Hippie Tie Dye School Supplies for Girls

Hippie Tie Dye School Supplies for Girls

As I walk into my twenty year old daughter”s room to put her clean laundry on her bed, I look around her grown up space and wonder how did this happen? Once upon a time, her bedroom was a canvas for the childhood princess room I always longed to have, but never did. She had Pepto Bismol pink walls, a four poster bed with the most gorgeous white lace canopy, and beautiful white furniture with intricate details.

That room does not exist anymore! And neither does her love for princess type things.

When she was a little girl, back to school shopping meant buying all things related to both Barbie and Disney. Clothes, school supplies, backpacks and hair bows all had to be character themed with her favorites. I really enjoyed picking things out with her.

But somehow along the way from my beloved princess to college student, my daughter turned into a hippie! It started in her junior year of high school when tie dyed shirts became a wardrobe staple. When we went dorm shopping for her freshman year, everything she wanted was tie dye. From her sheets to her backpack (similar to the one pictured)  to her laptop case, it all had to be in some form of multi-color swirly patterned, Grateful Dead inspired rainbow hued Technicolor.

Hippie themed tie dye school supplies for girls are fun top shop for.

 Skechers Big Girls’ Tie Dye Love Backpack from Amazon 

More tie dye options are also available!

Upon her return home, the white canopy was replaced by her Grateful Dead tapestry, her mirror is now adorned with sunflowers, the posters on the walls are all hippie related, and her room accessories are now those of a mature young woman. She even has some peace sign wall stickers borrowed from her younger sister on her closet door.

If I she had loved tie dye and hippie things when she was in elementary school, these are the supplies I would have bought for her.

Pay Attention to the School Supply List!

Filling a backpack with thematic items can be fun, yet challenging if your child is unwilling to budge just a bit. Many schools hand out the supply list in the final report card, while others have the list posted on the district website or the school’s own website. Download a copy and have it with you at all times, as you never know what you will run into. You do not want to purchase unnecessary items, but you also do not want to forget something and then go back to the store later and it is sold out!If an item is sold out, your child will have to compromise. It is a good idea to browse online to see what is available at local stores. Some sites have items only available in stores, while others are only available online. It is good to know this information in advance.

Funky tie dye lunch box for back to school. Perfect for girls who have outgrown princesses but still love all things girly!  Skechers Little Girls’ Neon Splatters Lunch Box from Amazon

Hippie Inspired School Supplies

What groovy things can you put inside your child’s tie dye or peace sign backpack? There are lots of items from which to choose. The only thing you have to be sure of is that it is actually on the school supply list and it fits the criteria of what the teacher wants. There is no sense buying something that will be sent home because it is not what the teacher wanted!

More Back to School Tips

Organization is key!

In the hustle and bustle of buying your hippie school supplies, you need to keep organized. Here are some of the things I do to keep it together when trying to get three kids ready for the new school year.

1. As you buy items on the school supply list, check them off. If you have multiple children, buy everything at the same time and do a double check next to the item. If there is something for one child but not the other, write the child’s initial who still needs that particular item.

2. Keep your receipts in a separate envelope marked “Back to School”. You need to do this because if something is wrong with a particular item (say, the backpack zipper broke during the first week of school), you can find the receipt much faster and make a quick exchange.

3. As you buy items on the list, put them inside the backpack! When everything your list is checked off, then print out a fresh list and have your child empty it and call out the item. You can check it off and when it is all done, repack the bag and put it away until the night before school starts. You still have plenty of summer to enjoy!

This colorful pencil box holds all of your favorite girl's needs.

 Vaultz Locking Pencil Box-Colors May Vary-from Amazon

Just a Few More Things

Back to school supplies are needed for two places-school and at home. It is important that your child have a well organized area to do homework and to study. The place chosen must have good lighting, a comfortable chair, and plenty of supplies.
Children are going to love these hippie inspired school supplies. What a colorful way to start the school year!
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  • Had to come check this out as I have a Hippi grandaughter. Her room sounds very similar to the one you described! Hadn’t seen all these tie died school supplies, but believe me she would’ve loved that backpack.

    • I always know when my daughter is home from college as the laundry has tons of tie dye clothing in it! She still uses her backpack and it is like her signature when she walks around campus.


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