have been overwhelmed by all of the choices you have?

When you choose a theme for your child’s party, you take a lot of that pressure off of yourself. You know exactly what colors to choose, which invitations to select, what color paper goods you need, what dcor would work, and even what kid of cake and party favors to select. All of the guesswork is gone when you choose a theme.

Chances are, if your child likes the character or television program the party is based on, the guests will also like it. Happy kids make for a happy party for everyone involved! Your son or daughter can even help with the party preparations, which will make them feel more grown up and responsible now that they are a whole year older!

Party Planning Tips

If you are going to host the party at a venue that is not your home, be sure to call 2-3 months in advance to make sure the place you want is available. To save money, have it between 1-4 in the afternoon. That way it is not a lunch or dinner party, it is just snacks and cake.

The invitations should be sent about four weeks in advance, with the RSVP list being finalized by the last week Then you will know how much of everything to have. Be sure to prepare two extra goody bags, just in case someone who did not respond shows up at the party!

If you are hosting the party at home, be sure to have lots of extra hands to help you. Ask grandparents and aunts and uncles to pitch in! Of course you will reciprocate when it is a niece or nephew’s birthday.

Henry Huggglemonster Paper Goods

The world of Hugglemonsters is one full of vibrant color. You can choose to use a pastel rainbow full of different colored plats, napkins and utensils, or you can stick to Henry’s colors, which are yellow with blue stripes.

Disney Henry Hugglemonster Children’s Party Supplies Tableware Pack For 16 from Amazon

This official Disney party pack full of items featuring the Hugglemonsters have arrived! You can buy a party pack for 16, for 8 or individually.

More Ideas for your Henry Hugglemonster Party – Games, Activities and More!

There are so many talented people out there who can create party themes from simple, everyday objects. Here are some resources that I have found to help you create your own Hugglemonster party.



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