What TV size is best for my living room? Or any room.

What TV size is best for my living room? Or any room.

What size TV do I need for my living room?

How big of a TV can I get for my TV room?

Those are the questions I’m going to answer, no Hype, no long story. All you’ll need is a measuring stick (That’s Old Fart talk for a tape measure) and know how to do some simple math. (OR a calculator)

HDTV Distance Calculator

OR tv viewing distance calculator

Step one measure the distance (IN inches) between where the TV will sit and where you will sit.
There are 2 different formulas you can use, one will get you a slightly bigger HDTV then the other, however both work and will keep you from getting a TV that’s too big.

T.V. size for room size calculator

2 easy ways to find best T.V. size for any room

In this example I’ll use 9FT, that is 108 inches. Which is the TV viewing distance in my living room.
TV Viewing Distance in inches times either .5 for Minimum, or .8 for Maximum.
(108 X .5=54) 50 to 60 inches
Search on Amazon for all 50″ to 59″ HDTV’s
(108 X .8=86.4) 80 to 90 inches
Search on Amazon for all 70″ or larger HDTV’s

OR You can use TV Viewing Distance divided by 3 for Minimum Dimensions or for Maximum Dimensions, divide by 1.5
(108÷3=36) 30 to 40 inches
Search on Amazon for all 33″ to 44″ HDTV’s
(108÷1.5=72) 65 to 75 inches
Search on Amazon for all 50″ to 70″ HDTV’s
Which one you use is up to you. I find the .5 works better for me.
The point to staying with in these dimensions is so you don’t see the pixels (The little squares or dots that you see when you look real close to the screen How Stuff Works )
You also don’t want to have a TV Screen so big that you can’t see the whole screen from where your are sitting. However using these formulas you’ll be able to get the best TV for your TV viewing distance.

Thanks Bunches for reading my article. If this was informative or helpful to you, please share it with others. If you have a question you can’t find an answer too, please leave a comment and I’ll see if I can find an answer to it for ya.

Top Image Source, By Paul Townsend from Bristol, UK CC-BY-SA-2.0
via Wikimedia Commons


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  • Great article Doug. I’ll keep this in mind when I go shopping for a new TV. Would you believe I still have all tube TVs in my home? You can’t easily find those at all anymore, thrifts stores and yard sales is about it.


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